One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


30. Zayn imagine for Jasmine (you drifted apart)

“He did it again, didn’t he?” my best friend Stella asked as she picked up the phone at 5 AM. This is why I love her, she knows exactly how I feel, she knows what’s going on, and most off all she cares.

“Yeah, he did”

This was the millionth time that my boyfriend Zayn Malik, stayed up all night, don’t blame me for feeling like crap and worthless, I mean here I am staying up all night, waiting for him to come. I haven’t spent a proper day with him in so long, I follow him around on tour and then he just leaves me at the apartment, he never even asks of me to join him and when I say I want to join him he just says “Don’t be silly” and walks out.

What does that mean?

“Jasmine, babe, you… you’re too good for him, he doesn’t appreciate everything you are doing for him, I mean you practically gave up on everything just to be with him, you gave up your writing education, you gave up on your writing completely, tell me when was the last time you actually wrote something recently?” she said. Every word struck me and made me more awake, I was giving up everything, absolutely everything, my whole life. I gave up on so much and he just doesn’t give up on anything.

“I…” I couldn’t remember, writing was always my passion, I liked reading and writing stories, and then Zayn came along and messed everything up, I don’t have time to write, I gave all my time to be with him, and follow him around the country. But not anymore, I wont let him drag me down so easily..

“I don’t know Stella and that’s the worst thing ever, I-I’ll just break it off and you know, leave him, I sacrificed too much for him, I want to focus on what makes ME happy again, I love him.. I do.. So much but I know that it’s better for me to just leave” I mumbled into the phone, completely sure of what I’m gonna do.

He’ll be fine, I mean it’s not like he was with me the whole time, it’s not like he’s gonna miss me, he’ll probably not even notice I left.

As I quickly packed my bags and walked out, all I could think about was how we were when it all started. He was, at first, really shy. We met at this coffee shop and I was on my laptop, writing a story I had in my head, but I had no inspiration so I was writing and deleting.

I remember him walking over to me, all smiles as he asked, I could tell he was unsure, just by the way his voice sounded

“Can I take a sit?” he asked and of course I was shocked, I mean he is Zayn Malik, from One Direction. I was always a fan of their music but I was never like a fan fan, I just liked their music and I thought they were pretty cool and hot, especially Zayn.

I remember us talking and laughing, I remember him being all loosen up and cheeky, I loved that side of him.

He gave me a couple of ideas for the book because he really had a way with words, he helped me write it and he even draw my male character only using a pen and napkin.

I remember him smiling widely and saying

“Well I hope one day I would be the perfect guy for you, just like this guy is”. Damn, I remember me blushing like a tomato and him being all giggly.

He asked me out short after and yeah, it started all like that.

I wonder what happened with us, everything was perfectly fine until the tour started and I guess we drifted apart, we never kissed, never had a heart to heart, but don’t blame me, blame my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend.

I got in the airplane and soon I was up in the sky, waiting to get to my hometown of London..

My mind kept coming back to Zayn, and every good thing about him, his smile, his creative side, his goofy and funny side… his sexy side.

He was the first guy to make me feel this way, so in love and so captivated by someone.

My mum welcomed me with wide eyes and arms

“Baby, what happened?” she asked as she saw the tears slip out of my eyes. She pulled me in for a hug, knowing I didn’t have the strength to answer.

I didn’t even notice that the morning came, and the afternoon, and then it was night, I was too caught up in my own mind, and too busy crying my eyes out.

I wiped away the last tears, well I promised myself that they were the last, probably not. I sniffed and walked downstairs in my sweats and a baggy t-shirt. My hair being in a totally messy bun, I mean it just looked like a nest on top of my head.

“Barbara, please. I need to talk to her” I heard a really familiar voice, a voice that just broke me completely and made me feel so weak and so…. So heartbroken.

“Zayn, she doesn’t want to see you. Trust me. You blew it” my mum said, surprising me.

She was always the really sweet mom, the mom that would ask if you wanted chocolate chip cookies, the mom that would call you “dear, honey, sweetheart”, and here she is being cold towards Zayn.

“But Barbara, I just need an explanation, please” he begged, I could have sworn that I felt some pain in his voice but I’m completely fooling myself.

“Zayn!” I heard my mum yell and soon enough I heard footsteps coming near me, suddenly my legs stopped working and the tears started falling down my eyes. And that’s when I saw him. He was wearing his leather jacket and some jeans and a plain white t-shirt along with white converse. His hair was a mess, a hot mess but a mess. He was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me being in the middle, his eyes were red and puffy and he looked… weak. My mum peaked her head and said

“Zayn you better leave” but I nodded towards my mum, signalizing it was okay to leave us

“Jasmine” he mumbled and started walking up the stairs, I walked a step back as he did. He stopped in his tracks, hurt evident in his eyes.

