One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


19. Dirty Liam imagine for Tori (he is jealous, and you are too, he punishes you)

"You have to ruin everything!" Liam shouted as we entered our shared apartment. He was angry, well I don't even know if there's a word for the state that he was in. I never actually heard Liam shouting, and it really turned me on. I know it shouldn't. I mean it's not nice when someone yells at you.

"I didn't do anything!" I shouted back as he slammed the front door

"You fucking flirted with the DJ, Tori!" he shouted as he turned to face me again. 

"Well you were too busy hanging out with those blonde, anorexic bitches, acting like I don't even exist!" I shouted and glared at him. Now I was pissed. Even more than him! I didn't fucking flirt with the DJ, well maybe a little, but only because he was ignoring me for the whole night, only chatting with those bitches that were practically grinding against him. 

We planned a normal, get together with the boys, and we planned on going out and drinking and having fun, and then when we arrived to the place, Liam let go of my hand and started chatting with those two bitches.

"Do you even hear me? Stop ignoring me!?" Liam shouted, snapping me out of my trance 

"Oh sorry, I was just copping how you were acting towards me the whole night, maybe I should let these plants grind against me, I mean it has the same amount of brain as those bitches have" I snapped. Happy with my return, because seriously they weren't the smartest girls alive. I mean I was always a nice person, but not to girls that KNEW he had a girlfriend and were acting that way

I heard him slightly chuckle and I looked at him as his eyes softened a little

"Tori, baby, you're the only one I want, even when we are fighting" he whispered and walked closer to me and gently pushed me towards the wall.

"Liam, i'm not gonna ignore the fact that they grinded against you the whole night, and I'm not gonna ignore the fact that you ignored me" his eyes were full of anger again, and a lot of jealousy

"And I won't ignore the fact that you were flirting with the DJ, while he flirted back and looked at you that way" he whispered placing his hands next to his body, and I could see his jaw tense up.

"First off all I flirted with him, because you were to busy with those girls grinding against you and second of all, how did he look at me?" I asked with a small smile playing on my lips

"It's not funny Tori! I didn't make them do that, they just did. They're old friends of mine and it was a friendly grind" he answered ignoring my last question

"Oh, so it was a friendly flirt, and a friendly way he looked at me" I said, becoming irritated again. How can he say that grinding can me friendly? He punched the wall next to my face quickly

"That DEFINITELY wasn't a friendly flirt or a friendly look. He, he looked at you like you were HIS, not MINE!" he shouted in my face as he became more and more angry. He was definitely more jealous than I thought. Well I was too!

"Well that wasn't a friendly grind either. Well you weren't acting like I was yours before" I shouted and he bit his lip angrily 

"You are MINE! And you always will be MINE! I love you so fucking much Tori! You're no one else's! You hear me?!" he shouted. Holly fuck, he was insecure that I wasn't his, well that definitely sounded more like Liam. My Liam.

I cupped his face in my hands and leaned closer kissing his lips gently before pulling away, he didn't kiss me back

"I want you to say it Tori. Say you're mine. Please" he begged. But I wasn't going to that easily.

"Then prove to me that I'm your's" I whispered seductively in his ear, and then he slammed my body against the door and kissed me passionately. He never actually kissed me with so much passion. And then he suddenly pulled away, leaving me craving for more.

"Why did you stop" I asked with a small pout on my face. He pulled away and grabbed my arm leading me to our room

"You are gonna get punished for not saying you're mine" he said and I felt some goosebumps rising on my skin. I smiled to myself. I liked this side of Liam, I don't get to see it so often. When we entered our room, he pushed me onto the bed and opened the lowest drawer on his nightstand. I looked puzzled at him and he smirked as he looked up and taking out some kind of handcuffs

"Fuck no!" I shouted and was about to move from the bed when he pinned me down and handcuffed my hands to the head board.

