One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


6. Dirty Niall imagine for Lauren (you make love in his tour bed)

I can’t wait to see him! I said to myself while listening to music on the airplane. With my earplugs on, I shut the whole world off and thought of Niall. The love of my life. We’ve been dating for 6 months now, we still haven’t said I love you to eachother or anything, we haven’t had sex yet either, we just didn’t have the time because of his tour and me living in the UK.

I first met him when I was in a meet and greet. I walked in the room and being the clumsy girl that I am I tripped over some cables and landed on my butt and started laughing. That’s the thing I could always laugh at myself. Everyone looked at me, as I laughed and then I joked

"I bet you haven’t seen a better entrance than this!", everyone giggled and then I heard his beautiful Irish accent say

"Let me help you up" I looked up and saw Niall, standing in front of me with his arm extended for me to hold. I nodded and took his hand slowly, it felt so soft and so strong at the same time. He helped me up and let go of my hand as he asked

"Are you okay?" I giggled at his concern and said

"I’m fine, don’t you worry about me" I smiled at him and he smiled back saying

"That was one heck of an entrance" I laughed and said

"Well, i’m the best at them, I perfected my way of tripping like an idiot" he laughed and asked

"You’re really funny, what’s your name?", I extended my arm and shook hands with him while saying in my most posh British accent

"My name’s Lauren, it’s really nice to meet you kind gentleman" he laughed and said in HIS most posh British accent

"My name’s Jeffrey, i’t really nice to meet you ma’am" he lifted my hand up and kissed it gently while looking at me

"You’re really good at accents" he said as he lowered my hand and let go of it, I was about to say something when a girl jumped in between us

"OMG Niall! Can I take a picture I just can’t wait!" she practically shouted, I backed away slowly and kindly asked every boy for a picture while that girl took multiple pictures with him, complaining none of them were good. I giggled as Louis said a funny remark about that girl and then I looked up seeing Niall look at us, he said something to a girl and gave her a light kiss on the cheek before heading here.

"Hello" he said and I asked politely

"Can I take a photo with you and then a group one?"

"Yeah, sure" he said and smiled at me. I walked over to him and then he backed away and stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my neck

"Ready" he whispered and my best friend took a picture. I smiled and I could tell I was blushing slightly. I pulled away slowly as his arms returned to their previous position. After that I took a picture with them and just as I was about to walk away Niall walked over to me and told me that he found me beautiful and funny, and so he asked out on a date. And that’s how it started.

I haven’t seen him for a  month now, and I missed him so much! I mean we chatted every single day, and texted and skyped but it’s not the same like being with him. 

"10 minutes till landing" the stewardess said into the small microphone. I smiled happily and packed my earplugs and phone back into my bag. Our relationship definitely wasn’t simple, with all the fans and hate, and paparazzi, and jetlag. We traveled back and forth to see eachother, and it was working, we never were stronger, even with all the people telling us that we will never make it.

Every single day I loved him more, every single day. But I don’t have the guts to say it first I guess. Everything bad just made us stronger, it made us cherish this thing that we have. I smiled happily as he stewardess said

"We’re gonna land in one minute, so prepare your bags" I grabbed my beg and waited. As we landed I walked out quickly. I just couldn’t wait to see him again.

I looked around outside to find him. And I did. He was scanning the room for me with his beautiful blue eyes while slightly tiptoeing I giggled and ran towards him, as soon as he noticed me his beautiful smile appeared and he lifted me up and twirled me around

"I missed you so much!" he practically shouted, he didn’t care people would hear him.

"I missed you too!" I shouted back and pulled slightly away and he placed me back on the ground and lowered himself a little kissing my lips gently and slowly. He pulled away and placed a strand of hair behind my ear while looking at my face, he smiled slightly and whispered

"I-I love you" he stuttered. That made my eyes water, I smiled slightly back and rested my forehead against his

"I love you too Niall" I whispered and closed my eyes, enjoying the closeness. I pulled away a couple of minutes later and he said

"Let’s go" he took my hand in his and with the other hand took my bag. When we arrived to the bus Niall decided to give me a tour, we walked through it and I saw the boys and gave them a quick hug and then we continued. We walked into the little sleeping area with the tour beds. 

