Elemental High

Paige Carter is a typical 16 year old teenage girl, except for the fact that she has hardly any friends, she gets bullied a lot of school and everyone hates her. Paige has one friend Steph is a very quick and hot tempered person, she has tried all she can to stop the bullying but was unable and Paige starts drifting further and further into depression. That all turns around when she meets a mysterious boy named Kallen. Why is Kallen here, Why has he been looking for Paige and what is his connection to the mysterious crystals that have the ability to make 10 people special. All the characters in this story are based on me and my friends from school, and you may also notice some characters from certain anime's as well you'll have to figure out who they are for yourself.


2. Boring Subjects and Mysterious Glowing Eyes

Chapter 2

"Hey Paige wait up" I turned around to see Steph running towards me "hi Steph how was class" I said as Steph stopped right in front of me. "Horrible Mr Taylor is so boring, he spent the whole of Chemistry talking about the elements and the periodic table and all that boring stuff" she said in her irritated voice "and his voice is just a long continuous, boring drone and it makes things even more boring, on top of the fact that we never do any experiments we just answer questions, read textbooks and not talk. It's so annoying!" She yelled, than her voice went back to its usual sweet self as she said "and you how was History?"

"Great!" I replied "Miss Watson really is a great teacher she showed us a movie about the Ancient Greeks, and then we got our assignments on Ancient Greek Mythology and we spent the rest of the lesson doing our assignments I've almost finished mine." I replied with plenty of excitement "why is it that you always get the best teachers" Steph whined. "Maybe it's because I'm smarter than you!" I laughed, Steph gave me her signature glare and said "hey don't get smart with me just because I'm your friend doesn't mean I still can't beat you up!!" "Ok ok sorry Steph" I replied, Steph's face then changed from the glare to its normal sweet natured face "that's ok just making sure we understood each other" we both laughed. 
"Well see you tomorrow Steph!" "See ya Paige!" I was on my merry way again when I saw a glint coming from in the bushes nearby I started walking towards them when I heard a stick crack I jumped I could have sworn that something moved from behind them. "Must of been a mouse or something " I said  to myself, and kept walking. Just as Paige disappeared through the school gate and towards home two glowing eyes appeared in the gap between the bushes, little did she know that the creature was far worse than a mouse much worse.


Author's Note

I will be posting a picture of things resembling stuff in the chapter look if you want to sometimes because I can't find a hyperlink but if there's no hyperlink and the picture doesn't show I am terribly sorry. I will tell you when there's a pic of a character. Just thought that I will say that now so that I don't have to put a Author's note at the end of every chapter your probably getting sick of me by now.


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