One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


25. Niall dirty imagine for Kara (he's jealous of your dance partner)


"Niall, don't be so stubborn" I mumbled to my half asleep boyfriend Niall. He wasn't letting me leave the bed this morning, just like every other morning. He wrapped his arms tighter around me, not letting me move an inch.

"Why do you always have to go?" he mumbled with his morning voice, not even opening his eyes.

"Niall, you know that the contest is coming soon, and me and Jordan have to talk through it all, and practice, I can't go there unprepared, that's the biggest chance I got Niall. And you know that" I said, trying to wiggled out of his grasp.

He let go of me slowly as he opened his eyes and looked up at me, a hint of hurt in his eyes. I removed myself from the bed and walked into the bathroom, changing into my favorite summer dress and walking out.

Niall was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down, obviously thinking about something, or someone.

I walked to him and his head snapped up, I smiled slightly at him and he said

"You know, I can always call Simon and ask him to help you out with dancing, I mean he could find you a job offer, and he could find you a better dance partner" I sighed in frustration 

No way I was gonna give up on Jordan that easily, he was there for me through thick and thin. He was the only friend I had growing up, he was there to push me to be better, he was the one that introduced me to dancing, and made me his main partner.

"No way!" I quickly replied and then continued "No way I'm gonna be that girl that got everything because of her boyfriend, not her talent. I want to earn it Niall. And about Jordan. He will always be my partner, I will never ever change him. He's been there for me through all" 

Niall was looking at me with an empty expression, the whole time I was talking to him. There was no hint of any emotion, and then there was hurt again, but only a small hint, I didn't really think about that.

"Fine, whatever Kara" he said and stormed into the bathroom.

Niall and his mood swings, he's just upset that I won't let him help me out. I want to earn everything I get.

I get him, but sometimes he can be so stubborn.

After the lovely breakfast I had with Jordan, we went to buy some clothes for the contest and then we went to his big house, he had a huge room where we could practice, it had mirrors and everything.

As we started making some progress with the salsa dance we heard the door open, and Niall walked in. He looked hurt, angry and... was that jealousy?

I pulled away from Jordan and looked at Niall

"Niall, what the actual fuck?" I asked and walked over to him but he backed away a step

"Don't you dare fucking come near me! I was waiting for you the whole day in our fucking empty house! Alone! You left me on my free day, after I told you yesterday that I wanted to spend it with you. I was thinking the whole time how you were fucking Jordan! And it wasn't that far away from the truth!" he snapped, looking angrily, first at me and then at Jordan

"Niall. You're being angry for no good reason. I'm sorry about the free day, I forgot. But you know how dance is important to me" I said, trying to keep my cool

Niall sighed in frustration and turned around

"And I'm not" he barely whispered. I turned around giving Jordan an look that said "Sorry" and walked out, following Niall into the hallway

"You are Niall! You're important to me, but this dancing..." I said and I didn't have the chance to finish it. He turned around, his eyes bloodshot and puffy. I saw tears roll down my cheeks, and I swear a small part of me died.

I hated seeing him cry.

"I get it Kara. Dance and Jordan are more important than me" he mumbled and sniffed while looking down and wiping his tears away. I walked over to him, this time he didn't back away. I placed my hand on his cheek, wiping his tears away gently. He closed his eyes and placed a hand over mine.

"I've missed this" he whispered

"What? Fighting?" I asked and raised his head up slightly. He still had his eyes closed as he pressed my hand tighter against his cheek

"You... touching me..." he opened his eyes, lowering both of our hands and intertwining them.

"I never get to see you, and then you come home really late and jump into the bed. We haven't touched in any single way. And even when you sleep you curl up into this cute small ball and I'm too much of a coward to cuddle you and then when I finally gather up the courage to cuddle you, you wiggle out and go see Jordan" he whispered

I looked at him, biting my lip, it was true. I was so focused on dancing that I totally forgot about everything else. Even Niall. And he didn't deserve that at all! 

