My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


3. Home

At home it's been quite awkward because last night dad yelled at my sister to clean her room and so she went to do it but later when he went in there she hadn't cleaned anything and he went right off at her. It didn't help that she was yelling back at him saying she hated him, I was scared to be honest. Not that he would ever do anything but I hate when he gets so angry. So now he won't really talk to anyone and he left really early this morning so he didn't have to see anyone. Mum and Dad just ignore each other like they don't even exist which is so stupid and my sister is just grumpy and sits in her room when dad's home. 

Anyway at school tomorrow I have a maths test which I haven't even finished my cheat sheet for yet. I also had a science test today which I probably failed considering I hardly knew anything. I'm just so sick of school but thank god it's the holidays in two days! I can't wait to have a break even if it is only for two weeks. 

The party is in two weeks and three days I think and it's still getting organised, I just hope there will be some nice tasting cake. 

At the moment I'm sitting in bed listening to music while I'm starving but there's no food in the house so i'm forced to just fade away to a shadow. I should probably go to bed and get an early night tonight but I don't think I'll be able to sleep. Guess there's nothing wrong with trying though, I can just write more if I can't sleep anyway.

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