Im friends with a summoner

Read on to find out.............................


1. Im Friends With A Summoner

About 1 month ago a new student moved into our school. He was the typical average student, the ones that hardly get noticed. like me. His name was Lazarus, that's it, just Lazarus no last name what so ever. according to his mum she describes him as a gifted student even though he performs averagely in all lessons, except Religious Education which he was almost better at and knew more about than any teacher in the school. Anyhow we became the best of friends until I experienced a bigger secret than anything ever. You know how I said he was gifted, he's gifted alright, gifted with... No! I cant say. Look just listen... Let me tell you.

It all started in fifth period. It was science and we were studying different types of acid, which kind was most acidic or alkali. I was two desks down from Lazarus. He looked guilty and abit unwell. I went over to see if he was alright but he couldn't hear me, neither was he paying attention. I could hear him mumbling what sounded like a Latin chant under his breath. Before blacking out.

A Week Later

Rumours were spreading saying he went into a coma or died or worse. I believed none of it. I had other issues on me. I was bullied 2 days ago by a gang in town I unfortunately knew them from school and they said they were going to kill me today. So I had to be prepared... Home time came and they were waiting for me. Sooner than I thought. They caught me off guard when trying to cut through an alley way, one of them pinned me up against the wall. They then grabbed my jaw, then forced me to drink hydraulic acid. It killed me within a few seconds. I was choking blood. Spewing remains of my guts and inner organs. The last thing I remember was that boy. That boy with glowing white crystal eyes. He was hovering about a metre in the air. Then I died...


I awoke. I thought I died. He saved me. To that day I can never repay him for what he had done and how he had saved me.

I never saw Lazarus again. He left me two things, a white metallic glove and a note. The note says the following.

I will never be able to be friends with you again, not because I don't like you, its because I have no choice. You amongst all others will never know who I am or why I am here, but hear me this. We shall meet again. You will not recognise me. However I and only I will recognise you. whatever you do... I will always be protecting you... Now you can to...

Then I knew what he was...

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