Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Will Save Me Of Them All

Jade is alone in this world. Her mother died when she was giving birth to Jade. Her dad is in prison for abuse to Jade. Now she lives in her own apartment in Moneta, Virginia. She's been waiting for the one to find her and rescue her.


2. Jade who?

Hi my name is Jade. Okay you can save I don't get out a lot. When i do I'm usually at work or at school. I'm in college and I'm studying to get my degree in health sciences. I work at a foot locker in a local mall. Selling shoes to maniacs is my passion (hint my sarcasm). I enjoy my job especially since my best friend Sam works there. I really don't want to say what i look like but might as well. I'm 5'3 with brunette hair. My eyes are a striking grey as my grandmother use to say. Any who this is my story of how these 5 guys saved me.

Jade's POV:

"JADEEE!!!!!" screams Sam

"Do you not realize its 10 a.m" I hiss

" Oh shut up I just won tickets and back stage passes to see One Direction" she squeals

"One who???" i ask confusedly 

I never heard of these boys but according to Sam they're the best boy band in the history of boy bands. Wooo!!! A concert with a bunch of idiotic girls screaming at boys sounds enchanting doesn't it. Did i mention I'm very sarcastic. Hehehehe my smart mouthed self. This is going end in a disaster.

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