new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


1. The meeting ....The end.


"You are going to be great father mat" liam said

     "thanks bro ,ah im so nervous" i said ,putting my hands in my face 

  " don't worry ,she will be ok ,chev is strong girl "harry said ,smiling 

" i hope so mat" i said 

"stop walking ze,take a sit " louis said ,ah i feel sorry for my friends,i don't want them to be suffer becuase of me ... i dont 

"umm,boys i can stay alone here i dont mind ,you can go " i said faking a smile

" WHAT NO!!! listen to me zayn we wont leav you in this day ,ok ,and chevon is our friend too so please dont say that ever again " niall said 

after 30m,We heard screaming baby , im a father now , oh my god I can not believe it , I can not explain my feelings now, most of what I want now is to see the baby and his mother

" who is the father ? " the nurs asked

" HIM ITS HIM" harry yaled which make us laugh

"its me " I said simply, because I do not appreciate to talk

" Congratulations,you have pretty daughter " she smiled at me 

" can .. can i ? " i asked refer to hold the baby in my arms

" sur you can " she said 

she is so beautiful , she look like her mother , the tears are falling now , my friends are laughing , im smiling , its just perfect ... but nothing is perfect 

" how is the mother? " i asked


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