“Jasmine, do you think I deserve more than just a crappy note?” he asked and held out the note I slipped onto his bed.

“Jasmine, do you know how I felt when I saw that you weren’t waiting up for me? That I was alone in that apartment”

“I bet you noticed that a couple of hours after you came back home, I mean when all the alcohol wasn’t in your veins anymore, and I bet you remembered I was there when you saw the note” I snapped and glared at him.

“Jasmine, you think that I wouldn’t notice my girlfriend home?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s not like you spent ANY time with me, what so ever, but I get it, partying and having the best party life is more important than me” I said and his eyes widened and started to get glossy

“Jasmine… There’s nothing more important to me than you” he said, his voice coming off hurt.

“Zayn, you never proved it to me. You could say that airplanes can be eaten and I won’t believe you until you prove it because it’s just as crazy as believing I mean something to you” I said, and wiped away the last tears. He took a step closer and I took a step back

“Of course I care for you!” he shouted, his vein popping out of his neck

“Well you never proved it!” I shouted back and glared at him as he glared back

“You, You make me so fucking angry Zayn! You never spend time with me, you’ve been avoiding me since I decided to go on tour with you, because you asked me to. We haven’t kissed, or even touched for that matter. And then I ask you if you wanted me to join you and the boys to the club and you say that I’m silly, and then I wait up for you and then you come home at 6 am and I’m there and you just walk inside the bedroom and turn your back towards me while you sleep! You’re a fucking idiot Zayn! You deserve being alone” I said and the last part hit him hard, I could see by the way his eyes let a tear out and the way his jaw clenched.

“Jasmine… You…You… I… I…” he rambled and sighed deeply while running his fingers through his hair

“I know that we haven’t spent time together and I just… I know that if we spend time together that I’ll love you even more and I sure as hell don’t want that. I-I don’t want to be hurt again ok?” he said, his voice cracking at the end. I stood there speechless, was he telling the truth? He never ever said that l word to me before… Wow…

“Then why didn’t you just break up with me?” I asked and relaxed a little bit, letting my voice get softer., he snapped his gaze from the floor to me and said

“Because I just… I don’t want you to leave me. I know its fucked up, I mean I want you next to me but I don’t want you next next to me…. “ I sighed sadly and took a step towards him, receiving a surprised look from him

“Zayn, I know that you’ve been burnt before. I know you did, I know they ripped you heart out and just didn’t care about you, but you always and I mean always, forget that I’m definitely not them, I’m me. And I love you so much that it hurts me, I love you Zayn, and I want you to love me the same, and I promise that as long as you give me your heart I won’t ever break it” I said softly and  his eyes widened even more, and that’s when he slowly and hesitantly cupped one of my cheeks, his touch felt so good

I missed it.

I missed him.

I felt goose bumps rose on my skin and only with his touch.

“I love you, and I promise I’ll be that perfect guy that you want, just like what I said at the coffee shop, when I first saw those beautiful brown eyes” he said with his voice softer than ever.

“Zayn, how come you don’t get it” I said with a sigh as I placed my hand over his that was on my cheek and closed my eyes.

“What don’t I get?” he asked and that’s when I opened my eyes and looked straight into his as I said this

“You ARE the perfect guy, you just have to open up a little bit and not push me away. That guy at the coffee shop, that guy was perfect for me”

The smile on his face was brighter than anything I saw in my whole entire life, and that’s when he chuckled, that chuckle. Damn, I missed him.

“I promise not to push you away anymore” he said and looked into my eyes as he slowly leaned in. It was obvious that he was trying to see my reaction, if I was gonna push him away. He glanced at my lips and then at my eyes before finally closing them and then I did the same before he placed his beautiful, soft lips against mine.

It felt like magic, it felt like it was the first time that I ever kissed anyone. The way his hand was on my cheek and the way his thumb brushed across it. The way I rested my hand on his waist… And all that in the middle of stairway.

His lips moved completely in sync with mine and they were perfectly soft and perfectly shaped, and well… safe to say that was the most perfect kiss I ever gotten.

And there was more to come, because that was the night that changed everything, absolutely everything. That was the night that turned our relationship into a strong one, a relationship based on mutual trust and love. I never could have asked for anything more.

Years passed and soon you could call me Miss Malik, you could see me on the streets with two of my lovely twin boys, laughing and chasing them as my husband laughed and joined me… If it wasn’t for that night I bet everything I have that we wouldn’t be the same…

But I guess that sometimes its okay to just get yourself out of the picture and see what happens…

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