Elemental High

Paige Carter is a typical 16 year old teenage girl, except for the fact that she has hardly any friends, she gets bullied a lot of school and everyone hates her. Paige has one friend Steph is a very quick and hot tempered person, she has tried all she can to stop the bullying but was unable and Paige starts drifting further and further into depression. That all turns around when she meets a mysterious boy named Kallen. Why is Kallen here, Why has he been looking for Paige and what is his connection to the mysterious crystals that have the ability to make 10 people special. All the characters in this story are based on me and my friends from school, and you may also notice some characters from certain anime's as well you'll have to figure out who they are for yourself.


18. Thrid:Fire

Matt's P.O.V

Kallen is the first to begin transforming and Thomas so follows him, my turn is coming up and I am excited for it this is the first time that me and George have ever transformed and I can feel the nerves coming through they aren't as strong as the feelings of excitement though no feeling could be stronger than the excitement that I feel now. I look over at George he looks really nervous guess the nerves are getting to him I turn to face him "it's ok George your going to be fine, think of it as a maths problem fun and simple" "Fun and simple right thanks Matt" "no problem man".  I turn just in time to see my gem rise up and magical transport into my head it's time finally I will get a chance to see my guardian self, lets do this!

I watched as hair changed into a fiery red, and a strange tingly feeling spread across my eyes I could feel them changing I had a feeling that they were going to change into a fiery colour, not necessarily red but a fiery colour nevertheless. I watched as my clothes changed into a white shirt and a long fury black coat and my pants changes to black unlike the other boys my clothes weren't all fiery colours I guess because theirs so many, a black band with a snowflake charm appeared around my neck I spread my right arm out to the side and a fireball appeared in my hand cool. Then the fiery light around me disappeared and there I was Matt the guardian of all fire, and marvelled at how amazing I looked and felt. So this is what its like to be a guardian I'm going to get used to this.


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