One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


26. Dirty Harry imagine (your're in a secret relationship and you're Liam's sister)


"Liam can't find out" I told Harry for the millionth time since I came over. 

You need to understand the story before you judge. Liam is my older brother, and he is overly protective of me and won't let me date Harry or any of the boys, he made it clear by saying that a million times. Well I don't blame him, he was overly protective because he didn't want me to end up with hate, like Danielle.

When I met Harry it was love at first sight and it really was, without over exaggerating. I fell for his smile and his goofy side. He entered our home in the morning, while I was asleep on my bed, and then Liam called me down, saying I have to meet the boys that will be in the band, and even then he told me

"Don't do anything silly with them" I remember me coming into the living room and only noticing one curly, beautiful guy with the most beautiful smile I ever saw. I remember that he took my breath away, I forgot how to breath for a second and then they all said "Hii". His voice most obvious to me. 

I was 15 then and he was 16, and he was turning 17 soon. I remember him complementing me on my SuperMan t-shirt with that smirk on his face, that I grew fond of. I remember us, sharing glances here and there, hoping the other one wouldn't notice. Liam caught up on us and soon told me and him that we will never date. He won't let us.

When a year passed since then I got to know them pretty well. I knew every little thing directioners were dying to know. I knew them inside and out. My relationship with Harry was friendship, but I always wanted more and so did he. We would steal glances and smile akwardly when we got caught by each other.

But soon enough we realized we needed to have a secret relationship, it all started casually. I mean we would casually meet up, talk, kiss.. Make out and even make love. But it got pretty serious, we both fell in love with each other and he didn't want to see any other girl, and I didn't want any other boy.

And by the time we realized it, it was too late to tell Liam, it gotten serious and just, well he would be angry we kept it for 2 years. Two years of stealing kisses whenever no one was around, two years worth of secret hand holding under the table, two years of secret I love you's.

"I know, I know. It's not like it's the first time babe" Harry said as he led me towards his bed room door.

"Remind me again why I always jump to come to you when you ring me in the middle of the night" I said as he intertwined our fingers and opened the door with his free hand

"Because you love me and because you miss me, just like I miss you every time I lay on this empty bed" he said and gently pushed me on the bed and hovered over me

"Oh you missed me... hmm nice to know" I teased and lifted myself slightly from the bed and placed his lower lip between my teeth and tugged at it, he growled slightly and I quickly turned us around. I placed my legs on either sides of his waist.

With my finger tips I slowly made a trail along his "happy trail" and smiled at his reaction. He stiffened and his eyes were glued to me.

"I'll never get used to this gentle touch" he mumbled under his breath, as I felt him breathing again.

I traced his butterfly tattoo slowly, tracing all the lines and I slowly and carefully leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss on it. He giggled and cupped my cheek with one hand, while smiling lovingly at me

"You are the best decision I ever made Deby" I blushed bright red and looked down while tracing figures on his bare stomach

"I never been touched like this before, I mean before you. I was never touched in a gentle way, it was always a quick thing, nothing passionate, serious. Nothing real" he continued and made me blush even more. I kept looking down and then he whispered in his beautiful voice

"Let me see those beautiful blue eyes Deby" I looked up and that's when he quickly lifted himself up from the mattress, me still sitting on his lap, and he kissed me passionately, his tongue  playing with my lower lip, practically begging for entrance. I willingly opened my mouth, his tongue instantly finding mine, them two fighting for dominance.

I placed my hands on his hair, gently tugging and he placed them on my lower back before he lowered himself down again, and placing his hands on my butt, gently squeezing and moaning in my mouth as I tugged onto his hair.

He slowly pulled away and took off my t-shirt, now we were both topless. I, still seated on his lap, started playing with the hem of his pants and then he mumbled

"Please, don't tease, I need you" I nodded and smiled before unbuttoning his jeans and throwing them away. He helped me, of course.

He flipped us over and started kissing and sucking onto my neck, but then he stopped and said

"Ooops, hide that from Liam" I noticed a hint of sadness in his eyes as he said that, and then he smiled, leaving me breathless again. I shook the image of him being sad out of my head and I started flipping us over. 

Kissing from under his ear, towards his neck and lower to his collarbone, and then up to his jawline before kissing the corner of his mouth, and him, being his usual self, wasn't satisfied with that

"Kiss me" he begged as I pulled away slightly. I looked down into his eyes, practically begging me to do so. And so I did, he slipped my pants down with one swift move as we were making out.

