My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


6. I passed!

I passed! When I went for my Learners license I passed and I was so glad. I got 94% so I was happy with that. Although I haven't driven on the road yet but we went down to the footy ground and I just drove around on the gravel but I didn't go any faster than 20km because it felt really fast. 

Anyway apart from that this morning I heard my brother because he was going somewhere and then my sister woke up and it was only 5am so we were up from then and it's currently 2:28pm and I'm in bed, again. Except it's actually the first nice day since a while and I'm hoping mum doesn't know I'm in here because she thinks we should be outside enjoying the sun. 

I'm hungry, I'm a little chilly and I just want to sit in bed for the rest of the day watching movies but I'm going to wait till mum leaves to do that and I also don't what movie to watch if anyone has some suggestions? 

I might be going shopping tomorrow, I'm not sure but my friend wants me to stay at her house and I really can't be bothered and it would be the last sleep in of the holidays left but she told me her and some other friends organised heaps of food and stuff and were going to surprise me so I feel like I have to go. BUT I DON'T WANT TO.

For now I'll just ignore it and be happy I passed the test and right now Mum, my sister and cousin are leaving so I can be in peace and do what I want. Thank god, therefore I am going to go and enjoy it, not that I'll be moving anywhere. So goodbye and some sad news is I have eaten all my birthday chocolate.. 

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