My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


8. Family

Recently life has sucked. One main reason is my family. I hate that half the time mum and dad don't even talk to each other because they are fighting and the fact that I know when there is going to be yelling and screaming in the house and I get so scared that something bad is going to happen.

Yesterday one of our dogs killed the little chickens we had and dad just went off about all the animals and he had originally had a bad day anyway. Then mum went to pick up one of our stupid horses which made dad angrier because the horses cost of heaps of money to keep and do things with. 

Honestly I use to think that I had a normal family, one that didn't have big fights and got along with each other but now I'm not so convinced. My sister and my dad haven't been talking for a month now and mum and dad aren't talking and they use us to talk through each other. It's just so pathetic and mum has hardly been home lately so we have been getting tea ready because dad doesn't get home till later as well and I just feel like they are leaving us alone. 

Dad is so stressed out because of work and because he just lost a few thousand dollars because the place that owed him the money have become bankrupt and it is coming up to Christmas which he hates and cost money. I just hate it at the moment, I just want to move out so I can live my own life and not live in their mess. I think it would actually be better if they split up because then there wouldn't be as much fighting all the time. I know that there are people who have it so much worse and I probably sound like some drama queen which makes me feel like I shouldn't be complaining but it doesn't make me hate it anymore less. 

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