Elemental High

Paige Carter is a typical 16 year old teenage girl, except for the fact that she has hardly any friends, she gets bullied a lot of school and everyone hates her. Paige has one friend Steph is a very quick and hot tempered person, she has tried all she can to stop the bullying but was unable and Paige starts drifting further and further into depression. That all turns around when she meets a mysterious boy named Kallen. Why is Kallen here, Why has he been looking for Paige and what is his connection to the mysterious crystals that have the ability to make 10 people special. All the characters in this story are based on me and my friends from school, and you may also notice some characters from certain anime's as well you'll have to figure out who they are for yourself.


3. Strange Voices

Chapter 4

"I can't believe I slept in!" I said as I walked through the school gates, I can tell that this is going to be a bad day I thought to myself as I walked past those bushes the exact same ones that I saw the strange glint in. Just as I walked past the bushes I saw a shadow past over them I looked behind me and saw nothing, I turned back to face the school and kept walking "Paige" I stopped "Paige" there's the voice again. I turned around "who's there!" I called "what's the matter Paige don't you remember me?" The voice called again coming from the bushes.

I walked towards the bushes to investigate I was inches away from them when the bell rang I then quickly turned and ran in the direction of the school.

Author's Note:
Yeah I know what your thinking this person sucks at writing stories but, trust me it gets interesting somewhere.............

I'm so sorry that the chapters are so short, I really have no idea why I made them this short. They get longer as the story goes on. But, anyway I actually wondering if I should use a different point of view here, so I'm going to give I a try and see if it works out.


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