new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


8. The boys

this is imposibal ! i don't remember that i have zayn number, how he have mine? and how hes name is in my phone ? i asked my self, until i remembered

flash back:

"chevon can you give me your phone please ? " Father yaser asked me

" yes, sure here" i said giving him my phone

after a while, he gived my phone.

back to reality:

"who is he ?" Lora asked

"it's zayn! " i said waiting from her to say anything

"ANSWERE IT COME ON" she yalled

"Hi, is this chevon?" some one asked me in the other side of the phone

"yes this is me , who are you? " i asked and Lora Pointed out to me, why I asked this question

and im like what? what should i ask?

"its harry styles, and im zayn friend, if you have time now can i talk to you ? " he asked

Put the call on speaker Lora said, i did it

"yes, harry i have time now " i said

"as you know that me and zayn are in band called one direction, and we are best friends, so if you have no problem, can you come to zayn's house? we want to see and meet you " he siad

"sure, but can i ask you for something? " i asked

"yes you can" he said

" can my best friend come with me? It is not fair that I meet zayn  friends, and he does not meet mine " i said, and Lora saying to me GOOD JOB

"sure, she can come, so we are waiting for you " he siad

" we will be there dont worry, bye" i said 

" bye " he said cuting off the call

« We have to prepare our selfes, to meet the boy’s, i have no idea what im going to wear»i said

« me too, but let’s be normal,ok ? like we have to wear t-shirt and jeans » she said

« i will wear Cozy Cable Knit Sweater, Luxe Leopard A-Line Skirt ,With this woolen hat, black one »i said, 

« what about shoews ? »she asked

« i will wear my black  knee-high boots »i winked to her

« GOD from you chev, help me, what should i wear ? »she asked me whith puppy eyes, which maked me smile

« ok, just don’t do that face » i said laughing, «  wear this  Favorite Metallic Tunic ,Favorite Skinny Jeans , and the same hat, but make it Gray, and same boots too, but in gray " i said 

« thanks, let get rady,hurry up » she said 

I really, I do not put any makeup because I like to look natural

« WAIT my hair » she yalled and i jumped beacuse she scared me

« you have to know that you almost gived me a heret attack » i said

And she start laughing

« that’s not funny » i said

"just let it Curly,lol" i add

"ok, let's go now, I can not believe that im going to see HARRY EDWARD STYLES " she yalled

"i really,  love myself, because I hear, I'm not deaf, so stop YALLING" i said

"sorry, I'm very excited " she Apologized



"i wish everything is going to be fine" i said to Lora

"aww,everything is going to be ok, don't worry im here" she smiled to me, i really don't know what i should do whit out her, she is my life and i just love her

"hi, come in "some boy smiled to us, and i start to feel Lora is going to be crazy

"hi, sure" i said smiled back to him

"welcom, both of you " a boy said, and  he has an Irish accent

"hi, Niall" Lora said

"im so sorry, but i really don't your names" i smiled to them

"well then, im liam" a boy with brown eyes, and cute smile 

"hi,im chevon and this is my best friend Lora, and she know you boys more than she know her self" i laughed

"STIO IT, you embarrassed me" she said , facing the floor

"hi, im louis" a boy with blue eyes, and cool hair,this must to be the older i guess

"and im Niall" the irish boy said, he have blue eyes like see, and blond hair

"hi both of you " i smiled

"and im Harry, call me haza" a young boy, with green eyes, and long cute hair

"OMG, i can't take it anymore, i think that im going to have heart attack" lora said trying to breath

and all of us start to laughe

"told you that she is HUGE fan" i smiled

"can i touch you boys just to check that you are real and im  not dreaming" Lora said

at that word, harry went to lora and huged her, and all of us start with OOOOO voice

"take aroom" louis said

"stop it, it's not like that" lora said geting away from harry hug

"you are here" a voice behinde me said 

"oh, hi zayn" liam said

then i turned to face him ," hi" i said looking down

"thanks for coming" he said, " not at all" i said.

"hi boys, who we have here? are they your friends?" a girl asked with blond hair and blue eyes, she is really beautiful girl, and she look nice 

"oh that not good" lora said, and i just can't get what she was talking about, i looked to all the boys and all of them was shocked, like they saw a ghost 

"hi im perrie" she smiled to me

i don't know where i heared that name befor i asked my self

"hi, im chevon and this is my best friend Lora " i smiled back 

"so how you girls know the boy's?" she asked

"well, we are fans, and in one day when i was walking i saw a boy running from girls, so i helped him , and that boy  from my GOOD LUCK was  harry, after that day, me and the boys became friends" Lora said, and all of the boys start laughing, except me, because i have no idea what happend here

"and you perrie, how do you know the boys?" i asked

"from what i see, you have no idea with music right? well im perrie from little mix, it's a band, and im zayn fiancee" she said , and i shocked

"why didn't you say that you are coming?" zayn asked her

"your father called me" she said

"yes zayn i called her, she have to know the truth" Father yaser said

"what truth?" she asked

" the truth that, chevon is zayn fiancee now, and they will marry this week" he said, and i start to feel sorry for perrie and zayn,i hate my self now

"but uncle yaser, zayn have fiancee" i said

"i know, you" he said

"NO, not me, she is perrie, please i don't want to destroy them love" i said and tears are falling

"hey , im here " lora said to me

"i think this is enough for today, sir" liam said

"well, im going but this is the truth, zayn and chevon are going to marry this week" he said 

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