My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


9. Getting there

So I have passed my sad phase for now and I have been feeling pretty excited because I only have about a month left of school for the year and then holidays. Even better though because I only have two years of high school left and then I will be out of the place! I know it sounds like a long time and I guess yeah it is but I just need this coming year to go quickly and then I'll be on the home run. 

It's going to be awesome because when I finish high school my best friend and I are going to London and we are going to live there for a year. It is going to be so much fun and I am just so excited for it because it will be perfect! 

Today at school I changed my subjects for next year and I'm actually quite happy about it because I don't think they should be too hard. We have exams in about a week but I'm not really worried I just need to do revision in classes all next week. Although I have a strong feeling I will be failing my history exam and the teacher is the worst teacher you could have but it doesn't even matter. 

At the moment I'm sitting on my bed listening to Lana Del Ray because she is queen. Although I'm worried because a few months ago I quite my job because it really was horrible and I'm struggling to get another one but I don't want to go back to my old one because it made me miserable. I need money though because I want to have plenty saved for when I go traveling. I just hope that something will come up and everything will work out, but that's not how things work unfortunately. 

Anyway I'm going to continue to lip sing to the lyrics like I'm a famous singer with a perfect voice in a video clip for now. 

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