All about Ami's life

It's all bout Ami's life.
the downs and ups of her life.
It's not her real name but I will keep her real name secret and her Last name too.
her age too. you'll see what is happening to her life.


2. Chapter 1

September 28, 2011


from: Bryan

hey can I call now?

Bryan texted it about 1 hour ago. and I just seen it about.... just now. 

To: Bryan 

yeah, sure :D you can. sorry late response.

I replied and turn off my phone. and continue watching my favorite noon time show. minutes later my phone rings and you know what is my ring tone? :D Fresh like dougie. 

my phone rings while the ringtone playing loudly. I pressed answer and he greeted me with a "Hey" I smile even tho he cannot see me. "so, sorry about the late message thing. and what is this about? " I ask him and open my bag of potato chips. I ate alot and still Im on my shape because I always walk around and stand for like an hour after I ate my food. that's how you keep shape *winks*

"sooo, I was thinking if. if. if you are single?" He said but in a question tone. my face expression turned to confused but relax.

"yes, I am why?" I ask and munch my chips. "Can I be your, your boyfriend" He ask stuttering and I made a confused face, the thing is he is my friend and he is my Ex boyfriend's friend. "YEs?" I said it in a not sure tone I don't know why though I said yes. "YES!" he yelled. the yes answer just came out of my mouth, he is a handsome,good looking guy. 

"Tomorrow lets meet at the park, 3 pm exact." he said excitedly and he said his good byes and hung up.

I continue watching and eating my foods. yeah my foods. FOODS :D


September 29, 2011

Im here now at the park just sitting on the slide. the sun is up and it's really hot and that's okay, because Im already tanned even tho I have a white skin. but I always go out and that'S why I got tanned. It's exact 3 now the sun is still up high and hot and me under the tree. the cigarrete store is just near so I decided to buy a marlboro black. I don't like lights because it's hot I need menthol and cold feeling in my mouth and throat. I lit my cigarette and blow the smoke out and I walk back where I am sitting. 

I check my phone I have 1 miscall, and It's Bryan. I pressed the redial and his phone rangs.

and he answered "Hey baby girl, would you mine to come over to my house?" He said/ask me while I puff out the smoke. "yeah I'll just finish my smoke." I said and my eyes squint as I look at the sun. "and bring me some cigarette too." he said in a sweet voice "yeah sure thing." I said and I hung up, and lit up another stick. 

I started walking, his house is just 15 minutes to walk from Park. so while I smoke I check my phone because I have text mates. yeah my bestfriends and my friends. 


I now here infront of his house. he lives only by himself inside thos 2 storey house, so all of his friends I mean boys are there always if he's on the mood to stay in the house. I text him that I was here already outside. he response just open the get and locked it and go inside the house.

if you look outside the house, it looks like small but in inside it's big. he sat there watching some cartoons. "really? spongebob?" I ask him pointing out to the TV and he just smiles and scratch the back of his head, I just raised my eyebrow at him. He walk towards me and hug me. "at least Im not with another girl. come sit with me." He said letting go from the hug and pull me towards the sofa. 

beside the sofa is a Piano, wow. I can't play Piano yet, YET! but sooner I can :D

I sat there Just watching the show, while he cuddle me. minutes later he started kissing my shoulders up to my neck. "stop please." I said focusing at the TV , but he didn't stop kissing my neck and then up to my cheek and moving closer to my lips. he put's his pointy finger to my left cheek turning my head to him."please stop." I said a little begging for him to stop. but he just shush me and said "Silence is beauty, baby girl." he said and kiss my lips, my eyes got blurred I just sat there not kissing back. and his hands started to roam my body and he pull my tee shirt half way and cupped my breast. the tears start to roll down my face, he just continue to kiss me and down to my neck giving me a hickey. Im not going to call it a love bite, this is not love, this is lust. his body starts to get more warm and closer to me. he let go and take off his tank top and wipe my tears away.

"just kiss me back" he said smirking devilish and his eyes full of lust. I just nodded and do what he wants, he kiss me and I kissed him back. he lean and makes me lay down the sofa and start massaging my breast. the tears keep rolling down my face, "wrap your hands to my neck. and take off your short." he ordered strictly and I take off my short and wrap my hands around him. "good girl" he said stroking my hair and continue to kiss me,massage my breast. and he insert his middle finger inside me and It cause me in pain a little. I groan as he slowly insert his finger inside and out of me. "Moan" He said as the tears rolls down my cheeks from the pain. Im still virgin and this is my first time to do something like this sexual. I fake moan as he smiles between the kiss. 

he carried me upstairs while kissing me. now we are in his room and he lay me down on his bed. he close the door and take off his short and brief. I cried silently wishing this is just a dream. "go on top of me." he said and I move on top of him an he smirks. I wish to god if he insert his p*nis inside me, I swear to god I'll cut his manhood and his balls off him. 


he quickly insert his P*nis inside me I a scream as the pain rush up to my abdominal. and more tears came out. 


I just sat there staring at the wall. I lost my fucking virginity Im so stupid. falling to his plans,tricks and game. Im a slut now, Im a dirty,whore lady now. a Im not a lady now Im a slut now. I fucking lost my virginity with a guy who doesn't deserves it.  "when you got back home, take a shower quickly." He said coldly wearing his tee shirt I nodded and wear my underwear and my short. we walk down the stairs and go outside the house. 

"don't come with me, they will think that something happened to us." He said and walk away. 

what a douche bag, dick head. FUCK YOU BRYAN MENDOZA ! I wish I can scream that infront of his face.



hey this is the Chapter 1. epic epic epicness. what a Chapter 1 i have here. 

what do you think will happen next? would she stay with that douche bag? orrrrrr she is going to end their relationship? can't wait to write more. hope you like it. I should rated it RED 16plus. 

so that's all for this chapter see you in my next chapter, good bye.




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