new life

Zayn and Chevon falled in love as any one,but can zayn stay a life without his tru love?
finde out ...


10. After a month


"perrie wait, don't go , please " i said with soft and sad voice

"what do you think i have to do now zayn ? WHAT? BE HAPPY ? SMILE?" she yalled geting out of the house

then she stoped walking

"take , be happy zayn, and don't call me " she said puting something in my hand and walking away

when i opened my hand i was shoked, i can't beleive that she gaved me our love ring, she is my fiancee, she is going to be my WIFE....not that girl .... perrie just her... 


i was with the boy's in Louis house

"perrie lefet me, and she gaved me her ring " i said and almost crying

"hey, we are here mat, and after all you are going to marry chevon befor you will yell at me , let me tell you something, chevon is great girl, i know you don't like  her, but you are going to see her for the rest of your life " liam said

at that moment my phone rang, to a new messag



             From : dad

 i know you are mad,and i know what happend with you and perrie, but i have to tell you that the real wedding is tommorow but the party is going next month when chevon is 18 



"what's wrong?" harry asked

"im going to marry her tommorow" i said looking at the floor and puting my hands in my face

"wiat it's imposibal, she is not 18 yet" louis said

"the party of the wedding is next month, and in Muslim's the girl can marred in 16 or 17 , but in 18 - well you know what ? this is over, im going to marry her because i promised my grandfather" i said 

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