Every type and colour of a rose has it type and meaning, most of them are about that thing called Love .
Yellow roses, pink roses, red roses, white roses..
For Hanna, every feeling she had, was a different type and colour of rose.
When she was falling in love with her best friend, it was yellow . Pink when she was grateful, white when she kept it secret and red, when she loved.


1. Fall.





On the 1st of February in 1994, in England, Holmes Chapel, a little boy was born. He was named as Harry Edward Styles. 

On the 9th of February instead, a little girl was born. And her parents called her Hanna Dionne Steele. 


Their parents were friends so they became friends too, but not just common friends, they became best friends. They would always play at each other's houses and make ruckus making their mums angry. They used to play in the mud and play in the rain getting a cold.  
At seven years old Hanna understood that she had feelings for her own best friend and she was afraid that he might knew and don't wanna be friends with her anymore. So she kept it a secret, it was probably the deepest secret she ever hid to Harry. 



She continued to like him secretly and her feelings grew everyday.
When they were fifteen tough, Harry did it for the first time with a girl called Catie. Harry told her and she wanted to cry but she stayed strong, smiling and hugged him saying that she was so happy for him and that she will always be there for him no matter what. Harry smiled to her and he left. After he left, she crushed and cried before closing the window and the door so nobody would've seen her. 

 Harry had girlfriends and his girlfriends were always jelous of her so sometimes they would tell her to go away from him, but how could she leave him ? He was her best friend and he was the one who she always liked. 
Harry began to abandon her, he would pass his weekends on some of his friends' house, not like when he used to pass it with her. But she didn't say anything. She thought that if he was happy, then she should've leave him alone.




Two years passed and it was RARE that her best friend went to hers and pass the time together. Well, he didn't even go to her anymore.
She always saw him with girls around him and his other friends smiling and laughing. At least he was happy.
On her 16th birthday he didn't even come, he just texted her and greeted her a " Happy Birthday Hanna " and it was strange because he always greeted her " Happy Birthday Han-Han ! see you later, love you. Your favourite sexiest cutest cheekiest best friend slash panda x" or something like that. She was disappointed so she shrugged her shoulders and celebrated her birthday. 
The first months she spent her days reading books and writing songs, yes she wrote songs. Then a new girl arrived and she became friends with her, her name was Alexis. 






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 




Hanna's Pov



< C'mon ! Let me listen to it ! > Alexis said. I shook my head. < Let me read the lyrics ? > she said with a puppy face. I sighed and handled her the paper. She started to read and her eyes began to water. 
She knew about me and Harry... about how we used to be friends and, how ai liked him a lot.



< Why are you crying ? > I asked her smiling. < It-it's just so beautiful.... > she hugged me. < You'll sing this song to the mini show coming this next weekend right ? > I nodded and her smile got bigger. < Then I can't wait to hear it >  
We passed the afternoon talking to each other and the time flew fast. It was already eight p.m. and she had to go. We said goodbye and I went to cook dinner.
 Mum arrived at half past eight and my brother too. Our dad left when we were young so yeah.. there was just only us three but we were happy.



< How did your day went ? > She asked . I just smiled and give a thumbs up. < So... when is this mini show which you'll be singing in ? > I blushed. < It's Saturday... you don't have to if you don't want to go.. I mean I ca- > I started but then Jonathan my brother, interrupted me. < Are you serious ? We're definitely coming ! > he shouted laughing, mum too. < Oh, okay.. it's just that it's embarassing > < Why ? You've always sang whenever you were still little ! > Jonathan continued. < What song are you going to sing ? > mum asked and I cleared my throat. < Uhm.. it's a song that I wrote... a few months ago... > Please don't ask for who, please. < For who ? > Yeah right. < I think we should know mum.. > Jonathan looked at me and smiled sadly. I smiled back. < Well I'm going upstairs. Goodnight mum, Nathan. > I kissed them both on the cheek and went upstairs. 




I sat on the bed and started to hum some songs that I wrote. Then it came to that song and I didn't want to just hum it. So I went to the piano near the window and started to play it. 
When I finished, I didn't notice that at the neighbor's house, there was Anne, Harry's mum watching me with teary eyes. My eyes widen and closed the window. 




