Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Will Save Me Of Them All

Jade is alone in this world. Her mother died when she was giving birth to Jade. Her dad is in prison for abuse to Jade. Now she lives in her own apartment in Moneta, Virginia. She's been waiting for the one to find her and rescue her.


1. Who I Am

*"stop! stop!" I screamed to my dad as he kicked me in the stomach. "you worthless piece of shit! you are ugly and a bitch! If it wasn't for you Rose would still be here! I wish she would've aborted you!" my dad screamed as he kicked me one last time. I crawled to my room and sobbed on my bed all night until I fell asleep"*

I woke up from the nightmare of my dad and what he did a month ago. He's in jail now for 10 years for child abuse. I'm 17 and be 18 next week so they didn't send me to a foster home.

I wish I would just be normal. I'm alone, suicidal, and much more. I wish somebody would save me.


Author's note: well this is just a little if you like it I will continue

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