One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


10. Harry imagine for Taylor (you miss eachother a lot because of the distance)

As I tossed and I turned I couldn’t even stop thinking about him. Yeah, I trusted him with all my heart but still, every girl would be like me. Insecure. I mean I’m dating Harry freaking Styles, he is world famous, and could have ANY girl he wants. So why wouldn’t he fool around with other girls, I mean I’m so far away from him, he probably doesn’t even think about me as much I think about him. I couldn’t stop myself from crying today at the airport, I said to myself a million times to not cry, but I did. I was crying my eyes out as I hugged him goodbye, he didn’t even cry or show any emotion, he was totally casual, maybe he was used to saying goodbye, maybe he won’t even miss me. He came here, to America to see me, but he has work in the UK, the time flew by so easily. We had morning coffees at Starbucks, we went to the movies, had dinner, went bowling, we went golfing, we hanged out at my house, and every moment with him was special, and I cherished them, because I knew that he was gonna go soon. I hated saying goodbye, since I was a little girl, it always was really hard for me, considering the fact that everyone has to say goodbye to you sometimes. Every hello ends with a goodbye. That’s the sad truth about our world.

I bit my lip as I grabbed my phone and saw my wallpaper, he was there and me. We were smiling widely into the camera and was sticking our tongues out. I took so many photos of us these couple of days, I just wanted to remember everything about his time here.

I locked my screen to see my screen saver, it was a picture of Harry kissing my cheek, as I smiled widely. I could never tell him that I missed him, never. He would feel horrible and he would want to come her, but he has work, it’s definitely more important than me. I sighed and felt a tear roll down my cheek, this relationship isn’t easy, but he is absolutely worth all the pain. I wouldn’t have it any other way. He was mine.

I wondered what he was doing right now, probably waking up and rubbing his eyes in that silly way he does every morning. He probably will go make himself some tea to start the day, he will probably grab a muffin on his way out. He probably won’t even stop and think about me. Why would he? He probably has prettier girls throwing themselves at him. But he wouldn’t cheat on me. Or would he? NO! I’m gonna trust him. I love him.

Harry’s POV

I miss Taylor. That was the only thing on my mind, I couldn’t even sleep! I usually could easily sleep, but the thought of Taylor gave me so many butterflies in my stomach. I missed her like hell. But she probably is sleeping right now, as her chest slowly goes up and down, as she curls up in a small ball and falls asleep. She will probably wake up and do everything like she used to, without even thinking about me. Her boyfriend.

The way she cried into my chest yesterday, when I left, will always be in my mind. She cried her eyes out, I bit my lip trying to stop myself from crying, and to tell you the truth it was hard. I knew I was gonna miss all our wonderful times together. Those beautiful blue eyes (I think I saw from the picture that you have blue eyes xD) will forever be in my mind. The way she looked up at me and gave me one last kiss before pulling away and placing a hand over her cheeks, wiping her tears away. Oh how I wanted to stay, and wipe them away for her, but I had to go. I waved her goodbye and smiled weakly as I entered into the airplane. That was the hardest thing to do, to not come to her and kiss her passionately and stay. But I had work. Work was never so hard for me, but now, it was. I was away from her. Taylor. The love of my life.

I looked at my phone for the time, and saw my wallpaper, it was her. I took a picture of her while she was sleeping, she looked so peaceful and beautiful, as her hair was spread all across the pillow. I sighed and felt tears in my eyes, I looked at the clock, time to get up Harold. I locked the screen and saw her again, this time with me.

It was when we went for coffee and we took a photo of me kissing her cheek, we were so happy, and look at me now, being more miserable than ever. I hated this feeling. Yeah, this relationship wasn’t easy, yeah I had many opportunities to cheat on her, but I would never do that! I would never ever do that. I only thought about her, and I only cared about her, I didn’t even see other girls, Taylor was the prettiest.

I finally stood up and rubbed my eyes, looking at the empty spot next to me. She would usually be laying here and then I would go and make me some tea, and she would notice that I was gone and she would come and hug me from behind, laying her head on my back lazily.

I sighed and got up, slowly walking to my small apartment kitchen, I placed the water to boil, I turned around leaning my elbows onto the counter and sighed again.

Only if she knew how much I missed her, how much I need her, how much I would want her here, next to me. But I would never say that to her, she would feel horrible, and would want to come here, but she has university, and school is more important than me.

As the water boiled I placed it into a cup and placed a tea bag, I opened some drawers and found a pack of muffins, she would usually pick the strawberries one and I would grab the chocolate one, but not today, I grabbed the strawberry one with a smile, it reminded me of her. I walked into the living room and placed the muffin and cup on the coffee table.

Oh if she was here everything would be so much better. But she probably doesn’t even think about me, she is seriously the prettiest girl I ever met, but she doesn’t see it. But I bet other guys do, and they are probably throwing themselves at her. And they will probably be prettier than me. But she wouldn’t cheat on me. Or would she? NO! I will trust her. I love her.

A couple weeks later.

Harry’s POV

I couldn’t take it anymore! I packed my begs quickly and called Simon telling him that I’m taking a break today. I just had to see her and her beautiful blue eyes. I didn’t even care what everyone else thought about my decision. I just missed her. The boys understood, so they all took a break and saw their family and girlfriends. I jumped onto the plane with a smile on my face, I will see her soon. I plugged in my earphones and listen to music happily. I loved her so much, and being away from her hurt like hell. 

Taylor’s POV
I was still in my comfortable bed, it was Sunday and I had university tomorrow, I already learnt everything, and I wanted to see Harry so so so so badly! But I knew it wasn’t possible just yet, I sighed deeply and bit my lip. I missed him like hell this couple of weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I just missed him, I was daydreaming about Harold when I heard the door bell ring, impatiently. It rang a couple of times as I slowly walked.

"Is there a fire or something?" I asked and opened it. I saw him there, the love of my life! I, without thinking, jumped on him, giving him a tight hug

"Oh my God Harold, I missed you so so so much! You don’t even have a clue" I said happily and pulled away kissing his face everywhere, from his cheekbones to his jaw and forehead and nose and finally lips. He kissed me back passionately and whispered against my lips

"You have no clue how much I missed YOU. I couldn’t take it anymore Taylor I had to see you and do something really selfish" I smiled and pulled away pecking his lips one last time before pulling him in. I didn’t even care I wore the most unsexy thing ever! I wore sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt that was actually Harry’s. He forgot it.

"I like the t-shirt, where did you buy it? I want to buy it myself" he joked and I giggled smirking and pecking his lips again, I just couldn’t stop myself.

"Well my boyfriend actually left it, he’s forgetful and weird, you would get along with him" I joked and he giggled and pecked my lips

"What’s that selfish thing you wanna do? Take the t-shirt?" I asked and placed my hands around his neck

"Taylor, I know you have university and all, but I asked your teachers and the principal and everyone over the phone, I asked them if there was any chance that you could transfer to the university in the UK with all your grades unchanged, and they said yes!" he said happily and quickly continued

"So I was wondering if you would… move in…. with me" he said nervously, I giggled, I actually never saw him nervous. I smirked and jumped up giving him a tight hug, he held me close in the air

"Is that a yes?" he asked and I could just tell he was smirking

"It’s a yes" I answered and pulled slightly away giving him the most passionate kiss ever. There was nothing anymore that could keep us apart, and I swore to him that I will never be this far away from him. Ever. I will always be next to him. I will never leave his side. 

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