One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


3. Harry imagine for Ashley (you get hate and leave him)

Harry’s POV

She was gone. There was no use in denying it. No use. I have been denying it for too long. She left me. I haven’t left my bed since she left, the tears just keep running out of my eyes. I miss her.

Remembering how she left makes it even worse. But I just can’t stop it. 

Ashley and I had problems this couple of days. It was all because of hate. Ashley just got so much of it. And it’s my fault. I wanted to have a small vacation with her because it was our one year anniversary. I wanted to travel with her, I knew she always loved traveling. We went to France, Greece, Japan, Italy, Bora Bora, Spain, USA, Canada, Germany, Holand and some other places, I didn’t remember them all. The fans went crazy, they thought I wasn’t in the band anymore and that I was drifting apart from them because of Ashley. They thought she was using my money for traveling, she thought I didn’t want to be friends with the boys anymore, they thought Ashley was to blame. I twitted them that I was still in a band, and that we all are on vacation, and that is my business where I spend my money, and that Ashley was nothing but great to me, that she wanted me to spend time with them too. That’s why we secretly met up with the boys in Tokyo, but I didn’t tweet them that.

Then they started talking about Ashley using my twitter and making me tweet all those stuff. And Ashley being the stubborn girl that she is she told me not to tweet anymore, that they won’t be satisfied with anything. And she was right. But maybe I could have tried harder.

So after some time Ashley and me drifted apart. She got a lot of hate and she just closed herself in, she didn’t want to talk to me that much, she didn’t wanna go out with me because of the fans, she was trying to figure out what to do. I could clearly see that. She didn’t cuddle with me anymore, I really don’t remember the last time I even kissed her. When I tried to touch her she would just move away. And that hurt me more than anything.

On a cold, rainy spring day she left. I was on the couch watching “How I met your mother" when she came in and said those two words that just killed me

"I’m leaving" she practically whispered. I turned around swiftly to see her, holding her suitcase in one hand and a closed umbrella in another. I was speechless I couldn’t say anything, even though I know I should have. I know. I just couldn’t get over the pain in my chest. She was leaving me, and that just reminded me of her promise, she promised to never leave me.

"The hate is just too much Harry, I-I have to go" I should have asked her “Where, you don’t have a house anywhere near? Do you need money?" but worst of all I should have just said this one simple word, that would maybe change everything 


But I didn’t. And with one swift step she left our house. Well now mine, but I can’t bring myself to think about the fact that she won’t be coming back. Ever. She is gone forever. Out of my life. With no return. I had some hope when she left, but now, none. I wiped my eyes for the millionth time today and got up slowly. Then I noticed what I have done with the place, out of anger and sadness I destroyed a couple of things. I flipped the table with my laptop on it, I kicked closet, I grabbed some frames with photos in them and threw them against the wall. I did the same with the mirror. 

Then I saw which photo frames I destroyed. The photos Ashley and I took on our trip around the world. We were so happy then, we were smiling on one, while on the Eiffel Tower. One was when we were to Tokyo and we were making weird faces. And one, that killed me the most, was when we kissed on a beach, in Greece. I picked them slowly up, not caring about the broken glass. I dusted them off with my hand, I really didn’t care that some piece of glass was stuck in my hand. I placed the photo’s on the night stand and walked over to the shower. The fact that I loved her even more when she left just proves it, you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I missed those beautiful green-blue eyes that just looked into my soul, I used to watch them every single day, but I guess not anymore. I removed my clothes and stepped inside the shower. I was about to grab the soup when I saw Ashley’s bra hanging on the holder thingy. I smiled slightly. I remembered when we had sex here, I didn’t let her take that bra off, I forgot for what reason, but I did. I guess she forgot about it. I didn’t have the heart to take it down. That’s where it will stay forever. You know what the worst part is? It’s that I got even more hate than her, I just wanted to be strong for Ashley. I didn’t want her to worry. I received death threats every single day, I lost so much followers and I lost so many fans. But I never wanted to show her that it really did hurt me. I mean I loved our fans, they’ve been here for me and now they are tearing me apart.

Ashley’s POV

I wiped my eyes for a millionth time today. The way I left him was going through my mind. The worst part is that he didn’t even try to stop me. Maybe he really didn’t care that much anymore. A simple “stay" coming from his mouth would have meant everything. I know I promised I wouldn’t leave him, but I just had to. The hate was getting out of hand, they sent me death threats every single day. They wrote such horrible words.

I was always a strong person but after some time, they just break you.

I wanted to love him less, and I wanted him to love me less. That’s why I didn’t really have any contact with him. I didn’t kiss him, touch him, or even talk to him. I knew it was the best thing to do. For the both of us. He didn’t deserve to have a girlfriend that he has to protect from the hate, and to defend.

