My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


2. The planning

So they decided not to make it a surprise party because my mum said that I wouldn't like it a surprise so now we have been planning everything and it's actually been pretty fun and exiting, I just can't believe it's really happening. I'm really nervous and I don't like talking to mum about it because I feel weird like she doesn't want me to have one. Mum thought I wouldn't have liked to have a party but I kinda want to because I never do anything for my birthday and I'm usually sitting at home with nothing to do and have everyone forget about my birthday, just like last year.. 

Anyway at the moment I am cleaning my room and have been in the process for the past three days because I've decided to do a proper spring clean. Also because I have to share a room with my sister I have been cleaning all of her junk while she hasn't been home. But of course when I clean I need to make it messier before it becomes clean. All I have done is the cupboard, the desk and now I have started on the floor but there is junk EVERYWHERE. 

We have already given the invitations out to people and a couple of the popular girls were angry because I didn't invite them. They think just because they are popular they should get invited to everything. One of the girls that was having a sook didn't even invite me to her party and I hardly even talk to her. 

I'm a little scared that not many people will come but a few people have said they are coming and around here if you are invited to a party there's a high chance you will go. I know this sounds really rude and selfish but I hope some of them get me presents because the main reason I love birthdays is because you get presents. Pretty self centered, I know right. 


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