new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


14. never

There was a little silence, until it became felt shortness of breath, because he did not utter a word, but went out of the room and left me alone, sitting on the bed with my dress white and sorrows that will not expire. 
I Have been waiting and waiting for him but he did not come, and frankly I'm fed up with the dress, so I went to the bathroom and changed my clothes to wear some bride sleep clothes, I've had the color red because that's what they asked me to wear it I felt embarrassed because I did not show that much of my body, even for once.




why is he out?this should be our first night together! even i don't love him and i really don't want to see or talk to him, but he have to be here,he have no right to let me alone here with no answers

just the god know about what will happend tonight, ahhhhhh why is he soooo late? is he alway's like this? who think himself?a king? queen may be?

i hate him , i hate him so much.



Suddenly the door opened, and slowly entered the gentleman and his head in the ground,in the beginning I was scared and horror, 
  Because my dear husband is of the kind that when he  sees you , your heart drops the intensity of fear. 
  But soon dissipated that fear with smile that hides something.


that smile,oh my god he is so hot,he is cute too with black ,oh and that suit ......WHAT control your self chevon , you hate him , you will never fall for him NEVER



"i want to be clear with you,listen you are my wife onely in papers, there is nothing going to happend , not now and not never,you should know that i onely love perrei she is the one who have my heart,so ....umm... yeah im going to sleep in the other room"he said ,well i have to admit that this maked me happy but there is part of me didn't like it , well i don't know why.


 "one more thing, don't wear like that when im here"he add walking away

"well,im sorry for you but since im your wife i have to wear this stupid clothes because i don't want from your family to think that i ....i ...never minde"i said going to change my clothes AGAIN

"to think what?"he asked grabbing my hand and stoped me from walking 

"nothing,and now im soooo tired and i want to change my clothes"i said taking his hands off me

"so you are not going to talk are you?"he asked trying to make me face him

"well,yes i don't want to talk"i said looking at his eyes,i didn't know that he have cristal eyes?!

"you are going to wear that clothes because you don't want from my family to think that you don't want to be touched by me, and you don't want this life, am i right?"he smirked to me .


 how in hell, he know about what im thinking about? how could he know that much about one word? but this is right i don't want from his family to think that,i don't want him to be near me but i have to act like i do like that.



"so you do want me to touch you?" he whispered slowly to my ear ,which makes my heart beat so fast ,then he moved to touch my neck by his lips  , i felt like i'm going to melt from his hands and lips  on my skin

"st....stop" i tryed to talk ,but he keeps on touching me and  ignoring me

"shhh ,don't say that" he whispered ,and i feel his hot breath on my nose now

he get closer to my lips...



is he going to kiss me?no don't kiss me ! ........ no , i want him to kiss me ...

just put your lips on mine and let me be happy for once in my life.....WHAT THE HELL IM TALKING ABOUT? i have to push him away, yes thats what im going to do push that handsom boy away and lose my chance with him 



"zayn stop, please saty away from me" i said,i feel strong by saying that

"well, fianlly you spoke,don't be worry im not going to kiss you any way, that will never happen N.V.E.R"he laughed walked away




so this was a test? who do think himself? thank god that i pushed him away , and as he say me and him will never be together right? that's how life will be for me and for him , never ever be together

                               never .........


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