One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


4. Dirty Harry imagine for Shideh (you're friends with benefits and he gets a girl)

Fucking friends with benefits. I said to myself for a millionth time today after I found out Harry was dating some girl. He didn’t even bother to tell me.

We’ve been friends with benefits for a year now, and to tell you the truth I had emotions for him from the start. I would never agree to this if I didn’t. I hated it, but I knew he didn’t want more, I mean he said he didn’t want the fans to hurt me or send me hate so we were friends, and we would occasionally fuck.

I loved Harry since the beginning, I mean I’ve known him since I was little and then he became famous and I saw him again, and then one day he got a boner in front of me and well. I guess you know what happened.

I thought we would be more, but he told me right after we finished that we will never be a real couple, because he doesn’t want the fans to hurt me, I think that was his nice way of telling me that he doesn’t want more, I mean the fact that he is in a real relationship right now makes it even more obvious.

I sighed as I saw pictures of them on tumblr, they looked happy, especially Harry, he looked so so happy. And it killed me. Maybe we weren’t meant for one another, maybe I was having my hopes up too high. Maybe I thought we could be more.

But I was wrong.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I quickly wiped it off. No use in crying, it won’t help anything. How can he do this to me? I have to find out he’s dating. So this means this is it. No more FWB, that’s how we used to call it. It sucks to feel like something ended that never began.

And to think he didn’t even care if I didn’t knew, what if I never found out, would he still want to fuck me all he wants and have her when he needs a relationship. No. I won’t ever be that girl.

She was beautiful, the way her perfect blonde hair was curled at the end made her face look even more beautiful, and here I am with my regular, boring brown hair. She had perfect blue eyes and here I am with my green eyes. Maybe it is the best for him. I mean she was perfect and he was perfect, they’re perfect for eachother.

I knew he always had a thing for blonde girls, maybe I should dye my hair. Maybe then he would want me as a girlfriend, and not a fuck buddy. I shook that thought out of my head, I won’t ever change for a guy, not even Harry, the guy I loved since I turned 14 years old. He came to my party in his favorite jeans and his favorite black t-shirt. He looked amazing, puberty was really nice to him

His voice was raspy and his body looked amazing. I fell in love with him when he was the only one that came besides my best friend Olivia. I was always a loner and Harry was always the guy that had so many friends,but you couldn’t call him popular because he wasn’t stuck up.

He would always try to push me to meet people, to have fun, he was a great influence, he never made me do stuff that would harm me, he just pushed me to be a better me, to have a better life. And when Olivia moved, he was the only one I had left, and he helped me through it. When I come to think of it, he was always there, when I was sick, when I was sad, when I needed someone. He was the ultimate best friend. 

I never wanted to hold him back, ever. When he wanted to try out for x factor I pushed him to do it, I was there the whole time, I went with him to the addition, I played the piano while he practiced, I gave him my opinion and I was never jealous that he was gonna try to make his dream come to life. I wanted him to be happy. So I guess I shouldn’t feel bad he has a girlfriend now, he is happy. That’s the only thing that matters. I closed my laptop and sighed, I grabbed my phone and saw a message

"Hey babyyy.. Wanna meet upppp and eat! I’m hungry!" it was from Niall, Harry’s friend. Harry introduced me with him and we both just clicked, I mean I would do almost everything with him, I would tell him anything, even the stuff about Harry that no one else knew. He was the one that told me Harry was dating a girl, he didn’t want me to find out on the internet. He thought I deserved more than that.

Actually Niall started chatting with Olivia, and he started liking her, so I organized a flight to LA with Niall, so that we could see her. I knew they would be a perfect couple. 

"Sureee Nialleerrr, I’ll be at Nandos in 10 minutesssss"  Itexted him and grabbed your earphones as I headed out the door

"Okaaaaaay Shideh ;) See yaaa xx"

"See ya Nialls xx" I texted him back and placed the earphones in my ears as I walked towards Nandos.

As I arrived I  saw Niall already sitting at a table tapping his fingers onto the table, he was definitely impatient when it comes to food. I walked right in and he gave me a hug before I sat down.

