new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


9. leaving

 "HEY,chevon where are you going?"Lora runned after me,

"Im sorry but im going to MY home"i said walking away "wait chevon,let me take you home"harry said "can we came with you guy's?"all the boy's asked me "i don't care if you come or not all i want is going HOME"i yalled, and lora was little bit shocked because honest this is the first time that i yell to someone except اher ,or jake "im sorry boy's, but if you want to come ,come i would be happy"i said "ok,to you'e house" louis smiled to me, but i wasn't in the mood so

                                              ************************* IN HOME:

when we arived, i went to change my clothes, letting the boy's with Lora,and then,i weared my dance clothes i went to the dance flor in my home, because dancing is the only thing that i really love, i have been dancing  like my all life i guess',when i was 3 year's old i start to dance',i puted the music too loud,"katy perry _peacock"song when i was dansing, i was like in nother world, i love to call it My drem world,I really didn't care about anything around me .


"WOW,she really can dance"Niall said "yes,she really love dancing,when she is mad or angery she dance hard just like that" i said

"hey,what's wrong with her now? what get her soo mad"Jake said "don't ask just see"harry said "are you chevon brother?" liam asked "yes,im jake" said Shakes hands with his hand "im louis, this is harry and niall" also Shakes hands with his hand "nice to meet you boy's, where is the one who call zayn?"jake asked "i prefer that chevon would tell you everything, just wait her to calm down" i said "this is going to take time, this is the first time i see her like crazy" jake said "I HATE THIS LIFE. IM JUST 17 AND IM GOING TO MARRY SOME BOY THAT I DONT KNOW WHO HAVE FIANCEE IN 3 FUCKING DAYS" we heared chevon yell,then falling in the flore crying

"chevon, are you ok? babe everything is going to be fine and you will see "i promised her


hey it's me chanel,i really need some help please, if you have any idea's about what should i write just tell me, love ya all thanks for reading , much love xx

oh and im sorry for this little update, i have school , so 

well thanks 



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