One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


11. Dirty Harry imagine for Rhona (you work for Lou and you have s**)

I can’t believe I’m late! My first day of my new job and I’m late! Nice going Rhona! I ran towards the building, if I actually worked out once in a while it would be easier. I ran inside and asked the lady behind the desk where is “One Direction" doing there teen vogue cover shoot. She answered me quickly but gave me an odd look, I mean I was breathing heavily and was obviously in a hurry. I walked quickly towards the elevator and clicked the number 7. I waited impatiently as the arrow came from 1 to 7. As it made a noise and I finally arrived I ran out and bumped into someone.

"Ooops I’m so sorry, I’m in a hurry, sorry" I said without even looking up or anything, I just ran past her/him. To tell you the truth I was afraid, I probably looked horrible. I walked into the big room and saw Lou doing someone’s makeup, I was a hard core directioner, so I noticed that it was Zayn. I walked to her and said

"I’m so so so so sorry I’m late, I don’t even have an excuse ready" she turned around with a smile on her face

"It’s fine love, we just started" she said and I smiled widely. Phew, I won’t be late ever again. I shook hands with Zayn and he said

"So you’re Lou’s new assistant?" I nodded. It was so weird to see them live, I mean, I always loved them from the far and now there they were, right in the same building and soon room as me. I helped Lou around with all the boys, I greeted them all with a smile, and then Harry came. I always had a special place in my heart for him, he came near us giving Lou a hug and smiled at me

"I’m Harry, and you must be the bumping girl" he said and I felt my cheeks burning up. I bumped into him

"Sorry for that again" I barely said and he nodded taking a seat on the chair

"It’s no biggie" he said politely as Lou started putting some liquid foundation and then we heard her phone ringing. She pulled away and she said

"You continue, put some concealer, powder and some lip balm " I nodded and turned towards him, he smirked as I placed my hand over his face and started rubbing in the foundation, I went slowly and gently and then I pulled away to look if I made any mistakes, I examined his face while his smirk never left his face. I applied some concealer under his eyes with a brush, going over his face really gently and slowly. And then some powder, I pulled away looking at him. I grabbed the colorless lip balm and said to him

"Purse your lips"

"Well I usually kiss on the second date, but if you must" he joked and I giggled slightly. He pursed his lips and I applied the lip balm gently. While fantasizing about me kissing those wonderful lips, they just seemed so inviting. I pulled away and he asked

"Oh, cold feet, love?" he asked and winked before getting off the chair

"Maybe next time Styles" I said suddenly with confidence. He smirked and leaned in kissing my cheek lightly

"I’m looking forward to that" he whispered against my ear before pulling away completely and walking away. I wanted to kiss him so so so bad! But yeah I just met him, it’s not right now matter how much I wanted to.

Lou came back and said

"Sorry, my useless husband needed my help, I had to explain to him in detail how to turn on the washer" I giggled and she added

"I saw Harry on my way here, you did a good job Rho" I smiled and said

"Well I didn’t do much". She smiled and said

"Well Harry can be a handful, sometimes he just doesn’t wanna sit still, he’s like a big kid, but he’s really good and nice, and handsome" at the end she looked at me with a smirk. I blushed slightly but said

"Yeah, he is, and he was really polite and he didn’t move at all" I tried to shake that thought of him out of my head, I mean Lou obviously saw I had a thing for him.

"Well you should always do his makeup, so that he can be still" she said and packed up her stuff, I helped her without saying a word, I really would like that. 

"Let’s go see how they look" she said and grabbed my upper arm dragging me into the other room, as we entered the boys looked up and smiled and waved, Harry had a smirk on his face and I bit my lip watching them pose. I don’t know why but there was some kind of tension between me and Harry, I didn’t knew if he felt it too.

"Go touch up Liam’s makeup" Lou said and gave me a brush and some powder. I walked over to him and applied some more on the brush and then to his skin, I always had a thing for details so everything had to look perfect, Liam was looking down at me with a small smile. I smiled up at him and pulled away.

"You look per-fect" I said imitating his voice in “The best song ever". He and the rest of the boys giggled except Harry. I returned to Lou and watched them strike their weird poses

"Harry’s makeup" Lou said and pushed me over to them, I almost hit Harry again I looked up at him with a smile, he looked down and I started placing the powder on his face, I felt his eyes on me and then he placed his hands on my hips. It sent shivers down my body. I smiled, not really saying anything and I pulled away slowly as his hands removed themselves from my waist. 

The rest of the photo shoot went exactly the same, I did some touch ups on them and everytime Harry would place his hands on my waist.

"It’s a wrap" the photo guy said and I sighed in relief, Lou smiled and patted the boys on the back.

"You guys looked good" she said happily as the boys walked into the dressing room. I was about to walk into another room with Lou when I felt some strong hands on my shoulders.

"I have to take her for a second" he said to Lou and she smirked at us as he pulled me by my hand to the next room. It was empty, thank God.

"Do you have any idea how hard i had to try to not have a hard on?" he asked seductively. I looked at him confused and said

"I didn’t do anything", he came closer to me and I took a step back, my back against the door. He placed a hand on one side of me blocking my way

"The way you bit your lip, they way you tried to make me jealous with the  other boys, and you succeeded. The way you slowly put on my makeup, completely turned me on. The way you examined my face as you finished, I almost came when you did that" he whispered in my ear and started nibbling on my earlobe gently. I finally understood the tension, it was mutual. It was a sexual tension. He licked my neck slowly and kissed from my jaw to the corner of my mouth. And then stopped teasing me

"Kiss me Styles" I whispered and he did. It was the best kiss I ever got, it was so passionate and so hot! The way his tongue played with mine, the way his hands slid up and down my body. He placed his hand under my dress and onto my thigh, I moaned as I felt his hand on my underpants, slowly palming me through them, it was amazing. I moaned his name when he picked up the pace and then he stopped, and pulled my underpants down and they fell to my ankles. He smirked as he placed his hand on my vagina, I moaned slightly and started kissing his neck, I unzipped his pants and let them slide down as well as his underpants.

"We have to do this quick, tell Lou that I only asked you out, I mean if you want go into detail about this" He joked, I smirked and started pumping his bulge and he started fingering me. Moans escaped our lips, after some time he slammed into me, he placed a hand over my mouth to hush down my moans, I placed a hand over his mouth. He didn’t even let me adjust, he started going in and out quickly and fearlessly. And soon we went over the edge. He pulled out and I tugged my underpants up and placed my dress back to the way it was. He was fully dressed now and he smirked at me

"That was really fun, we should do it more often" he said

"Maybeee" I answered and came closer to him making his hair look normal. He did the same with my hair

" I know it’s stupid, but I don’t know your name" he said and giggled. I realized that myself and giggled too

"It’s Rhona, but call me Rho" I answered and he smirked

"So, Rho, would you want to go out on a date with me? Maybe tonight? And maybe round two?" he asked seductively. I think everybody knows what I answered ;)

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