One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


27. Dirty Harry imagine (you both are drunk and meet at a club and have sex)


Is this my fifth or tenth drink? Guessing by the room spinning it’s my tenth… Or maybe I drank more. I can’t even concentrate anymore..

I stumbled upon the bar again and ordered one more drink.

I was up with my lovely friends that I guess lost me in the crowd. I was trying to forget my latest ruined relationship with this jerk called Josh. 

Why are guys always jerks…

Maybe because I always chased that type, maybe because I always thought I didn’t deserve more… Maybe because that was the simplest way for me to make sure I don’t start loving him, because I knew if I went out with him, that it wouldn’t last. Call me a coward but I was deadly afraid of falling in love…

Well, just to let you know I was burned before in the past… I barely made it through and I never want to feel that weak and useless again. I just don’t want to break down these walls I made around me, I don’t want to let anyone in and give them the opportunity to ruin me completely from the inside… Never again.

I drank another shot of some drink, I can’t even remember the name of it… And just when I was about to order another one, this tall boy grabbed me by my upper arm and whispered in my ear

"Dance with me" his voice, raspy and deep and I was too drunk to even say anything, so he took it as a yes. Soon we were swaying around to the beat of the music, my butt grinding against his crotch and his lips against my ear.

He nibbled on it a couple of times and mumbled all kinds of dirty words in it. Making me wetter by the second… He whispered all the things he wants to do to me and how he watched me from a far and liked what he saw.

I turned around, facing him now and slammed my lips onto his. It surprised him because he stumbled a little bit but he kissed me back, I sucked onto his lower lip and received a throaty moan from him. He grabbed my hand and started dragging me

"Where are we going?" I asked, not at all worried that I’m being dragged my a random stranger. We exited through the back exit and it was too dark to even see his face.

"My place, if you want to" he said and turned around facing me. I could only see he had this curly hair I guess and that he was really tall and had an amazing body.

"I-I want to" I said hesitating. He didn’t look like a guy who would rape me and that’s when it hit me

"I don’t even know your name" I said and he stopped in his tracks and turned around

"I’m Harry, love. What’s your name?" he asked.. I was too drunk to drunk to notice he had a British accent

"I forgot…" I said honestly and I heard him chuckle

"Maybe it’s not that good of idea, I don’t want to use you" he said and I walked towards him grabbing his crotch and pumping his shaft

"You sure that it’s not a good idea?" I asked and I heard him gulp and take a deep breath

"Fuck it" he said and dragged me into this car and some guy started driving when Harry said


As soon as we arrived her dragged me out and into his house before I pushed him onto the nearest wall, ignoring the fact that the lights were still off, and I started sucking onto his neck and a little lower, he moaned and tangled his fingers into my hair. I nibbled onto his neck before sliding down on my knees and playing with the top of his jeans. He whimpered when I slid them down along with his boxers. His erection sprang free and then I started stroking it gently and slowly as he whimpered and shivered, leaning against the wall and closing his eyes

"Please don’t tease" he mumbled.

I took the tip of him in my mouth and flickered my tongue against it. 

"Keep going" he moaned and I took all of him in my mouth

He gasped and I soon started going up and down his shaft and stroking what can’t fit in my mouth…

"Please… stop" he moaned and I pulled away looking at him

"I.. I want to fuck you properly" he whispered.

And with that I got up from my knees and he grabbed just under my ass pulling me up and pushing me against the nearest wall… He lifted my dress with one hand and looked down

"No panties?" he asked, and I could tell just by his voice that he had a smirk on his face

"Nope" I said and he entered me.

His name escaped my lips as I placed my head on his shoulder and scratched his back in enjoyment. He went with a slow pace but he was going deeper and deeper every time.

When I felt I was close he picked up the pace but slammed deeper into me. The only sounds were the sounds of us moaning. Me being louder than I should.

"I-I’m close" I managed to moan out and then he slammed into me one last time, going deeper than I thought possible and we both came undone as moans flew out of our mouths. 

