A Taste Of Loneliness

He's the celebrity everyone wants to be. The guy girls hope to marry. The son that every parent wishes. Except his own. The guy that behind the cameras is just a lonely boy. What happens when he meets a girl backstage who changes his life forever.Based on my own made up celebrity.


2. Backstage

Rue awaited for the young girl to come. The young girl felt lost. But also like she had something that would heal him. How strange. He tapped his shoes anxiously, and repeatedly checked his watch. Suddenly the girl appeared. Her brown hair hung in ringlets around his face. She turned to face me for the first time this evening, her beautiful sapphire colours eyes glistening in the bright sunlight. Her pale skin was scattered with freckles across her small pointed nose. She had a determined expression on her face. As he  stared gently at her she blushed, a stream of red appearing on each of her cheeks. Rue smiled and looked down at her rosy red lips. When she noticed him looking at her.

She smiled warmly.Her eyes were sapphire blue that you were effortlessly mesmerized by, with long skinny eyelashes in the colour midnight that she flicked almost constantly. Her lips were like a frozen rose, dangerous but beautiful.Her dark hair fell like a curtain of silk to the top of her waist, the sunlight catching the stray strands of hair that blew across her face. In a way this made her more beautiful, as the deep blue complimented her eyes which were of a similar shade. Her eyes were without doubt the most captivating aspect of her appearance, reflecting a look of wisdom far beyond her age that could not help but draw people in.  Her tanned skin and tall, slender build was like that of a model's, coupled with the latest trends she wore gave the impression that she had just stepped off a runway. Rue wanted to feel the woman hand on his face. The woman looked like an angel, all beautiful and perfect, with God like presence that brought a fire into him.

She sat on the plush purple cushion, bringing beauty to the cushion that he had never dwelt on. She cocked her head to the right, and inspected Rue curiously. Her posture very strong but lady like. She looked like a woman with power. Rue heart started beating rapidly. His palms felt really sweaty. He wiped the back of his neck, and looked at the beautiful woman in front of him.

"Your more handsome in person." the girl told him.

"Thank you." Rue replied politely.

"I'm Kaylee," the girl told him.

"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Rue answered.

"Your so sweet. May I ask you some question?" she asked.

"Ask away." Rue replied.

"Why did you choose this life? Was it to hide away your past life? Do you feel like your safe behind this mask?" Kaylee asked curiously.

"My manager chose this for me, and I thought this would be the best. My past life was horrible, my parents never wanted me. I was unwanted. They tried to kill me many times, and know are safely trapped behind cold bars in prisons, and what did you ask. If I felt safe behind the mask. Behind the mask I don't have to be myself. I don't have to be the unwanted child that no-one wanted. I can be the superstar that guys dream of, and girls dream of marrying. I can be somebody else. I can be safe. I can be loved." Rue explained, before breaking down in tears.

He had never told anyone of his past. But to this beautiful girl he had. She felt like someone he could trust. Someone that could protect him. Now, probably she would laugh or just walk away. Rue looked at the girl, with watery eyes. She looked at him, and pressed her hand to his cheek, brushing away the tears away.

"Rue. You have cried too much. You should never cry again. Your life from now on will be perfect. You will be loved and adored by everyone, and should you never shed a tear again." Kaylee told him, holding his hand.

Rue looked at the girl. Who was this girl? Was she an angel here to rescue him?

"No I'm no angel. But I am here to rescue and love you." Kaylee told him, holding his hand securely in hers.

Rue blinked repeatedly, rubbing his eyes.

"I am as real as you or anyone. But as long as you trust me I'll be here. Do you trust me to rescue and love you? To be there for you." Kaylee asked him.

For the first time. Rue felt like their was someone who was there for him. Someone that no matter what his past carried would be there. Someone who would protect him, and heal his scars that he thought would never heal and remain in his life forever. But he was afraid. Afraid she would run away from him, if she knew.

"I'm afraid." Rue told her honestly.

"What do you mean your afraid?"  Kaylee asked him.

"I'm afraid to trust you." Rue mumbled, remembering all the people he had trusted and had failed him.

"You don't need to be afraid to trust me Rue." Kaylee told him.

"I know. But there are so many people I have trusted my whole life, and they broke it. I trusted my parents, they tried to kill me. I trusted my friends, they began to bully me. I can't trust my fans, because once they know all I'd receive is pity. They would treat me like the old Rue, and I don't want that." Rue told Kaylee slowly.

"I know you don't want that to happen Rue. I know your trust has been lost to many people. But it's not the same with me. With me, your trust won't be lost." Kaylee told him.

"But," Rue interrupted, looking still unsure. Could he trust her. Would she lose his trust too.

"I'm here Rue. Trust me." Kaylee told him, patting his hand with affection.

"I do," Rue replied.

"That's all I need your trust." Kaylee told him, hugging him.

She rubbed his back, and looked back at his face which was inspecting her.

"Why now? Why not before?" Rue asked.

"You need me the most now so I am here now, and I'll never leave you. I'm here now and that's all it matters." Kaylee declared in a loud tone.

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