Before I knew it, we were both naked, him hovering over me with eyes full of lust. I pulled a condom onto his shaft and he soon slowly came into me. I gripped onto his back, and pulled him into me more. I needed him. His eyes never met mine as he continued picking up the pace.

This is why I love him. This was exactly why. He loved me, the real me, the blonde hair girl with that big smile on my face. He loved me. He truly loved me. You could see it clearly, right now you could see it perfectly. His eyes were full of worry like every time we made love, I can't even call it sex. I just can't. It feels like so much more than that.

Making love is a way for two souls to connect with each other on a higher level, it's not a play thing. It's just a bonus thing in a relationship.

"Please continue, please" I pleaded and looked into his eyes. I was begging him, he picked up the pace and mumbled

"I will baby, I will" 

"Harry, don't stop" I moaned as he went faster and faster. Sweat was now obvious on his face... He was trying so hard to make us both feel good

"I wasn't planning to" he moaned and lowered himself kissing me passionately before pulling away and looking into my blue eyes, he always loved to watch me cum. My eyes rolled back and my muscles stiffened as I came. He quickly followed my lead and collapsed beside me.

I snuggled into his arms, trying to keep my breathing steady as he with one hand threw his condom into the bin that was beside his bed. 

He kissed the top of my head and let the silence pass. That's when the door bell rang and we heard loud knocking on the front door. We looked at each with wide eyes and we quickly got up, putting on our clothes

"Did Liam see you leave?" he asked frantic as he pulled his pants up and I put on my clothes before making my hear look neater in the mirror.

We walked downstairs and  heard Liam shout

"Harry get your ass over here"

Our eyes grew wide and Harry shouted

"I'll be there in a minute, keep your knocking down" he looked at me and quickly kissed me, but it was a really passionate one. I walked up the stairs again and stood there, where Liam couldn't see me. I'm so done. He won't let me date Harry for sure!

I heard the front door open and Liam shouting

"She's gone! I can't find Deby anywhere! I've been looking all over the place I'm thinking of calling the police! I know you're the closest with Deby, so do you have any idea why she ran away from home?" 

I bit my lip, I could imagine Liam now, frantically pacing up and down Harry's hallway with his hands in his hair and him being all sad. I could feel the sadness in his voice

"She's fine Li, she'll come home in the morning, maybe she just went out for a walk..." Harry said, obviously hesitating about what he should say or not

"Maybe, or maybe she went to a guy and they are having sex as we speak!" Liam shouted, annoyed and angry now. I bit my lip and then I heard Harry say

"I can't take this anymore Liam, I seriously am sorry but I'm dating your sister" I peaked and saw Liam looking at Harry with wide eyes

"You what?" he asked

"I started dating your sister 2 years ago, we kept it a secret because we knew you wouldn't let us date at all" Harry said and he was now biting his lip while slowly scratching his hair with the other

"Why are you telling me this now? She's here isn't she?" Harry looked down and it was my time to be brave. I started walking down the stairs, their head snapped up and I mumbled

"Hiii". Liam's eyes grew even bigger and he clenched his fists.

"Two years? Two fucking years and I had no clue!" he shouted, angry to say the least.

"I'm so sorry Liam, I just stared having feelings for him and then when it started getting serious it was too late to tell you anything. I truly am sorry" I said and he shook his head and sighed in frustration and he turned his back towards us

"I hope I won't regret what I say now. Listen, it was wrong for me to tell you not to, and it was wrong for you to do this behind my back, but I guessed I pushed you to hide it from me. Harry, please, please, take care of her well. You know what happened with Danielle, I want you to take care of her, you know I love her and now I know you do too. Please take care of my little Deby" Liam said as he finally turned around, only staring at Harry and Harry nodded at the end and then Liam turned his attention to me.

"And you, take care of my Harry. He is broken and fragile, and I love him like a brother" he said and I nodded and then there was a silence and Harry, being Harry broke it by saying

"Thank god I'm not that, or this would be weird" he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me slightly towards him. We laughed it off together and Liam laughed along with us and when we stopped he scanned us both and said

"You guys will be just fine"... and he was right.

So so so so so sorry for the long wait! I truly am sorry! :( I had no inspiration and stuff, and I was feeling down, but I still hope you like it! :)

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