"So what will you take Niall?" I asked him already knowing the answer

"Everything" he said casually and I laughed. You’ve known him so well. All of a sudden you heard

"Niall! Shideh!" I could recognize that voice anywhere, and just as I forgot about him. There he was, Harry, with his beautiful blonde, perfect girlfriend. He held her hand as they walked over to us with a huge smile on their faces. She was wearing the shortest dress I ever saw in my life. I think even strippers wear more clothes than her. Shideh, be cool, just be nice. She didn’t do anything wrong and he deserves her.

"Hiiiii" I said and shook my hand with her

"I’m Shideh, nice to meet you love" I said and looked at her, she barely shook my hand and she didn’t say anything. REALLY nice of her. I looked at Harry, he didn’t even give me a hug, Niall introduced himself to her and Harry sat at the table with us.

"You’re really rude, you haven’t even asked to join us" Niall said with a small smile. I knew he was concerned because I saw them together. And to tell you the truth it did hurt. Like hell. I mean the hardest part of life is seeing the person you love, love someone else. But I didn’t want to show him that I was hurting, so the fake smile never left my face.

"Well, it’s not like this is a date. Is it?" Harry asked looking at me

"It doesn’t matter if it is, you should have asked" I said, I won’t give him the power to think I wasn’t moving on.

"Well, you didn’t answer the question, is this a date?" he asked again. Now I could feel the slight anger in his voice, he doesn’t have the right to be angry.

"Yes, this is a date Harold, and it’s not even our first" I answered surprising myself and Niall. He looked at me and than at Harry and nodded

"But we don’t mind company" Niall said and placed his hand over mine that was on the table. He knew how to play along.

"You guys never kissed in front of us or anything" Harry said and I could tell he was surprised

"Well we kept it a secret, but we’re done making it a secret" Niall said and intertwined our fingers and smiled at me

"Well kiss now" Harry demanded and I shook my head

"We don’t want much press Harold. I think you should kiss less too. I mean you’re all over the news, do you WANT her to get hate?" I asked. Using his words against him. Why could he date her and lie to me that he wouldn’t date me because of the fans. Liar! He looked at me slightly mad. I smiled politely at him and he shook his head.

"I don’t believe you guys are dating", he said, his eyes never leaving mine

"Harry, why the fuck would I lie to you?", he sighed and asked

"Why didn’t you ever told me? I told you everything" I sighed in frustration

"Well I’m sorry if I was asleep when you told me about her, did you just pick her up or what, because she acts and looks like you did" I snapped. She looked at me and widen her eyes

"Excuse me!" she snapped

"You’re excused" I said casually and she hissed

"Harry say something!" Harry ignored her and kept looking at me with those angry eyes. He got up quickly and said

"Come" I could see the anger in his face. I shook my head

"No" I said. I could tell he was getting more and more angry.

"Come." He said a little louder

"Why would I go anywhere with you?" I asked and then he grabbed my hand leading me towards the bathrooms. He pulled me inside the girls bathroom, he didn’t even care that there were girls there, as soon as we entered they stopped talking and just quickly walked out. He pushed me against the wall and placed his hands on either sides of me, practically trapping me.

"Shideh. Don’t fuck with me! Are you dating him?" he asked

"I don’t plan on fucking you ever again Styles. And yes. We’re dating and I love him Harry. All those times you thought I texted Olivia, I texted him, happy now?" I asked. Suddenly there was sadness in his eyes. How can he change moods so easily. He shook his head

"Can you just leave me and go back to your perfect, blonde whore?" I snapped and he shook his head again looking down placing his forehead against mine.

"I didn’t think it would be so hard" he whispered. I was confused but held my ground.

"Why didn’t you tell me about her?" I asked and he looked up. I saw tears in his eyes and bit my lip, no way he’s gonna just do this and make it all better. No way.

