One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


9. Niall imagine for Blathin (he proposes)

"Babe, you ready?" you heard your boyfriend, Niall Horan, shout from the bottom of the stairs. You were in the room you shared with him. You moved in a couple of months ago. You were getting ready for your date with Niall, he promised that it was gonna be something that you always wanted. He told you not to dress up so you were wearing. 

"Just a minute Niall!" you shouted back and adjusted yourself in the mirror. As you walked downstairs you saw Niall’s smile grew, he was wearing black shorts and a plain white t-shirt, and of course white trainers. He gave you a quick kiss before asking.

"Ready?" you nodded and he took your hand leading you outside. 

After a couple of minutes you arrived to the place, it was the biggest surprise ever! He drove you to the open cinema, you know where you sit in the car and watch a movie. Your favorite movie was Greece and so was his, you always wanted to go to this kind of cinema, you gave him a huge hug before he asked

"You like it?" you nodded again, speechless as always. He just really knew how to make you happy. He used to cuddle with you when you’re sad and that always made you feel better. Those “Horan hugs" he gave, always worked. You never felt bad about anything. He really took care of you.

He was the most caring boyfriend to you. Past boyfriends never treated you like that. Never! They didn’t appreciate you, the way Niall did. He cherished you, and you could clearly see that. There was never a moment that you didn’t trust him even though he got A LOT of female attention, you never really thought he would cheat on you.

That’s how strong your relationship was. You didn’t really care about the hate, I mean people can talk and talk, and there will always be HATERS in your life, no matter how hard you try, they’ll always be there, to judge you and tell you you’re wrong, but you knew better than to let their words affect you.

Niall was really worried at the beginning, if you would be affected by the hate and leave him, he would always make sure that he was by your side, he never wanted you to leave him, and you knew that.

You could easily be yourself when you were with him. And he was always himself. Your relationship worked perfectly.

You couldn’t be happier. And you could tell Niall was happy too. I mean everyone told you that, his mother and father seemed to always remind you that you were his world, and that they never saw him happier, and they made you promise that you won’t leave him, ever. 

Halfway through the movie “Greece" you felt Niall’s hand on your thigh, you looked up at him and gave him a wide smile

"I love you" he whispered and you nodded lovingly and pecked his lips quickly. You really enjoyed this time with him, with no fans, no drama, just you and him.

"I love you too" you whispered remembering what he told you. He blushed slightly, and you saw that, and you poked his cheek sweetly.

As the last scene finished you were about to get up but you saw some letters on the screen, you started reading them and you felt instant tears in your eyes.

"I love you Blathin, I love you so much! I don’t know why but we get along perfectly, maybe it’s because we’re both Irish… I love you so much more than I show you, I love you so much it hurts, and I’m definitely not afraid to show it to the world. I love you from the moon and back and to the end of the universe. Your green eyes makes me weak in the knees, I love you Blath. Will you, pretty please, make me the happiest guy alive by becoming my wife? I will give you cookies every day… Love, Niall"

You smiled happily and glanced at Niall that was next to you, on one knee, with a pretty white box in his hand.

"So what do you say Blath?" he asked nervously.You smiled happily and nodded, you were totally speechless. He smiled and took your hand gently, sliding the ring onto your finger slowly. When he did that you jumped into his arms and he hugged you tightly while twirling you around. 

A few weeks later

You were throwing up every single morning, but you actually never thought you were pregnant, I mean you guys used protection, well when you come to think of it, you probably forgot to take a birth control, you weren’t really THAT careful about it.

You finally bought a pregnancy test while Niall was away with the boys, recording a new album. You took it and, you know what, YOU WERE PREGNANT! (Congratulations xD) You smiled happily and placed the pregnancy test on the sink, you smiled at yourself in the mirror

"You’ll be a mum" you whispered and giggled. Yeah, you weren’t expecting that, but sometimes the most beautiful things were a surprised, you placed a hand over your stomach and rubbed it gently. You already loved it, and would protect it with your life, I mean that was your’s and Niall’s baby. You really didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl.

You wanted to tell Niall in person so you texted him. It was always better to text him while he works than to call him.

"Niall babyyyyyyy… Where you at? I wanna visit you guyss xxx ;) " You waited a couple of minutes before he answered

"Blath! Darling! I miss youuuuu.. You looked so peaceful today as you slept, I just hate leaving you in the morning :( I’m at _____________ street, come! ;) <3 xx" You smiled at the text and texted him back

"I miss you too! And it’s okay babeeeee :) I know you wouldn’t leave me, unless you really had to xx" you grabbed your keys and phone as you headed towards the door

"I love you Blath, drive safe xx" he texted and you texted him back as you entered the car

"I love you Niall! I’ll be there soon" you placed the phone in your pocket and started driving. Soon you were there and you quickly walked onto the floor where they were. You walked in slowly and looked inside to see the boys on the huge couch, except Niall, he was in the recording booth. They all gave you a hug and Niall smiled really widely.

"I love you" he mouthed and kept singing a part of the song.

"That’s amazing Niall! Finally, you showed some emotion, maybe it’s because of Blathin" the recording guy, named John, said. You giggled as Niall exited the booth and ran towards you giving you a huge hug.

"You’re hurting us" you said when he squeezed tighter, he pulled away with a puzzled look on his face

"Us?" he asked nervously and you nodded

"Babe, I’m pregnant" you say nervously. What will happen if he just doesn’t want the baby now, what if he is not ready like i am, what if he.. 

"GUYS! I’M GONNA BE A DAD!" Niall suddenly shouted happily, as all your worries faded away. You giggled as the guys jumped up, everyone giving Niall a huge group hug, Harry pulled you by the hand and you were in the group hug. Then you puled away and Louis shouted

"CONGRATULATIONS!" And they applauded you and Niall, you laughed and Niall said

"Thank you guys" you could easily see he was happy, and that made you more happy than you could imagine. You rubbed your still small stomach and Niall smiled looking down at your hand.

"We’re gonna take good care of you baby" he whispered and placed a hand over your hand that was over your tummy. He looked up and smiled leaning in and giving you a sweet kiss. 

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