My random writings

Just a little mix of things..

Sorry for my bad english!


7. Understanding

I used to not understand how people cut themselves when I was really young, well of course I was little and didn’t quite understand.


But now I do, I understand how those words hurt, how to feel left out, not to be loved.


For people to hate you gives you that feeling that you’re just a waste of skin. No more meaning of the word ‘breathing’ to you anymore.


How people tell you to ‘stop’ but it all feel like a lie and they should really that you just can’t ‘STOP’ feeling this way. No, that not how it works. Sadly that not how anything works.


And also thinking of not being in this world gives you this pain, and you just want to cry till there is no more tears left. And you’re just shaking.


Most importantly just feeling like you don’t ever belong, and thinking you’ll never will.


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