"Well this is where the magic happens" he said sarcastically. I laughed and tiptoed kissing his cheek and down his neck

"Maybe some magic will happen" I whispered seductively

"Babe" he whispered and I looked at him as he looked down. He already had a boner.

"I guess I missed you so much babe" he whispered and looked up at me looking down. I looked up at him and smiled

"I guess you did, and I missed you too" he winked and grabbed my hand leading me to his tour bed. It was the one in the middle. I slid inside and then he did the same, placing the curtain so no one can see us. He turned to me and we were so close because of the size of the bed. I kissed him passionately and slid my hand down his chest to his bulge. He moaned slightly as I touched it. He pulled away slightly kissing my neck and placing a hand under my dress and onto my inner thigh. He went up and down my thigh, making me want him even more. I unzipped his pants and slid them slightly down along with his underpants. I placed my hand on his bulge again and pumped it slowly. He moaned this time pretty loudly. I placed a hand over his mouth and whispered

"Be quiet" 

"I’m trying" he whispered as I removed my hand. I pumped slowly and saw him bite his lip.

"Babe, faster, please" he pleaded and I obliged. He placed his hand over his mouth and I stopped pumping as I felt his hand slip inside my panties and rub my core. He looked at me confused

"I want you inside of me, now" I whispered and a smirk appeared on his face. He pushed my dress up a little and my panties down. He started moving so he was hovering over me and then he positioned himself at the entrance, he pushed inside of me slowly and then started going in and out passionately. He was super close to me because the tour bed wasn’t that big. He started pushing in and out faster and started kissing my neck as I dig my nails onto his neck. He sucked my neck and licked, probably living a mark, but I didn’t care. He picked up the pace and I could see he wouldn’t last longer, and so did I.

As he pushed in and out faster I moaned slightly. Not really caring anymore. My moans started getting louder and he pressed his hand against my mouth and I placed mine against his. Soon his name left my lips a couple of times, like a broken record.

A couple of minutes later we were done, I laid my head on his chest as we tried to breath normally.

"I missed that" he whispered and kissed the top of my head. I nodded trying to calm myself down.

"I pulled my panties up and he my dress down. He zipped his pants back up and sighed

"I hate that you have to leave me today" he whispered. I remembered that I have to go late tonight, I hated that. I wanted to be by his side, but I knew it wasn’t possible.

"I’m gonna miss you" I whispered

"I’m gonna miss you too, so much Lauren" he whispered and I felt tears in my eyes. I didn’t want to leave him.

"Babe, are you sure it’s not possible to stay just a couple of days more, I mean we can share the tour bed and the boys wouldn’t mind" he rambled and I sighed

"But what about my mum and dad, I mean I know it’s summer vacation and I don’t have school, but what about the family business? I don’t think they can run the bakery on their own" I whispered and he nodded sighing 

"I know, I’m just being selfish, like always. I just always want you close, that’s all" he whispered into my hair

"Same with me Niall, I want you close, I want to be with you all the time, I just feel my heart breaking everytime I leave you" I whispered and felt a tear roll down my cheek

"Lauren, please don’t cry, we’ll think of something, I won’t let you leave today, I just can’t. I know I’m being selfish I just don’t want to be alone anymore" he whispered and I pulled away slightly, wiping the tears away and smiling slightly at him

"You’re never alone Nialler, I’m always there" I whispered placing my hand on his chest, over his heart. He smiled slightly back and placed his hand over mine.

"I love you" he whispered, not stuttering this time

"I love you too Niall, so much" I whispered and pecked his lips. After a couple of minutes we exited the tour bed and walked over to the boys, they looked at us and smirked

"They really did miss eachother" Harry teased

"Yeah, you can just hear them “catching up" " Louis teased and I blushed slightly knowing what they were referring to.

"Niall was definitely VERY excited to see you again Lauren" Zayn teased

"Enough boys, he just missed her that’s all" Liam said and smiled slightly at us. He tried to help us but the boys burst out laughing. I laughed along with them, Niall did the same, they teased me for the rest of the day, but I was happy, I really didn’t care as long as Niall was by my side.

By the end of the day me and Niall made a plan. I would stay with him until the end of the American tour, and then I would go back home. He promised to send a couple of his friends to work at the bakery and help out my mum and dad, at first I wasn’t really happy about that. I mean it would seem I took advantage of his position, but after a couple of minutes of him begging I obliged… Who would resist Niall after all?

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