My Journal

My life is one big mess of tangled up headphones.


5. Cancelled

I know I've been away for quite a while and haven written anything but that's because I've hardly been home. Here's what you missed though!

I went away for a week which was fun, then  came back and was home for one and a half days then I went to my cousins stayed a couple of nights there and went to the Melbourne show which was so much fun and while I was in line for a ride there was this really cute guy behind me but I don't think he noticed me at all. Then I came home and yesterday it was my birthday, which was pretty good for once. I didn't do anything, I didn't even get dressed but I got good presents and I still have more to come and I'm so excited to get them. 

Now to the heading of this chapter 'cancelled' yes the party was cancelled, well actually postponed because the paddocks were too muddy and I was so angry and upset because now I'll have to wait weeks to have it but I guess it won't kill me.  

All I have done today is eaten breakfast in bed and then I decided to watch "Love Actually" while eating my chocolate and then I played a few games of Cluedo. After that I went back to my bed and watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" which is a movie I absolutely love, I definitely recommend it. 

Right now I am writing which I probably shouldn't be because I'm supposed to be doing practice tests to get my L's tomorrow, whoops. I don't want to drive though, although I do not want to fail which is something I'm scared I'll do because I haven't even read the book. Mum told me that I just need to do heaps of practice tests to pass. 

Anyway I should probably continue listening to my sad music while doing the stupid tests and wish me good luck because I'll need it! I'll come back tomorrow to announce whether or not I passed, goodbye for now my lovelies. 

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