"Because I-I just met her today Shideh, I thought it would be simpler for you to get over me if you saw us together, b-but I wasn’t ready to find out about you and Niall, and you…" he paused and took a deep breath and whispered "….l-loving him" he stuttered and bit his lip

"Harold Edward Styles. You’re an absolute idiot. I knew all along that the “we shouldn’t be together because of the hate" was a lie. Why don’t you just man up and tell me that you don’t feel the same way about me. Just tell me you don’t love me and don’t play with my emotions" he shook his head and punched the wall with the hand that was next to my head. That scared me and I flinched

"I didn’t lie to you! I didn’t WANT you to get hate! That was the hardest decision that I ever made Shideh. Ever! You don’t deserve the hate because I love you. You don’t. I-I wanted you to move on and have a better life, and it hurts to know you loved Niall all the time we fucked" my eyes widened. Did he just tell me he loved me? I know it wasn’t a direct way of saying it. But he said it.

"Harry" I whispered and cupped his cheeks with my hands and looked into his eyes lovingly.

"You don’t have the right to make that decision for me. You don’t Harold. I chose you a long time ago, and all that Niall stuff was a lie Harry. I just didn’t want you to think that I wouldn’t move on like you did"

"I never moved on. Never. I could never move on, but I thought you could. As soon as I knew you loved me back I knew it was wrong. I love you Shideh and I know you deserve a better li-" I cut him off by kissing his lips softly and pulling away.

"Harry. I loved you since my 14th birthday party. You know the one when I almost caught my hair on fire and when only you and Olivia came and we had a sleepover, when you sang me to sleep for the first time?" I said and he giggled obviously remembering it. He was the one that pulled my hair away so that it won’t get on fire.

"How can I forget the first time I ever knew what love was" he whispered and I smiled.

"It killed me to think that you were Niall’s when I thought you were mine. I know I said that we were FWB but I don’t know. I just thought you were mine Shideh. Even when you didn’t knew you were"

"Harry, I’m only yours" I whispered and he slammed his lips against mine. The kiss got more and more heated and soon we were naked in a bathroom stall. He pushed me against the locked door of the stall and whispered in my ear

"Niall would never make you feel this good babe" I shivered and I felt his hand slip to my vagina. He started rubbing gently and then he picked up the pace. I moaned loudly and he smirked at that. He kept rubbing me as he kissed from my stomach to my hip bones. And then he started eating me out.

"Who made you this wet babe?" he asked and licked my clit slowly. I couldn’t talk but he demanded I say something

"Say it babe, say it" he whispered and licked my clit faster

"Say it or I’ll stop and we’ll just get out of here" he whispered and pulled away slightly

"You made me this wet! Only you Harold Edward Styles" I practically shouted

"Good girl" he whispered and kept eating me out while he was on his knees and with my leg up onto the toilet. Soon his name repeatedly left my mouth as I came undone. 

He got up from his knees and he slammed into me without warning. I was super sensitive because I just orgazamed, but he kept going faster and faster as my nails dug onto his neck pulling his head closer to mine as my lips kissed his desperately. Soon we both came and we were both breathing heavily. I lowered my dress and he zipped his pants up and smirked at me

"That was really really fun Shideh" he whispered and pointed at my neck

"Sorry" he said and I could tell he wasn’t. I couldn’t say anything I was still thinking about something.

"Harry? Are you sure you won’t be with her? I mean, yeah, she is a whore but she looks perfect" I said and he looked at me shocked. I exited the stall and he followed close by.

"Shideh. You are perfect to me." he whispered and I walked over to the mirror. Looking at myself, I was far from perfect.

"Don’t throw that “Little things" crap on me Styles. I mean look at me. I’m far from perfect and that blonde girl out there IS" I said and looked at him

"It’s not crap I honestly feel that way. Fuck her! She doesn’t have the most beautiful smile I ever saw. She doesn’t have those beautiful green eyes that are so so perfect. She doesn’t have that beautiful, naturally wavy hair that you do Shideh. You ARE perfect. You just can’t see it" he whispered and laid his forehead against mine.

"I love you Shideh. I want you" he whispered and pulled away slightly kissing the tip of my nose

"I love you too Harold" I whispered and kissed the tip of his nose. Harry made me feel beautiful from that day on. I wasn’t insecure at all, because I knew he truthfully felt like I was perfect. I felt even more beautiful than that blonde girl. I received hate almost every day, but I never really looked for it, you know. I didn’t really care. I knew it was there but I didn’t care about their opinion. I had Harry and that was the only thing that mattered.

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