My names violet, whats yours??

Hi I'm violet, violet doodle.
In my mid I'm cool , intelligent , sophisticated and completely and utterly unbelievely popular.
But as you are all guessing I'm not. So what's the the point in trying. But then again what's the point in crying.
This is my life my diary.


1. Oh my goodness

       Tick tock tick tock.

Oh my god this school day has just gone on forever. Ahhhhh. Im dying inside help me. Please.

I'm in science at least, I think I am. Yes I'm in science. My teacher Mr BO ( I call him this . You know, he stinks of cheese and. And. Well. BO!!


I totally blanked out. Wait he's talking to me! What do I do? Oh I know.

"Pardon sir I stupidly misunderstood this absolutely wonderful super scientific problem you have put in front of me oh so suddenly," I had to stop for a breath and then I started to hear everyone else in the class sniggering.

Mr BO stared at me I'm amazement. " Violet, I was just calling out the register."

"Oh, right," I slid down deep into the deep dark pit of disppear of embarrassment and humiliation. My life was completely over. Well it was over any way but now its completely over. Now all I have is ma supreme looks and intelligence. Well I maybe don't even have that.

Finally lunch then home. But lunch was the biggest challenge of all, the table. Each table had there very own click. Jockeys, nerds, musical freaks, Madonnas ,movie geeks and then theres the toilets. Owned by who you may ask. Me. Every day of every lunchtime I will sit in one of these oh so disgusting toilets. But its fine its better than sitting with all these delusional  freaks. Sometimes I'm the only sane one in this horrible place.

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