One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


22. Harry imagine for Jess (you wrestle and then make out)

"This movie is so fucking stupid Jess" Harry pointed out as I rolled my eyes. We were sitting on my couch with our feet up on the coffee table and my head on his chest. 

"I mean, really, like a girl like that popular would like a guy like that, never in a billion years" he pointed out. We were watching "Love at first hiccup". It was a movie my friend told me to watch and it sucked, according to Harry. I liked it, it was about a popular, beautiful girl that fell for a guy that was kinda a nerd.

"And yeah, she just asked him the first day they met to have sex, you would slap me across my face if I said that" Harry said. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Harry, the girl asked, not the boy. If I asked you would jump to it, just like him" I said and he chuckled. His chest moving up as he did. 

"True that babe, you could have just asked and I would already had a condom on my big guy" he admitted and I laughed and pulled away my head from his chest and looked at him. He had a huge smile spread across his lips and his beautiful, signature dimples were showing.


"And babe, that's love" I said and he cupped my cheek and said

"Love doesn't work that way, I mean so quickly" I sighed and rolled my eyes

"Says a guy that said he fell for me at first sight" I said and slapped his hand off of my cheek.

"And you're popular and i'm the little nerdy girl. So you're saying that it's not possible?" I said and looked at him seriously. Was he saying that he doesn't love me? I mean he never said that but I kinda felt it. But maybe I made it up in head. Maybe I saw something that wasn't there. Harry sat up and cupped my cheeks with both of his hands and looked at me seriously.

"Sorry, I didn't think of it that way. Because I was never the popular kid, I was always the nerd kid. W-When I'm with you I forget that I'm this mayor superstar. Jess. I forget about everything, the only thing that matters is you and me" I smiled slightly. He still wouldn't say "I love you" properly. I knew I felt it. I knew it. I never felt like this towards any other guy. He was the only guy that actually meant the whole world to me. He was my rock, my reason to live. 

He pecked my lips lightly and then I said

"Fine, turn off the movie, since it's sooo boring to you" he chuckled and pecked my lips once again before pulling away and grabbing the remote, turning it off.

"You know I hate those movies, that would never happen in real life" he said and I nodded

"Yeah, I know it wouldn't. I once had a crush..." I then stopped. I knew Harry was an extra jealous person. I knew it, but I didn't think before I said it. But he noticed, he was facing me again, glaring at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Continue..." he said with seriousness in his voice. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the remote, flipping through the channels

"Jess" he said as I continued

"Harry. I liked this guy a lot. I mean he was popular and he played basketball and every girl wanted him and I was just another girl, and he shot down my request to go out with me" he grabbed the remote and placed it on the night table

"You liked him... A lot?" he asked. The last part he almost said as a whisper. He was always so fucking insecure about my love towards him. 

"Harry, it was a long time ago" I said and placed a hand over his, that was resting on the couch.

"How long?" he asked, obviously trying not to show his insecurities

"Like a year an a half ago, maybe only a year. I seriously don't remember some stupid information like that" I said and he removed his hand from mine

"That's not that long ago" he said as he looked down. I came closer to him and kissed his forehead and lifted his chin up slightly and left small kisses all over his face.

"Babe, don't be jealous. I LIKED him, I don't like him anymore. I like some other popular dude that every girl wants. Except the fact that he likes me too" I mumbled against his cheek.

"So how does he look like?" he whispered, in a slightly better mood but still... not.

"Harry" I said and pulled away slightly. Noticing he has his eyes closed this whole time

"Look at me" I demanded and cupped his cheeks. He opened his beautiful eyes. I had so many butterflies in my stomach as his green eyes met mine. He looked sad. I sighed and said seriously while looking into his eyes

"This guy was a fucking idiot, that didn't deserve me. He screwed every single girl that was going to that school. Well except me. I just didn't saw that because I liked him. Yes I liked him a lot. I was stupid. But you have to get this into your head... I freaking love you Harold, okay?" I blurred out the last part as his eyes widened and his lips parted. He was in the state of shock

"I-I don't know what to say" he said and my heart started hurting, so freaking bad. He didn't knew what to say, why not say "I love you too Jess" or something like that. I pulled my hands away from his face and looked away

"You don't have to say anything, that's just how I feel" I emphasized the "I" part. He was still shocked. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the remote flipping through channels. I stopped at a wrestling match. I knew he loved it. I laid back and placed my feet on the coffee table. Harry didn't move an inch. I looked at him on the corner of my eye.

