Elemental High

Paige Carter is a typical 16 year old teenage girl, except for the fact that she has hardly any friends, she gets bullied a lot of school and everyone hates her. Paige has one friend Steph is a very quick and hot tempered person, she has tried all she can to stop the bullying but was unable and Paige starts drifting further and further into depression. That all turns around when she meets a mysterious boy named Kallen. Why is Kallen here, Why has he been looking for Paige and what is his connection to the mysterious crystals that have the ability to make 10 people special. All the characters in this story are based on me and my friends from school, and you may also notice some characters from certain anime's as well you'll have to figure out who they are for yourself.


20. The final transformation: Air

George's P.O.V

I'm not cut out for this I'm just a smart 16 year old boy, I'm not some amazing air guardian I can't do this I just can't Kallen and Thomas have already gone those guys are so brave I look over at Matt he looks excited and I mean really excited I don't understand this how can he be so excited about something as terrifying as this I mean we have to transform then we have to fight a massive monster, I mean really I can't do this. Matt must've see how scared I was because he turned to face me "it's ok George your going to be fine, think of it as a maths problem fun and simple" "Fun and simple right thanks Matt" "no problem man". Like a maths problem fun and simple right ok that makes me feel a little bit better, knowing that is all it's going to be but, then again Matt has never do this before so how does he know. I then watched as Matt's gem rose up and the transformation began good luck Matt, I turned to ask Drew how the transformation process felt but just as I turned around he started to transform, great now its just me alone just waiting for the moment to come when I will rise into the air with them. Just as I thought my gem rose up here we go, time for the long awaited moment the gem passed through my head and my transformation finally began.

My hair was the first thing to change it changed into a sky blue colour, and my glasses floated up into the air and flew in front of me I tried to make a grab for them but they disappeared my eyes then began to tingle and then I could see I could see perfectly well I didn't need my glasses now that's cool. I guessed that my eyes were a  sky blue like my hair, simply because the colour was all around me, I watched as my clothes transformed into a black T-shirt and a long white and yellow vest coat, black gloves appeared on my hands and my shorts changes into black pants. Then it was over just like that, that really wasn't bad I don't know why I was so worried then I landed on the ground with everyone else and looked up at the creature oh that's why.


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