He placed me on the ground and kissed me lovingly. The butterflies were real, but I didn’t knew if they were from the fucking, from the drinks I took, or from the way I kinda liked this boy…

He picked me up bridal style and walk up the stairs before placing me on this soft duvet.

He took off my dress slowly, leaving me in my bra. He took off his shirt and put it on me as I whispered

"Thanks" And then he lowered himself kissing my forehead

"I wish I knew your name" he whispered and was about to walk away when I took his hand gently, intertwining our fingers.

"I wish I knew it too.. Stay with me" I begged and he nodded in the dark and let go of my hand and he laid underneath the duvet with me.

I snuggled my head into his chest and smiled. He went up and down my back before we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning…

I moved in my sleep only to find I was sleeping on someone’s chest. What happened last night? I only remember going to the club and dancing with some dude… I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was a mop of brown curly hair, spread across the pillow and a familiar face… And that’s when I remembered it all… and realized.. I slept with HARRY STYLES!

So that’s why he dragged me across the club and that’s why he dragged me out through the back exit… Wow… 

The sex was amazing, and I actually felt something. I didn’t feel like another sex buddy…

I touched his face gently, trying to see if he’s real.. And that made him tighten the grip around me and whine..

"Don’t go" I gasped and it all hit me. I started to get feelings for him, this cannot be happening…

"I’m sorry, it was a mistake" I mumbled… I was just another one of his fuck buddies, I was just another one of the girls that he used for his pleasure… He is just gonna kick me out of bed and say

"It was nice fucking you"

I shifted away from his tight grip and that’s when he opened his eyes and pulled me onto his chest again

"You are the best mistake I ever made…. Last night was unbelievable.. and I hope you feel the same.." he mumbled and kissed the top of my head.

"Harry, you’re freaking Harry Styles and I’m just another one of your fuck buddies" I mumbled.

He loosened his grip on me and I sat up grabbing the duvet and pulling it over my chest as I looked down at him. He looked hurt.. he looked broken

And that’s when tears started falling down his cheeks and I stood there… speechless

"Everyone has this opinion on me and how I always fuck around every girl. I can’t fucking get away from those comments, they always say it, and what hurts me the most that most people believe it. Like you…" he suddenly said and sat up next to me and he covered his face with his hands..

I didn’t knew what to do, and before I could stop myself I hugged him from the side and placed my head on his shoulder

"Listen, last night wasn’t just another fuck night with a random girl, it wasn’t… I actually felt something towards you.. I really want to know the name of the girl I made love to last night"

"Her name is Lissy, and we were drunk" I mumbled

"I wasn’t that drunk, I knew I wanted you. Not just for the night, but it all began to be clear to me when you grabbed my hand and begged me to stay…" he whispered, his voice still shaky from crying. I sighed and removed my hands from him and sat on his lap as I grabbed his hands and removed them from his face

His eyes were red and glossy. I smiled slightly as I leaned in and pecked his lips lovingly. 

He obviously went through a lot with his fame.. He experienced the worst part of fame, all the bad rumors that people believed in. And so did I.

I was so wrong!

Since then, Harry and I’ve been dating, well casually dating… And it was a secret too. I would go over to his home, cook something with him, we would eat it while watching TV, or we would just chill out. Nothing special..

And with every moment that past, with every kiss that we shared, I fell in love with him. My worst nightmare came true. I was hopelessly and foolishly in love with Harry. There was no use in denying it…

And he knew because one day it just slipped after I kissed him, he was surprised but I will never forget the huge, goofy smile that was on his face as he said

"I love you too"….

After a couple of days we announced to the world about us and needless to say there were bad comments but I didn’t care, and neither did Harry.. We were in love and no one, I mean NO ONE, could ruin that..

Well it kinda sucks xD I hope you like it, and sorry for the long wait ;) xx Let me know what you think of it…



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