Every type and colour of a rose has it type and meaning, most of them are about that thing called Love .
Yellow roses, pink roses, red roses, white roses..
For Hanna, every feeling she had, was a different type and colour of rose.
When she was falling in love with her best friend, it was yellow . Pink when she was grateful, white when she kept it secret and red, when she loved.


2. What are you doing ?

Hanna's Pov

        I went backstage as I finished the song and I rushly went to the toilet 'cause the tears were already falling and I couldn't stop them.  I promised myself to be strong but I was too weak. I had to move on, but I couldn't. He was so important to me that I couldn't just erase him from my head, my past, my memories. He was the only one that made me happy and yet he left me like that, that was rude of him but I guess the problem was me ? I couldn't satisfy him, I wasn't enough.        I washed my face and inhaled and exhaled to calm myself. When I finished I went to mum and Nathan who were waiting for me... and Anne, Gemma and Harry.  I hoped that they didn't notice I cried 'cause I would've bury myself in front of them.   



    < Sister you did great > Nathan smiled at me. < I'm so proud of you Baby > mum hugged me and I hugged back. < Thanks mum > Gemma hugged me tightly and giggled. < You've grown up ! > Yeah, unfortunately I had to grow up without your selfish brother. <You're not the little Han-Han anymore aww > I smiled at her sadly and Anne hugged me too. She put her hands on my cheeks and kissed them both. He just stood there, looking at his shoes. < We should celebrate ! > Gemma cheered earning nods from Nathan, mum and Anne.           


    We went to a fancy Italian restaurant called ' Alessandro's ' , it was near school so we got there fast.  < What are your orders, Madames and Sirs ? > the waiter asked winking at me as I blushed. They all said their orders and the last one was me. < Uhm, I'll be having the ' pasta alla carbonara ' and the chicken fillet > < Which drink Ma'am ? > < Apple juice please > < Okay, your orders will be here soon thank you > he said before leaving and winking again to me. < That guy likes you Han-Han > Nathan said chuckling. Mum, why did you give birth to him ?  I gave him a slap in the arm and he continued to chuckle along with Gemma. One day, I'll be killing these two.  < Of course he likes her, who couldn't resist our beautiful Dionne ? > Anne said smiling and I lowered my head knowing that I was already red like a tomato, no worse. Like an apple, cherry, strawberry... < You don't have to be embarassed Hanna > mum laughed. Great now they're all teasing me with him.



He's cute but.... there's only one person in my mind still now. And he was looking at me emotionless. What did I do ?         



    Harry's Pov  



  What was wrong with them ? He wasn't even that handsome. I rolled my eyes and looked at her. She was looking at me too.  The I'm hot and i know it guy returned and gave us our orders. He winked at her again. Geez, I wanted to take off his eyes and drop them onto the sea. Okay, that was awful.   The food was delicious, as expected from a fancy resto. We said goodbye and I drove home.. < You were jelous, weren't you, Harry-bear ? > Gemma said laughing. < Why should've I ? And no, I wasn't > <Awh, you don't have to pretend Harold > she pinched my cheek and I groaned. < I know your feelings for her, you told me two years ago. And I know you still have > she whispered to my ear with a smirk. < Stop inventing things, Gem > I said going to my room.   Maybe I had feelings for her two years ago.. but now I didn't actually know.                The mini show was Saturday and now it was Monday.




I went to school seeing my mates grinning at me  < Awh Harrehhhhhh > Louis yelled running to me. I swear I would've hid myself from them. I knew they were going to tease me again. < Heya Hazz what's the craic ? > Nialler said. I wasn't in the mood to talk so I just nodded.  They talked about things while I closed my eyes to relax for a moment. Then Liam said something that made my eyes open. < Isn't that Hanna ? > < Wow, I didn't know she was that ... fit > Zayn said smiling. I looked at her and they said right.  She was wearing different clothes, her old style.        A white dress with blue floral prints on it, ballerinas, a golden and a silver bracelet, a necklace and her hair in a side braid.   Everyone was looking at her, some gave her stern looks, others had their jaws dropped and the rest ignored her. < Hazz, isn't that her style whe- > Niall covered Louis' mouth. < Shut up Lou ! > They groaned. She was walking with her head down and her hands on the straps of her bag. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and guess what ? She bumped into me.         





