One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


20. Liam imagine for Lauren (you found out you're pregnant)

"Lauren, you ready darling?" Liam, my boyfriend, well fiance, shouted from the bottom of the stairs. We were planning on going out for a drink with the lads to celebrate our engagement, I mean he proposed like a month ago but we never gotten a chance to celebrate, with the tour and all. I kept looking at myself in the mirror. I gained some weight and it killed me. I mean I just lost the weight that was holding me down, and then I gain weight again, for no good reason.

"Yeah Liam, just a second" I answered and glanced at the mirror again. I started to get a belly. Lucky me -.-

I sighed and exited our bedroom to find Liam in front of the door. He gave me the sweetest smile and he scanned me, like he always does. But this time I felt really uncomfortable, I mean what if he notices the belly??

"Lauren, why are you acting so weird?" he asked and placed a finger under my chin making me look up. I sighed and said

"I gained some weight" and that's when he chuckled 

"Silly little girl, you're stunning and if you're worried about me leaving you there's only one thing you should know" he said and then leaned down so he was now eye level with me and he said seriously

"You're stuck with me, and I'll always love you Lauren, don't you worry about that" that made me smile so I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close for a kiss. He kissed me back instantly and pulled away laughing as we heard

"YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS COME DOWNSTAIRS! YOU HAVEN'T CALLED US HERE TO SEE YOU MAKE OUT, NOW DID YOU?" We kept laughing at Louis as we walked downstairs to them. I gave them all a hug and we walked out the door. Eleanor and Perrie couldn't make it, so it's just me and the lads.

We started drinking when we arrived there, and I don't know why but I felt sick after the first glass. I told that to Liam which was siting next to me on the small VIP sofa and he asked

"Babe, did you feel sick before we came?" I shook my head and come to think of it, I only felt sick in the morning. But that's nothing to worry about, right? I smiled and whispered in his ear

"I'll be fine" and kissed his cheek sweetly. I looked around at the fans surrounding us, and felt really self conscious. I mean who wouldn't be after gaining some weight. I mean Eleanor was always "pregnant" in the news papers. I mean she gains a little weight and BAM she's pregnant in every possible magazine.

Wait... Maybe I am pregnant. I mean I felt sick in the morning, I gained weight in the area of my stomach, I mean it wouldn't kill me to have it tested now would it? I didn't want to say anything to Liam, I mean I didn't want him to worry about it but at the same time i knew he deserved to know.

We had a couple of drinks more, well they did. I had some water, I didn't want to feel sick again, and the we went off. 

"Babe, I have something to tell you" I said nervously as we were in the back seat of the cab, with me snuggled into him.

"Yeah?" he asked kinda confused but a little worried

"I think I should buy a pregnancy test, just to check up you know" I suddenly said and I felt his muscles tense up under me.

"Y-Yeah, s-s-sure babe. Let me just tell the cab driver to drive us to the nearest pharmacy and we can get you s-some" he said while stuttering at some words. Was he nervous? Oh my God, what if I AM pregnant and he isn't ready? I wouldn't want an abortion!

Liam pulled away and kissed my forehead.

"Sorry Joe, but can you drive us to the nearest pharmacy?" Liam politely asked Joe through the speaker thing in the cab. We were in a special kind of cab, for celebrities, because Paul, Liam's bodyguard wanted to make sure we arrive home safely. What a kind guy Paul is.

"Yes sir" the cab driver said and added "We'll be there in 2,3 minutes" I smiled nervously at Liam and he did the same but then looked away and through the mirror. Okay, he doesn't want the baby. 

When we arrived to the pharmacy we both entered and went to the pregnancy test area. He scratched the back of his neck nervously and asked

"Which one?" And I seriously didn't knew I mean they were LOADS of different ones.

"You know what, let's just take the most expensive one's and a couple of cheap one's. Just in case" Liam said and grabbed a lot of those tests and placed them in the shopping cart I giggled at him and he bit his lip nervously and pushed the cart towards the cashier. He didn't even smile at me or anything. Was he mad at me for this?

When we arrived home with a bag full of pregnancy tests he said

"Well, go.. hmm... pee" he said and I nodded grabbing the bag and entering the bathroom. I did ALL the tests and all came positive except one. Maybe there's a chance I'm not pregnant.

I walked out of the bathroom with the tests in the bag and I looked at Liam. He was sitting on the couch in he living room, really concentrating on something on the internet.

"Babe?" I asked and he snapped his head up and rushed over to my side and looked into eyes

"Soo?" he trailed off and chewed his lip

"Well all came positive, but one came negative" I said the last part really nervously, like there was a chance that I wasn't.

His eyes widened and he gulped

"Well you're pregnant Lauren, that one was probably the cheapest one of all" he said nervously and it was the truth. I bit my lip and asked

"So, what are we gonna do?" It was so akward. 

