My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


10. More holidays!

I have finished my exams and went good I think, well I got 98% on my math test! Tomorrow is my last day of school and then I have two whole months of holidays and I'm so excited. I am doing year 11 next year and it is going to involve a lot of homework and hard work and I am going to try to stay organised and up to date with my work. I have pretty good classes so hopefully it should be a good year. I think I want to write a book so I started writing something but it is not much at all and it is mainly about my life but more meaningful. I just think writing your own book would be a good achievement although it would take so long and a lot of hard work. I would just love to have my own published book. Anyway I'm planning to catch up on sleep on the weekend and then I am going to try and get my life together a bit and start exercising. I want to get up early but not too early, go for a walk then come back and do whatever. I also want to read a bit more over the holidays. Hopefully I am successful in these holiday goals which will probably fail after a day or two but we will see and I will update on how I am going. Goodbye and I shall talk soon, keep sweet & sour. 

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