"Fuck yes. So first rule is to not touch me and the second rule is that I want you to only shout my name and the most important rule of all is that you only cum when I say you can, got it Tori?" he asked as he pulled my dress completely down, revealing my black lace bra and panties. He bit his lip, scanning my body, shamelessly. He threw the dress on the floor somewhere and he asked

"Were you expecting HIM to fuck you, so you wore this?" I saw a hint of anger and a hint of jealous and a hint of insecurity.

"No babe, this is only for you" I whispered and a small smile spread across his lips. He leaned down kissing my breasts gently and then with more force. He massaged my other breast with his free hand and then he slipped a hand into my panties while still massaging my breast. I moaned quietly loudly 

"Fuck!" he looked up and spanked my bum

"You can only moan out my name! I want the neighbors to know who is giving you this amount of pleasure" he whispered and pulled my panties down and just as he did he started rubbing me fearlessly. I moaned his name pretty loudly

"Liam! Oh fuck Liam! Liam! More!" he pushed a finger inside of me and I moaned louder. But only his name. I buckled my hips to his hand, I wanted more. I needed more. He pushed my hips down and said

"Don't move them! I will fuck you the way I want to. Because you're MINE" I nodded as he slammed three fingers inside of me I moaned and was so close to the edge and soon I came onto his hands. He looked at me with wide eyes and then with a smirk.

"Bad, bad girl!You forgot the most important rule of all!" he spanked my bum and it hurt but also made me more horny

"You will be punished" he whispered and got undressed, and then he placed his dick into my mouth roughly. I gagged a little bit and he said

"Suck it bitch" and so I did. I bobbed my head up and down, up and down and he practically fucked my mouth by moving his hips with me. Soon he pulled away just as I felt him about to cum. And then all of a sudden he slammed into me! With so much speed since the start. He grabbed onto the head board while slamming faster and so much harder

"Fuck Liam! I want to fucking touch you! Liam. Faster!" I moaned louder and I knew it wasn't possible to go faster. Or so I have thought. He went faster and faster and faster and I moaned louder and louder while groaned and grounded out my name

"Liam, I-I'm gonna cum" I whispered and he said

"Wait a little Tori, you can't yet" he whispered into my ear and left love bites all over my naked body I moaned loudly as I heard him groan and moan and suck onto my skin. He went harder and deeper into me. 

"On 3 Tori. 1.........2...........................3" he shouted the three and we both came. He pulled out of me and breathed heavily. That was so so so goooooood! Never had better sex than this! Amazing! He looked at me, kinda guilty.

"I'm sorry if you're mad. I'm sorry I was rough" he apologized and caught me off guard. Well my Liam is back :)

I giggled and said

"Just remove the handcuffs, they're kinda hurting me" I whispered and his eyes widened

"I'm so sorry Tori. I-I didn't want to hurt you. I'm sorry" he whispered as he removed the handcuffs. I smiled as he did and cupped his face in my hands

"Don't apologize that was the best sex I EVER had Liam, yeah it did hurt, but I never orgazamed like that" I said happily and he then whispered

"I'm sorry for those girls. I just... I don't know. I saw the way those guys were looking at you as you entered and as much as I wanted them to know you're mine. I just felt weak, like I wasn't good enough, I wanted to feel like other girls could drool over me like those guys did over you, I wanted to show you that I would be fine without you. Even though that's so far away from the truth. So far away. I would be devastated Tori! I would literally fall apart. I-I need you" 

"Awww Liamm. You are good enough! I-I thought I wasn't good enough and that's why you were with those girls. I mean I don't have blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Liam I would be miserable without you. I need you too"

"Tori! Don't say that! You are good enough, you're perfect! I don't fucking need blonde girls with blue eyes. All I need is this girl beside me with those wonderful brown eyes and beautiful brownish-red hair that always falls perfectly without you trying (xD)" he admitted and I blushed and placed my head on his chest

"Liam. I'm yours. I-I always been yours. Always. You had me at hello (another song reference xD) I'm yours. No one else's" I whispered and I could tell he was smiling. I just knew he was

"And i'm yours, and that's never gonna change"

And it never did.....

Hiiii.. I'm writing againnnn! :D I hope you like it and thanks for the wait ;) xx


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