"Well I-I personally don't want an abortion, but you choose, I mean it's your belly and I'll stay with you no matter what" he said and I looked at him with the biggest smile

"I thought you were mad at me for being pregnant, I thought you wanted an abortion, I thought you weren't ready, I" he cut me of by pecking my lips

"Shut up love and don't think too much. I'm just worried I won't be a good dad, or a support system for you and the .... baby" he said against my lips and pecked them again and again and then he pulled away

"I mean look at this" he said grabbing my hand gently and pulling me towards the laptop on the couch. He sat and patted his lap I giggled and sat on his lap as he handed me the laptop. I looked at the screen and instantly laughed. He looked up all kinds of baby things from "My fiance is pregnant" to "Baby stuff" to "All you need to know about babies" to "How to support a pregnant woman" and more. I couldn't stop laughing. He was so worried. I placed the laptop on the couch again and turned around completely. Still sitting on his lap but facing him.

"I love you" I whispered and kissed his forehead

"I love you Lauren" he whispered back and kissed my lips.

6 months later

"LIAM!" I woke him up and said

"This time it isn't pee!" I shouted and felt pain in my stomach. He groaned 

"That's what you said last time" he mumbled and just shifted sides

"Last time I checked I didn't pee water Liam" I shouted and grabbed my stomach

"Never mind Liam, you just lay there and I'll go pop this sucker out and be home in no time, don't you worry about me, I'm just gonna squeeze a living being out of me while you sleep here" I said and got up slowly and before I knew it Liam was wide awake and in front of me putting some clothes on me. He got dressed quickly, he wore two different socks and two different shoes, but I was in to much pain to tell him.

"L-L-L-Lauren you need a-anything?" he asked as we got inside the car and he started the car quickly. I felt pain in my stomach and I hugged myself and groaned in pain

"Remind me to never have sex with you, just in case" I said and groaned again. He giggled slightly and said

"We'll see" I squeezed my stomach again and groaned more and more.

"Lauren I-I-I wanna help you. J-Just tell me what to do" Liam said nervously

"I know it's a wild thought, but what about you use something from those pregnancy books you read every night Liam" I said and he said

"Well they said to comfort her, but I got a feeling you would make fun of me, whatever I say. You're really sassy"

"Excuse me for being sassy while i'm about to give birth to our baby Liam, you know why don't you just be pregnant and I'll be here "comforting" you" I said and he giggled

"See, are you sure you aren't related to Louis?" he asked and I giggled with him as more pain arrived. And then the car stopped

"We're gonna be such great and mature parents" Liam joked and ran to the other side opening the door for me. He helped me into the hospital and waited with me in the waiting area, while holding my hand and whispering

"Everything is gonna be fine, my sassy queen" He actually did help, believe it or not. I knew he was there for me, and I knew he tried his best to be the perfect fiance and dad. And he was succeeding.

"Lauren Payne?" The doctor called out

"You told them my last name was Payne?" I asked and looked at Liam as he rose his hand up

"I-I already think of you as my wife Lauren, just shut up and breathe" he said, obviously embarrassed about the fact he said that.

We made our way towards the delivery room and they asked

"Is anyone else coming inside?"

"Her parents are far away and mine our two. So no one really. Some friends will come over actually, but not inside" Liam said and the doctor told me to put on this robe and lay on the bed. Some nurse gave me some shots or whatever, that would ease the pain and make the process go quicker.

And after some pushing and screaming, the baby arrived. It was a baby girl! Liam was there the whole time, holding my hand and giving me words of support. He was perfect.

"What will you be naming the baby?" one nurse asked as the other one cleaned up the baby and we heard her cry for the first time

"Jasmine" we both said in unison as they gave us our lovely baby girl. I was the first one to hold her while Liam was there next to me with teary eyes. I kissed her small hand and handed her to Liam. He slowly and gently took her. He would be the best dad ever.

Soon enough the boys arrived and walked right in with a huge smile on their faces as they saw Jasmine. Everyone wanted to hold her and everyone did.

"We're gonna take really good care of you lovely baby" Niall whispered

"I'll make you laugh" Louis told her and kissed her hand gently. She was amazingly quiet for a newborn. 

"I'll give you advice on boys" Harry said and smiled at her happily

"I'll be your stylist" Zayn joked and we burst out laughing

"Hey! I wasn't joking" Zayn said and pouted

"Well I'll.. I'll make your hair" Niall said and we all laughed. Including him. Yes, she was a surprise but we never treated her with love. Everyone loved her and cherished her. The boys helped us out a lot, they really did. She was brought up well, along with her brother Damon. And the spark Liam and I had never disappeared. We got stronger every day and we loved eachother more every single day. And if you were wondering the wedding was AMAZING! Everyone that I cared about came and we had it on the beach, Jasmine was dressed in the most amazing dress ever. She was only 3 months old but stunningly beautiful already. Just like her dad.

Well I like this one xD I hope you like it toooo I tried to write some smart remarks and I hope I did ;) Thanks for reading lovee xx


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