"Harry, you don't fucking have to make up a better way to say that you don't love me, okay? I get it" I said and glared at him as he got back to reality. He opened and closed his eyes quickly and looked at me, he smiled slightly and said

"You think that's what I was thinking about?" he was obviously amused. I rolled my eyes

"Yes Harold. It was pretty obvious" I said and he chuckled before grabbing my hands and placing the remote on the coffee table before intertwining our fingers and staring at me

"No I wasn't. I was thinking about the fact that you said it first and the fact that I couldn't wrap my head around the thought of you ........ loving me Jess. I mean every girl I dated said they loved me, but in never felt like this. It never felt true babe.... I love you Jess... I can't freaking live without you and here you are questioning my love" My eyes widened, really not expecting him to say it actually. Hearing it slip out of his mouth made my knees turn into jelly. He squeezed my hands but patiently waited for my response.

"Harry... Why wouldn't I love you? I mean why do you love me, that's the tricky question' I whispered and he chuckled again

"Because you're my Jess. I never felt like you were anyone else's. You were always there for me, to catch me if I fall, to help me up and to wipe the dust off of my shoulder and push me to continue. Jess, it's because of you that I stayed in the band. Yes I love the boys so freaking much, but the hate was starting to get to me. I understood that no girl would really want me. They would always want Harry freaking Styles. The guy that sings. But not you. You loved ME. The guy that's goofy all the time, the guy that twerked on national television, the guy that has lame jokes, the guy that changes style more than anyone. Jess. You love me. The real me. And I thought no girl would EVER love a guy like me" he said seriously as my eyes watered. He wiped the first tear away and kissed the next two. I smiled at his sweetness and pecked his lips

"Thank you for that. I love you. All of you.. All your lame ass jokes, your weird habits, your flaws, mistakes, sarcasm. Everything. I just love you" I said and he chuckled

"I love you too Jess" he glanced at the TV

"You know what this means!? IT'S WRESTLING TIME" Harry yelled and I chuckled as he started to tickle me, I tickled him back and soon we were on the floor, tumbling back and forth and giggling like idiots. It was just us, we were always like this. Weird and unpredictable. We would turn a serious situation into something serious as wrestling on the floor.

After A LOT of tumbling back and forth and tickling and wrestling, he pinned my wrists to the hard floor and hovered over me with a huge smile on his face. I giggled and he leaned down whispering right in front of my face

"I win" I rolled my eyes and he kissed my lips passionately. I kissed him back instantly and pulled him closer by his necklace. He rolled his tongue on top of my bottom lip and I granted him access. His tongue explored my mouth and then my tongue... I soon pulled away, out of breath and I started kissing his neck gently and nibbled on the skin a little bit and then we heard the door open.

"Shit it's Rebecca!" Yes, my roommate had to always come in moments like this. No matter how close I was with her it always bothered me a little. I mean who wouldn't be bothered if your roommate interrupted you when you were with Harry?

We quickly got up and jumped on the couch as Harry looked down, and I looked down too and saw his huge boner. I gasped and threw him a pillow. He placed it on top of it, holding it down

"It's your fault for being so fucking hot" he whispered as Rebecca entered

"Hiya guys! So watching wrestling?" she asked and walked over to us

"Yeah, like always" I said and then she looked at Harry

"No hug for Rebecca?" she asked with a small smile. I came closer to Harry wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer, trying not to move the pillow

"Sorry, he's my cuddle buddy" I said, and she giggled

"Sorry miss possessive much. I mean it's not like I asked him to fuc me in the butt on this couch" we giggled and she waved at us

"Love ya Jess" she said happily

"Love ya Rebecca" I yelled and she exited. I looked at Harry and he smiled

"Good save" I nodded and he removed the pillow.

"Wanna help with this?" He asked as he looked down. And so I did.

Hope ya like it! It's 00.05 am and I have to wake up at 7 am to go to the eye doctor -.- Hate it! But yeah, have to get my vision checked. Thanks for reading, and I'm so so so sorry for the long wait. Had a lot on my plate. So yeah, hope you enjoyed it ;)

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