new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


6. Jake

"thanks , you are the only one here nice to me " she said , looking at me in the eyes

I just smiled to her, i don't want to talk more 

" I'm here , now chevon we need to go "Dad said 

"Finally, that monster will go, I can not see her more"Waliyha said with loud voice

"WHALIYHA MALIK COME HERE " Dad yalled , oh my god, this is not good, i have to talk now 

"it's ok Mr Malik , We do not know each other, Im sure that we will be great  fariends don't worry about that " Chevon said smiling at dad, and winked to waliyha .Did that girl saved my sister ? 

she is not that bad, we will be good freinds, but I don't think that she will take perrie place at all.

" ok then, we have to go now, and you , we have to talk later " Dad said to me and the girls



After chevon left there was silence in the house for a brief period

 "she is nice girl, she have saved you Walihya , may be she is not that bad " saffa said 

"i gess" was the only thing she said 

Chevon POV:

I wish this day, will over so fast, ah i don't want to marry that guy, I don't know him, he don't know me , hes sisters hate me , he have a FIANCEE oh my god, I have no idea if she know about all this story, she will be so sad, because of me .

"here you are , good night chev" Father Yaser said

"thanks, good night too " i said walking out from the care 

Finally , im in MY HOUSE ,I went to my room, changed my clothes and I wore pajamas 

"chevon is that you ? " i heared my big brother jake said

"yeahh, it's me "i replayed

"how was your first meeting? " he asked trying to make me more Comfortable about all of this

"it was good " i said 

"so, you'r fiancee is gentlemen right? " he asked,oh god, he's girlfriend is huge fan of one direction and if she finde out that im going to MARRY one of them she may have heart attack

" yes, he is, but he's sisters are little bit rude to me " i said, because i can't lie to my brother, he will finde out

"don't worry about that,they will get use to you " he said

"now, good night  little sis" he add kissing My forehead

"good night big bro , i love you " i said huging him

" i love you too " he replayed

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