Anne's Pov


I went to my son's room seeing him playing with his phone. He smiled at me and I smiled back. < What's up mum ? > he asked . < Did you hear the music from the neighbor's house ? > < Which neigbor mum ? > < The Steeles > he gulped and bit his lip. I knew he missed her but he didn't want to admit it. 
< No.. > I sighed and went to his window. < It was Hanna playing a song to the piano.. It seems like it was her song 'cause I never heard of it. > I said looking at him. < Oh. > he just said. < Why don't you invite Ashley, Jonathan and her tomorrow ? It's Sunday and they're probably all at home. > < Why shoul- > I interrupted him. < It's been a long time Harry. > I said and left his room. Why did he even left her like that ? Her eyes were not like those eyes I knew anymore, they were sad and cold. 
I and Ashley even knew their feelings for each other and we supported them, but now things changed. I had, no we had to do something.



Harry's Pov


Mum left after she said " It's been a long time Harry. " 
Yeah, it's been absolutely a long time since I talked to... Hanna. I remember when I used to call her ' Han-Han '.. I remember when we used to get along and hang out. I remember all, I remember at her 16th birthday I didn't come 'cause I was at my ex girlfriend's and I greeted her with a " Happy Birthday Hanna ". The worst thing that I remember, was when I abandoned her, I left her, I broke her.
I was afraid of falling for my best friend . I was afraid that she wouldn't had wanted me anymore so I made new friends to distract myself, but I just realized later that what I did was wrong. She probably hated me now and she won't talk to me. I deserve a slap on both of my cheeks. No,




The next day, mum woke me up at nine a.m. and said ' I want your room to be clean before they go here. ' It seems that she invited them .. Sure, 'cause they'll enter my room, right mum ? 
I sighed as I dusted the floor and mopped it. 
After two and a half hours I finally finished. I jumped on the bed exhausted and took my phone. I chatted with my mates telling them that I couldn't go out with them that day.

Nialldo's : 
Why Hazz ? Going out on a date t'day ? ;) 
 Me :
No.. we have visitors.. :)
Bradforbadboi :
Who ?
Tommotommo : 
LeeLee :
Who is it this time ? Sandie ? Cara ? Laura ? 
Me : 
Nope. Neighbors.
Tommotommo : 
Wooaaah ! I know who it is ! Steeeeeeeeleee !! 
Nialldo's : 
Wowowowowo Hazz  
Bradforbadboi : 
Can I come so we can have
a three... you know what (; 
Me :
I have to go, bye lads ! And Zayn... no. x


I logged out and prepared myself. I wore a v neck, black tight jeans, and my converse. Mum called me downstairs.
< You better still have your manners, Harry. > she said firmly. < I know mum. > I said rolling my eyes. < You should talk to Hanna too. > < Mum no ! > She glared at me. < You're a selfish person Edward, what did she ever do to you that made you abandon her like that ? She cared for you and you know that. I'm disappointed to you. > she shook her head and went to the kitchen.

At two the bell rang and she opened it. I was sitting on the couch watching tv.
<Ash ! I've missed you so much ! You too Nathan and.. Dionne ! > mum yelled at the door. She always called Hanna for her second name. When she pronounced her name, I felt myself choking and my heart beaten fast. I paralysed on the couch. < Come in, I'll get you some drinks in the meanwhile you can go to the living room > 
They went where was I and looked at them. < Harry ! It's been a long time ! > Ashley greeted me. < Erm.. yeah... > < How have you been Hazz ? > Jonathan asked. < I've been good lad, thanks.. and you ? > I said trying to avoid looking at her. < Me too > he said smiling and I smiled back. < Uhm.. H-hi > she stuttered not looking at me. < Hello > I said.  



She've changed so much, she used to wear floral dresses and ballerinas but she wore a grey hoodie, jeans and supras. I remember she always had her hair braided and now she let them fall naturally covering most of her face. 
Jonathan sat beside me, then next to him Ashley, and her. Mum arrived with our drinks and Ash helped her. < So, why did you invite us Anne ? > Ashley asked taking a sip from her drink. < Well, we hadn't hung out for decades > mum said smiling. < Yeah you're right ... > mum looked at me with a grin on her face . Oh no mum, no. Don't tell me...... < Neither Harry and Hanna had hang out for decades, why is that ? > she said smirking. I glared at her and Nathan laughed. < It's because Harold has a girlfriend now ? > he said raising his eyebrows. <Er, y-yeah... > I looked at Hanna and she was silently drinking her drink without no emotion. < You should go to your room and talk Harry, and you too Han-Han > mum said and Ash chuckled. What the heck ? 

