My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


11. Money. Money, Money!

I have been jobless for a few months now and I have been worried because I had no money which meant I could not go to London, but I finally have a job! I had to have an interview for it which I thought went pretty good. Although I ended up having a break down two days after the interview because I thought I didn't get the job because they had not yet rang me. So I was up half the night stressing because I thought after school I would just have to find a job and continue living at home. I just couldn't sleep so I started to write in a book, it was just nice to write it out while my candles were lit. After that I fell asleep finally. Anyway so I got a call yesterday and I was so happy. I have also started driving after having my license for a couple of months and its actually going really well. I already have 8 hours and it isn't even as bad as I thought it was at all. I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow which should be fun. It's holidays and I have done nothing but my first shift of working is on Wednesday, i'm a little nervous but I am just so glad that I will finally be earning some money because I was really scared and stressed out, I just hope I keep the job through school not just for the holidays. Oh and it's 12 days till Christmas! I love Christmas so much and can't wait!

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