My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


17. Okay?

Once again i'm not too sure how I feel. I've been a bit sadder this past week, nothing big but just sad. I'm tired and  I just want to sleep for a good few hours and enjoy it. I hardly have much time to do much, I'm either working or doing homework and when I don't have either to do, I just do nothing because I want to rest and do nothing. 

It's finally one year, eleven months and twenty something days til I can finally leave for London. I pray for that day to  come, not literally pray, but maybe I should try that. The two week holidays are in three weeks so I'm excited for that even though I'll be working a fair bit but I don't mind, I'll get money! 

School is tiring, hard and long. Everyday my bag is really heavy because I have so many books and stuff to take home and bring back to school. I get homework for most classes and it takes so long to do it all. It's only the first term and I'm already onto the third novel which I just recently started reading. Although it sucks because then I don't read my own books because I have to read the ones for school. Also I'm doing English and English literature so I have to read books in both classes then write all these essays for them. 

Anyway I feel quite exhausted but I guess i'm doing okay. 

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