They looked at Hanna and she shook her head. < She doesn't even want to... > Yes, because she hates me. < Move your ass Hanna Dionne and go with him > Her mum said giggling. I looked at her and saw her eyes. They were so... sad and dark, not like those sparkling eyes that she had before. Mum looked at me and she raised her eyebrow. I sighed and stood up. < C'mon Hanna > I said taking her arm. She didn't resist so I pulled her in my room. 




I made her sit on the bed and so did I. < How are you ? > I asked. How do you want her to be stupid Harry ? < Fine > she whispered. < School ? > < Good > < Do you still write songs ? > she shook her head. Lies. < You know you can look at me right ? > She looked at me and we looked at each other for minutes, but for me it was like for years. I've missed her. I knew it. 
< I'm going down > she stood up and left. Fuck. 



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 





A week passed and it was already Saturday, which meant that Hanna had to sing her song. But not just her, Harry with his friends too. 
Everyone was so nervous that they didn't notice that it was time for them to recite. 
The show was a mini musical where the students had to recite just little parts but most of the parts they had to sing some songs. Harry and his friends band's called One Direction. And after the other students sang, it was their turn.

They sang a song which they wrote too, it was called ' What Makes You Beautiful. 



You're insecure, don't know what for.
You're turning heads when you walk trough the
Don't need makeup, to cover up
Being the way that you are
is enou-o-ough
Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you
Baby you light up my world like nobody else
the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed 
But when you smile at the ground
 it ain't hard to tell
You don't kno-o-ow you don't know you're beautifu-u-ul 
That's what makes you beautiful ! 

(What makes you beautiful - One Direction) 


They finished the song and everyone clapped, even Hanna. 
A few others sang before her and it was her turn. She nervously took the microphone in her hand and went to the stage slowly. The music started. So she took a long breath tryig to calm herself and began.




Whoa, ooh
Well, let me tell you a story About a girl and a boy She fell in love with her best friend
 When he's around, she feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right 
Did you know that I loved you or were you not aware? You're the smile on my face And ain't going nowhere 
I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while
What's gonna make you fall in love? I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart 
Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love 
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,You can't fly unless you let yourself fall 
Well, I can tell you're afraid of what this might do Cause we got such an amazing friendship and that you don't wanna lose
Well, I don't wanna lose it either I don't think I can stay sitting around while you're hurting babe, so take my hand
Well, did you know you're an angel who forgot how to fly? Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry
Cause I know that a piece of you's gone Every time she done wrong I'm the shoulder you're crying on
And I hope by the time that I'm done with this song that I figure out 
What's gonna make you fall in love? I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart 
Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,You can't fly unless you let yourself fall 
I will catch you if you fall I will catch you if you fall 
I will catch you if you fall 
But if you spread your wingsYou can fly away with me 
But you can't fly unless you let your...You can't fly unless you let yourself fall
What's gonna make you fall in love? I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart 
Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,You can't fly unless you let yourself fall,
So fall in love (in love
)I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
Don't have to be scared at all (don't have to be scared, don't have to be scared at all), 
oh, my love
But you can't fly unless you let yourself,You can't fly unless you let yourself fall 
I will catch you if you fall I will catch you if you fall I will catch you if you fall
 If you spread your wingsYou can fly away with me
But you can't fly unless you let your... let yourself fall

(Fall - Justin Bieber)


This time too, the audience applauded when she finished singing. She was trying to hold her tears, she didn't want anyone to see her cry 'cause she was too weak and she knew it.
One thing she didn't know was that backstage, the person who she wrote the song for, was dying inside. 
He knew that what she had just sang was for him, I'm so stupid he thought. He was still looking at the stage when his band mates called him to earth. < What's wrong Hazza ? > Zayn asked. He shook his head . < You'll tell us later, okay ? > Liam said and he nodded. Louis, was the one who knew so he didn't speak. Harry was still speechless. < Hazz, we should get going now > Lou said patting his shoulder. < I'm a prick, Lou. > he said to his best mate. Lou on the other hand, just smiled because he knew that something wil be happening. 




The audience started to leave but Ashley, Anne, Jonathan and Gemma, Harry's sister, were still there with their jaws dropped on the floor. But Ashley and Anne, were happy because they saw Hanna's eyes, now they were sure that there was love in the air. 










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