new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


7. WHAT?!

i was in my bed thinking about zayn and me, he's fans, fiancee, sisters, friends, my life, my friends, familey oh i remembered that i have to call my best friend Lora , i know her from my childhood, she was my first one i talked to, we are like sisters and i love her so much "hey, Lora, can you come to my house ? i need you " i said to her in the other side of phone

"yes, of cours, give me 10 and i will be there" she said 

"fine, i love you " i said

" me too" she said hanging up the call

"CHEVON.IM HERE" she yaled, "COME UP TO MY ROOM" i said with loud voice

« hey, missed you so much» i said to lora and hugin her

« missed you too, so what’s up ? why do you need me ? » she asked, and i made WHAT face

« do i need a reason to call my friend ? » I asked, geting away from her hug, and siting in my bed

« aww, some one get made, im sorry, but every time you say that you need me, there must be something, a BAD thing, so what’s going on ? »she said ,siting by my side

"well your right this time, do you remember when i told you that , when i was kid, my grandpa....he ....said that im going to marry he's friend kid?" i started talking, standing up from the bed, and walking around the room.

"and?" she said slowly

"im going to marry him this week " i said  quickly

"what? nooo way? when?where?i was thing that it was joke or something ! did you met him? how old is he? what is he's job? wait WHO IS HE ?" she said in one breath

"calm down, i will tell you everything, now let me drink some water im so Thirsty"I said, 

"im Thirsty too" she said

" take" i said giving her  A glass of water

"Lora, what's the name of that band that you love again?" I asked pretending that i don't know 

"for the MILON TIME I SAY ONE DIRECTION, oh my god, i love them i ADOR THEM, they are soo amaZAYN_"i cuted her off

"ama WHAT ? " i asked 

"oh, it's amazing, but we directioners say amaZAYN because in the band the hot BAD BOY call zayn " she said looking in her phone to he's PICTER

"why are you asking about 1D any way? she add

"well, Since you're talking about Zayn. I'll say it how?he Is, my husband's future" i said closing my eyes

"WHAT?" she Screamed surprised, soshe spit all the water that was in her mouth on my face and my clothes

"LORA EWWW" i yalled too

"sorry about that, but tell me about WHO YOU ARE GOING TO MARRY AGAIN !" she yalled

" my grandpa friend is Father yaser, so im going to marry ZAYN JAWAD MALIK" i said 

"awwww, so you are calling him FATHER YASER NOW hahaah, so did you met him? " she laughed

"yes, i have yesterday, and it was so awkward, he's sisters hate me " i said remebering yesterday

"it's ok, you will marry them brother and they don't know, what should they do ? huge you?" she said

she was right, but she is my best friend, she have to lie and to tell me something nice righty?

" thanks for helping really " i said

"anytime babe, now tell me how was zayn? he is so hot, sexy and C.O.O.L " she said, in scary way, this girl started to make me feel scared 

"i don't know, i only stayed with hil for half hour, thats all, " i said

"OH MY GOD my friend is so lucky, she stayed with ZAYN MALIK FOR HALF HOUSR AND SHE IS NOT HAPPY . I SAW HARRY FOR 2 SCONDS AND IT WAS THE BEST 2 SCONDS IN MY LIFE " she yalled falling in the bed wich maked me laughe

"you are crazy "i said

" i konw, that why we are friends " she smiled to me," so what are you doing tonight ? " i asked

" nothing , you ?" she asked, at that time my phone rang


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