    Hanna's Pov  





    Okay, it wasn't my intention to dress like my old style but that morning I was in the mood. Or maybe it was my intention...  Mum and Jonathan smiled when they saw me and said that it was strange that I was dressed like that. When I got to school, everyone's eyes were at me.      I walked with my head down and I bumped into someone. I looked up and my eyes popped out. My heart started to beat faster than normal . < I- I'm s-sor-ry > I said blattering. He didn't say anything and stared at me for minutes.  < Honeyyyyyyyyyyyy > a girl squealed and my ears died, I looked at her and saw the top bitch of the school, Quinn. Harry didn't even looked at her, he was still staring at me. < Oh Steele, you're here too ? And your clothes ... haha you think that boys will like you with those on ? Move your ass from here. > she said with her normal bitchy tone. I bit my lip to avoid myself for slapping her. I nodded and made two steps when someone stopped me by taking my wrist.  I turned and it was Harry. I missed his touch. Oh, what are you saying Hanna, he probably stopped you so he can tease you again. 



      < Can I please talk to you for a moment ? > he said glaring at Quinn. She stepped away swaying her ' marvellous ' ass. I looked at him confused and he sighed < Let's go > he said taking my arm like that time at his house.  We went at the back of the school, he layed his back on the wall and I stood there speechless. < That song you sang..... for who was it ? > he asked looking at the ground. < Th-that's none of your business > I said looking at an undefined point. He laughed nervously < Are you sure ? > he asked looking at me. I didn't look at him. He came a bit near to me. < Well let me tell you a story, about a girl and a friend, she fell in love with her best friend, when he's around she feels nothing but joy > he sang smirking. < Who's best friend was that ? Who was that best friend exactly ? Was it yours ? > he asked and I blinked many times. < .... Me ? > I felt my heart cracking . I shook my head and nervously moved my feet. He put his fingers on my chin to lift up my face and he was smiling at me.          I felt his arms go to my waist and he was hugging me < Don't lie to me Han-Han > he said kissing the top of my head. < Wh-what are you d-doing > I said trying to escape from him, failing. < Wait for me at the end of the classes, I'll take you home today > he said holding my hand and walking away. I, following him. He accompanied me at my class and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving. I was too shocked about his attitude so I sat on my seat still shocked. < Sssst > somebody called me. Alexis. < You'll explain later > she said winking and I nodded.        



At break I explained her everything and like me, she was shocked . < What the heck ? He leaves you like that then he comes back kissing you on the cheek, holding your hand, telling you that he'll take you home ?! > she half-yelled. I shut her putting my finger on her mouth. -< Calm yourself Montgomery > I said rolling my eyes . The hours passed and I was getting nervous, I kept asking myself ' should I wait for him or not ? '  I walked with Aelxis to the gate and she said ' Good luck Dionne ' then we went to our separate ways. I started to walk deciding not to wait for him but as always, he stopped me. < Where do you think you're going ? > he said smiling. < U-uh... home... > < I said that I'll take you home today >         We walked to his car and he drove me home. No, he drove us to his house. < Ash is probably here and Nathan's at his friend's house > he said while opening the door. We walked in and heard some laughs. < Told you > he said gesturing me to follow him. Our mums stopped laughing when they saw us. < H-Harry ? > Anne said. < Hanna ? > mum said. < Hi mum > Harry said naturally kissing her on the cheek. Mum gave me a confused look and I went to her kissing her too. < Why are you two..... ? > Mum asked not finishing her sentence. Harry shrugged and pat the seat beside him. I sat there and he gave me a plate with food on it. It was Lasagna. We started to eat silently and our mums were looking at us curiously. < Stop looking at us > Harry smirked. 




      We finished eating after twenty minutes and he said that we were going upstairs. He fell on the bed closing his eyes . I stood there biting my lip. < You can sit or lay, I won't bite > he said with his eyes still closed. I didn't followed him so he stood up sighing and picking me up in a bridal style throwing me gently on the bed. He took off his shoes and mine too. He layed beside me and took the duvet putting it on us. He looked at me and laughed. < You can move you know > He put an arm on my waist and pulled me to him. < We'll take a nap then we'll study. You have to help me on my homework > he said and closed his eyes again. I missed his perfume. I slowly closed my eyes and went to sleep.  



          Ashley's Pov 



      < I can't believe what I just saw > Anne said raising her eyebrows. < I think we should go to them and spy > I said chuckling. She smiled and nodded,  We went upstairs silently and opened the door slightly. We saw them on the bed. < Oh my Goodness > I gasped. < You think they ... ? > I asked Anne. < We should enter >  We entered not making noises and we saw them sleeping together. < Oh fortunately. I thought they did it > I said relieved. Anne smiled <: They sure grew up > she said with sparkling eyes. Yes they did. < I'm sure Hanna didn't even forgive him but he dragged her > Anne said laughed . < Yeah... we have to make a plan > I said with a devilish smirk. She nodded and we high fived.         







We'll definitely put them together.                 




















                My Space :  Hello lovebirds :) This is the 2nd chappy wohoo ! How was it ?  Sorry if there are grammatical errors and such x'S I hope it didn't bore you.... if it did, I'm sorry ! Thanks for reading and I'll update asap :D

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