One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


7. Dirty Harry imagine for Tanisha (you grind against him while with the boys)

Where is Harry? He promised he would be here on time. I sighed and sat on a bench in front of the airport with my suitcase next to me. I came to spend a couple of days with Harry while he was in Seattle, we were dating exactly one year and two months, that’s a long time. We were just perfect for one another, because we were both bubbly all the time, we would talk about all kinds of stuff, from puppies to closets to the weather. There wasn’t a subject we haven’t talked about. Our relationship was relatively simple. I didn’t get much hate, I mean I did get some but I didn’t care, they didn’t really affect me that much, I always had a smile on my face.

"Oh my God Tanisha, I’m so so so so so so sorry, the bus driver couldn’t drive me to here, and the cab driver was so slow, I had to pay him extra bucks to drive faster, I j-" I cut him off by getting up and giving him a tight hug. He hugged me back instantly. I just missed him! I haven’t seen him for a week, I know it’s not that long but it was for me.

He was wearing his black shirt and tight black pants along with his white converse and I was wearing my favorite summer dress and my converse. 

I pulled away and placed my foot next to his and said

"Look, we’re shoe twins!" I said smiling, he giggled and nodded

"We are! Let’s celebrate it with a kiss" he said sweetly. I giggled and went on my toes to kiss him, he grabbed me by my waist and brought me up a little, so that I didn’t have to tiptoe. I felt kinda embarrassed by the public display of affection but Harry made it clear to me that he will do whatever he wants, and where ever he wants, i won’t ever be his secret, he wanted the world to know.

He pulled away and placed me on the ground again.

"You’re still wearing the ring I bought you" he said happily and I nodded

"Well I was planning to throw it away" I joked and he giggled

"So where is the bus? I wanna see the boys too" I said happily and took his hand in mine, he intertwined our fingers and pulled me to one direction (xD).

"Harry" I cleared my throat “Did you forget something?" I asked and stopped in my tracks. He turned around and looked at me confused and then he realized

"Ohhh, the suitcase" he said and walked over to the bench and grabbed my suitcase. He carried it with one hand and with the other he walked with me. We decided to walk to the bus, so that we could talk about everything and see if there is anything new in our lives. Which I doubt, considering the fact that we talk everyday.We talked about all kinds of stuff, I asked him about the tour, the boys and we made a couple of jokes. 

When we arrived to the bus, the boys gave me a hugeeee hug each and Harry cleared his throat

"Mine" he said as he snaked his arm around me. I giggled, feeling kinda embarrassed with our public display of affection in front of them. I looked down and Louis said

"You get more beautiful every single day" I blushed and Harry giggled and joked

"You know Louis, you could have waited for me to leave and THEN start flirting with my girl" I giggled and kept looking down

"Well if you forgotten Harry boy, I have a girl of my own, but if Tanisha wants we can have a threesome", Louis joked and me and Harry giggled. We decided to watch some tv together, everyone got seated and I was about to sit next to Harry when he pulled me onto his lap. I giggled and blushed slightly. He placed his head on my neck and watched the tv with me. I shifted on my place a little without thinking, but I usually did that when I sit. Then I felt something hard on my butt. I looked at Harry and he was biting his lip and looking at me and I could clearly see the lust in his eyes

"Sorry" I whispered so only he could hear it

"No, keep going" he whispered. I didn’t know why but I listened to him, I grinded against him slowly so the guys won’t notice, and they didn’t. They were too caught up on some wrestling show. I heard Harry whimper quietly and I looked back at him, he had his head on my neck still, he was biting his lip so hard and he had his eyes closed, he was close. He felt me watching him and he looked back and whispered “I’m close". I felt his hand slip under my dress and touch my thigh. I looked at the boys and they were still watching the show with their backs towards us.

He placed his hand on my core gently, as I grinded against him faster. He started rubbing and I bit my lip holding in the moan. He rubbed me faster and harder as I picked up the pace soon, we both moaned, and we hoped the boys didn’t hear us, but they did. Harry quickly removed his hand and leaned back onto the couch with his elbows. Pretending nothing happened. But I couldn’t play it cool, I was red from embarrassment and from being aroused. The boys turned around and saw me in that state and giggled.

"These two work fast!" Louis teased and pushed Niall playfully

"They sure do"

"Harry!" Liam scolded and I heard Harry gigged. I looked down as I felt embarrassed. Harry sat up and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck

"Babe, don’t be embarrassed, I caught them doing worse things" he whispered and I giggled

"Well we’re not watching TV with you guys anytime soon" Zayn joked and I giggled slightly turning around and hiding my face in Harry’s chest.

"We’re just gonna be more quiet next time" Harry said and the boys laughed. As I wanted to die out of embarrassment. The couple of days with Harry went by pretty quickly and it was soon time to say goodbye. I had an amazing time with them, we went bowling, clubbing, we went to sing karaoke, we went golfing and did all kinds of stuff. We traveled to a couple of places but it was time to go to home.

"Bye love" Niall said and hugged me with a pout on his face. Everyone said goodbye to me and gave me a hug before Louis came and said

"Don’t watch TV with any other guy, Harry would be devastated" I giggled and blushed. He was joking and serious at the same time, but I would never cheat on Harry.

"I promise I won’t" I said and hugged Louis before Harry followed me to the airport and said goodbye to me with the most passionate kiss ever

"Babe, I’m coming home soon, don’t worry" was the last thing he said before I went into the plain. And he did exactly that.

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