new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


4. The girl

After the fight with my dad i went to the sea, i just sat there without being felt over time, thinking about what happened a little while ago " zayn son you must to merry her .." WHO IS SHE ? Why is this girl came and destroyed my life? what should i say to perrie ? my friends? fans? sisters ? WHAT SHOULD I SAY ? i hate her , i hate this girl and i will show her what mean the word hate ........... ***************************************************** "zayn , where are you ?" harry asked me in the other side in phone "i dont know " i answered


" in our place " i finally said

" give me 5 and i will be there "

**** harry,louis,liam and niall are here , OMG harry i will kill you , why all of them are here ? i don't want them to see me like this

"hey ze " louis said

As I stood there motionless or without words

" what happend?" liam asked but i haven't talk

"zayn we are friends talk to us " niall said

"I'll marry" I said without thinking, because all that was in my mind wanders is Perrie

"what? you and perrie? but you said its next year ? besides its great news " harry said smiling

"BUT ITS NOT PERRIE ITS SOME GIRL WHO WANT TO DESTROY MY LIFE " i yalled in front of all my mats

" what are you saying? who is this girl ? " niall asked

" DO I LOOK LIKE I KNOW OR CARE ALL I WANT IS JUST TO BE WITH PERRIE " i yalled in niall face this time

" niall im sorry i didn't mean to yell , but im really angery " i apologized

"its fine , and we are here for you ze" he said with his wonderful voice

"thanks " i said looking away "we will finde something , and now let us get back to your house zayn " louis said

"please i don't want to go there " i said

"ok all of you in my house my mom will be so happy " liam said

" OKKKK , FOOOD im in my way " niall said wich make us all alughe

" what ? " niall asked

" nothing niall, but thanks , thank you boys " i said smiling because my friends are the best thing happend in my life

Harry climbed on top of me and then others "we are friends dont say thanks agian is that clear ? " harry laughed

"ok ok ok now let me breath please " i said joking

" fine , now lets go " laim said

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