Elemental High

Paige Carter is a typical 16 year old teenage girl, except for the fact that she has hardly any friends, she gets bullied a lot of school and everyone hates her. Paige has one friend Steph is a very quick and hot tempered person, she has tried all she can to stop the bullying but was unable and Paige starts drifting further and further into depression. That all turns around when she meets a mysterious boy named Kallen. Why is Kallen here, Why has he been looking for Paige and what is his connection to the mysterious crystals that have the ability to make 10 people special. All the characters in this story are based on me and my friends from school, and you may also notice some characters from certain anime's as well you'll have to figure out who they are for yourself.


7. How can that be?

The next morning when I woke up I looked over at my bedside table and there it was staring at me the gem. The sun shone through it creating a beautiful rainbow on the wall I picked it up it was all different colours then it changed to a mixture of light green, dark green and red I wondered why it did that. I walked over to my dresser and took out a long yellow ribbon and tied the gem to it I hung it around my neck and walked out the door towards school.

It was a lovely day perfect just what I need, I began thinking about yesterday and how Kallen and all his friends were so determined to get me to have this gem and for Steph to have it too why is it so important that I take the gem why does it have to be me why can't it be someone else that isn't me. I don't understand it why doesn't he tell me that why does it have to be some big secret and what is up with Steph's eyes why did they have evil in them why is that is it just an effect of having the darkness gem or is she really evil inside it's only a little bit of evil but still I can't believe that Steph might be evil I mean she's tough and quick-tempered but she's nice and loyal she would never betray me........ Right??


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