Leaving him was the hardest thing I ever done. You’re probably wondering where I am. Well I am at Louis’s house. I was the closest with him, and he was the only one I had right now. I just needed some rest and then early tomorrow I would be catching a train to my hometown of Lancaster. Louis promised to not say anything to Harry and I trusted him. He gave me a spear bed that I am laying on right now. He brought me some waffles and some tea, he was the sweetest guy ever. And he understood why I left him, he understood that perfectly. I mean he had a girlfriend, Eleanor, and she got hate too. But I guess she was stronger. When I finished my meal I grabbed the tray and went downstairs to the kitchen and then I heard the door bell ring, I placed the tray on the counter and waited impatiently for Louis to answer. I hoped it wasn’t Harry. But it was.

"L-L-Louis s-she left me" he stuttered. And I could tell by his voice, he was crying. That broke my heart, but he will get better. I heard footsteps and I got nervous. Where to hide?! I decided to hide in a cupboard. I fit perfectly, because I was short. Thank God.

"Harry, baby, everything will be fine. Maybe it’s for the best. I know it’s hard right now, but it will be easier" Louis tried to calm him down

"Y-you don’t u-understand. I could h-have done something about her l-l-l-leaving me, b-but I d-didn’t. L-Lou I didn’t want her to l-l-leave me" Harry said, his voice cracking at the end. I could hear the whimpers perfectly, but I had to be strong.

"Then why didn’t you Harry?" Louis asked

"B-Because I know i-it’s probably the b-best for her. A-And I-I was just speechless Louis, the pain w-w-was just t-too much for me. I-I got hate, a lot m-more t-than she, I just hid it from h-her. I tried n-not to make her w-worry" Harry whispered and added

"T-The worst part is t-that I never started loving her l-less. Even though we d-didn’t talk or even k-k-kiss. I love her more and more each day, a-and I’m a-a-afraid it won’t stop" I felt a tear roll down my cheek.  He got hate too!? How was I so so stupid to not see that. I mean of course he did! They blamed him too! Why am I so stupid and so weak!

"Harry, darling, I-I don’t know what to say" Louis said and Harry added

"I-I wish I’ve d-done something t-to make her s-s-stay. I-I wish I-I could tell her just h-how much I truly l-l-love her, and I-I want to comfort h-h-her and tell her that e-everything will be f-f-fine" by now I was crying. Trying to make any noise

"Fuck it, I’m sorry Ash. She’s here Harry, she’s here. She didn’t have no where to go" Louis suddenly said. My heart stopped instantly

"SHE’S HERE?!" Harry shouted happily. That surprised me and I fell out of the cupboard, and right in front of them. I got up swiftly.

"Ash? What are you doing in the cupboard?" Louis asked. With everything going on and he asks that

"I-I heard the d-door o-open and I-I didn’t have no where else to h-h-hide" I whispered and wiped my tears away. I was a mess. And so was Harry. His eyes were all red and puffy, he was wearing the same clothes, and not to mention his hair was a mess. His eyes were wide off shock and I could’t stop looking at him.

Harry’s POV

And there she was. Right in front of. It was getting harder for me to breath. Again I was speechless, but this time, I wasn’t going to let her just leave.

"Ashley, I-I love you. P-Please don’t leave" I barely whispered and Louis, being the good friend that he was, walked out.

Those beautiful eyes never left mine, she looked like a mess. But I couldn’t even imagine how I looked. Probably like I was hit by a train. Well the pain was greater than being hit by a train. She opened her mouth to say something, and then I heard that beautiful voice again

"I-I-I didn’t knew you got h-h-hate. I’m so stupid I-I didn’t even t-t-think about y-your feelings. I left when you n-needed me m-most. I-I’m s-sorry" I saw tears rolling down her wonderful cheeks. I got up from the chair quickly and walked over to her. Wiping her tears away gently. And she didn’t move. Oh, how much I missed this feeling of my skin on her’s. She probably had no idea.

It felt so good to touch her, and her to not move from my grasp. I mean it really hurt everytime that she did that. It hurt me more than being ran over by a tank a million times. It truly did. It was like she didn’t want my touch, like she didn’t love me anymore.

She closed her eyes leaning into my touch, I guess she missed my touch too. I leaned my forehead against her slowly and hesitantly and she didn’t move. I really enjoyed the closeness again.  

"I didn’t want you to know Ash. I didn’t. It’s not your fault. Let’s just start over. We should just try harder, and please please don’t shut me off this time" I whispered and she opened her eyes just as I opened mine.

"I promise, and I’m sorry for breaking the promise that I won’t leave you. I just thought it was the best for us" she whispered looking into my eyes. Our foreheads still touching.

"It’s okay Ash. I love you" I whispered pulling away and kissing the tip of her nose. It was so weird to kiss her anywhere, and her not pulling away.

"I love you too Harry" she whispered. And I felt those wonderful butterflies in my stomach, I haven’t heard her say that in a while. I smiled and leaned in kissing her lips gently. Oh, how I missed those beautiful lips. I could tell she was tiptoeing so I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her a little.

Our relationship since then was so much better. The hate didn’t get to us anymore, I was always by her side and she was always by mine. I knew this time, it would last so much longer. And it did. It lasted forever.

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