"Niall... I'm so sorry about that. I-I was just so focused on dancing and my dreams and my emotions, that I totally forgot about you, and what you want and need." I finally said while looking down

"And then I felt so fucking jealous, because Jordan gets to touch you every single day and then I imagined you fucking him, and kissing him with your beautiful li-" I cut him off by pressing my lips gently against his. He quickly responded by wrapping his free hand around my waist and pulling my body closer to his

My chest touching his and our one hand intertwined. He pulled away, laying his forehead against mine. I could tell he hesitated before pulling away, like he was trying to keep this kiss in his memory. I have to admit I missed kissing him.

I knew that he wanted me to explain

"Niall.. There's nothing going on between Jordan and me. We're only close friends, I mean do you blame me? He's been here since I was little and he helped me through everything bad that was going on, the bullying and stuff. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for him. Niall, I can't even think about kissing anyone else, let alone fucking someone else" I say and I could tell he felt a whole deal better. I smiled and kissed his lips gently and what a surprise.. he kissed back.

The kiss was getting steamy when Jordan walked in and said

"Sorry" and was about to walk away. I pulled away from Niall and looked at Jordan's direction and said

"I'll go hang out with my boyfriend, we'll practice some other time" Jordan nodded with his back towards me. And then he turned around

"And Niall. Don't worry about me and Kara, I have a boyfriend" I gasped. I mean I already knew that, but I thought he didn't want me to tell Niall or anyone else.

"You told me not to tell anyone!" I shouted and Jordan smiled at me, I saw from the corner of my eye that Niall's jaw dropped

"Well I don't want him being all jealous like today" Jordan said and walked out

"He's gay?" Niall asked for the tenth time since we got into his car.

"He is" I said and squeezed his hand that was on my lap. I was about to open the door to get out when Niall said

"Stop!" I looked at him confused until he walked over to my side and opened the door for me. I smiled and got out, pecking his lips lovingly

"Thank you" I said simply and we walked up the stairs to our apartment.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, Niall grabbed a hold of my waist and pushed me against the nearest wall

"I haven't seen that precious body of your's in so long. I mean you even started undressing in the bathroom" he whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe gently

"I-I didn't really give it a thought actually, it's just quicker there because I can do my hair and stuff" I whispered, barely. It surprised me how wetter I got with every second that passed. He started nibbling onto my neck and leaving numerous love bites on it before he grabbed my ass and lifted me up so that I could wrap my legs around his waist and so that he could carry me.

I moaned into his mouth as he pushed me against the bedroom door before opening it and pushing me onto the bed. He hovered over me and started undressing me and I did the same with him.

Soon we were both wearing our "birthday suits" and I was hovering over him this time and  I started nibbling onto his neck while pumping his shaft with my free hand, the one that wasn't supporting my body.

He moaned loudly a couple of times before pushing my hand and mumbling 

"I want to be inside you so bad Kara" I bit my lip as I put a condom onto his growing erection and then I sat up onto his lap, and started riding him.

The moans from both of us were getting louder and louder.

"Fuck! It feels so good Kara!"he practically shouted

"I've missed this too!" I shouted and released inside of him, and seconds later he did the same.

I collapsed next to him and was breathing heavily and unevenly.

He was reacting the same. Oh God how I missed this closeness with him. I snuggled onto his side while laying my head onto his chest.

"I should have believed you, but I guess jealousy got the best of me" suddenly he mumbled after a couple of minutes of pure silence, He kissed my temple gently.

"It's okay Niall, you have every right to be jealous, that just means you care" I whispered

"Of course I care. Maybe I don't say it enough, I mean I know I don't. I'm just new to this whole "love" thing. But I love you Kara" he whispered against my hair

"I love you too Niall. Tomorrow I'll make us some breakfast and we can eat together, like we always did, before I got mad" I whispered and we both giggled.

"That sounds amazing" he whispered and we soon drifted off to sleep. 

Niall got it all wrong. Dancing wasn't more important than him. 

Nothing was more important than him.

Soooo I finally wrote an imagine, yaaay me xD Hope you enjoyed it, love. Sorry for the long wait! :) If you didn't like it, I could always write you another one :) Love ya all! :)

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