All about Ami's life

It's all bout Ami's life.
the downs and ups of her life.
It's not her real name but I will keep her real name secret and her Last name too.
her age too. you'll see what is happening to her life.


1. Intro

hey Im Ami. it's not my real name but you can call me Ami. 

and In this book you will know what kind of life I have. is it a living hell or is it a living heaven. 

you can judge me if you want and if you don't want too. that's better.

just try to imagine if you are in my position, It's your own opinion. you can think bad things about me, you can think good things, you can say good and bad. do what you want just Imagine that you are in my place. 

don't worry this is just the intro. the story is not starting yet. 

                it's in your own hand to judge me.




Epic intro right? this is just the intro wait for more. 

what kind of life do you think she have? stay tuned to find out more about her.


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