One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


18. Dirty Harry imagine for Margarida (he's a nerd and you're new in school)

         It will be a fun experience they said. You will meet new, great friends they said. You would fit in they said.

I was in such a bed mood, but would you blame me I mean I'm new at school and everyone already hates me for some reason. As soon as I stepped inside the school I heard whispers

"Who the fuck is this train wreck?"

"She probably was kicked out of her last school"

"She is a total bitch! I could see it"

I sighed in frustration. People ALWAYS judged a book by it's cover, like always! They always jumped to conclusions and that made me so angry! I mean EVERYONE did that! They don't even know my name and they already made up my life story.

I walked over to my locker, quickly showing some books in it and only leaving behind my biology book. I slammed the locker door when I heard some bitch behind me whisper

"Look what's she's wearing. She probably bought it in "Forever a bitch"" some girls giggled around her. I turned around and they were surprised, by the sudden slam and me glaring at them. They were all pretty blonde girls with a body to match. I hated them already. Judging me by what I wear. And they don't know anything about me.

Yes I was wearing some plain pair of jeans and a black shirt and black converse. Well I'm soooooooooo sorry I don't wear designer clothes and shoes to match. Not everyone is rich.

"I was planning on buying you some clothes from your favorite shop but I guess your mother bought them for you" I snapped and I heard some boys laughing and saying

"Oooooooooh" I ignored them and I walked away. Leaving her with her mouth wide open. I walked inside my classroom and scanned for an empty seat while walking towards the teacher

"Oh, you're the new student. Welcome. Just grab a sit and we'll begin with the lecture in no time" I was gonna like this teacher, she was really nice and she didn't made me introduce myself in front of everyone. I walked pass some people and sat on an empty chair in the far back. Soon the classroom was filled with students and the teacher started teaching. Yeah, everyone could tell I was the new girl, because I was the only one with an empty seat right next to her.

And then we heard a knock on the door. Someone entered. He had nerdy glasses and his hair back. He wore clothes you expected your grandpa to wear, he wore a tie, some white shirt and a vest. He wore some kind of fancy pants and some black shoes. He did  look like a nerd. But I wasn't going to judge him by that. Who knows how he is inside.

"I'm so sorry miss Johnson. I-I slept in" he said. His voice raspy as hell and he was nervous, I could clearly see a bruise just under his left eye. Wait, was he beaten up?

"It's okay Harry" she said and smiled slightly at him. I knew she wasn't buying the whole "slept in" part. He scanned the classroom and his eyes landed on the spot next to mine, he walked over to me and asked kindly

"I'm so sorry but could I sit next to you?" I smiled at him and nodded

"Of course you can" he seemed kinda surprised. Like it didn't happen often that he would be sitting next to a girl. Well better yet.. person.

He sat next to me, arranging his notebook and pencils on the table. OTD alert! I kept looking at him with a weak smile

"Sorry, but how did you get that bruise?" I asked quietly. OMG Margarida! How can you just ask him that all of a sudden!? Dumb ass. 

He snapped his head up and looked at me with wide eyes. Didn't anyone care for him or something?

"Sorry, I just am not use to people sitting next to me and actually asking me questions. I-I fell" he stuttered. He is such a bad lier

"Oh so you mysteriously landed on your left cheek, how fascinating" I said sarcastically and he giggled slightly as the teacher continued to teach. 

"Well I'm a fascinating guy" he said and I giggled. Some students looked back at us weird. Well I don't care.

"You're new?" he whispered while taking notes at the same time. I hated notes and school, so I didn't care.

"You're not really good at changing subjects" I pointed out and he smiled 

"I know i'm not. You wouldn't care" he whispered

"Then why would I ask you if I didn't care?" I asked and looked at him. He was taking notes, and I could tell he was avoiding eye contact. Actually I could imagine him without the glasses and in normal clothes, with his hair up. He would look really really hot!

"Some guy hit me, no biggie" he whispered

"No biggie? Are you crazy Harry?" I whispered shocked and partly mad. Why would anyone use violence on this guy!?

"Listen, I am used to it. So it's no big deal"

"You shouldn't be use to that for God sake" If we weren't in the classroom in the middle of class I would shout. He looked up at me. FINALLY. I could see sadness in his eyes before it suddenly disappeared. Yeah I could tell he was hiding his emotions, just like I do. I never showed sadness or any weakness.

"Listen Harry. You don't deserve that. You really don't. You're a pretty nice guy and those guys just have problems on their own and they don't know how to get rid of them, so they try to ruin your life. You just have to fight back. It won't stop if you don't fight your own battles" 

Was it me or did I see sparks everytime he looked at me with those beautiful green eyes? It was just me probably. He nodded and for the last of the class he didn't say anything and neither did I. When the class was finished I exited the classroom quickly and walked up to my locker. As soon as I did I heard a male voice saying

"Where do you think you're going?" I turned my head around quickly and saw Harry looking at me with those green eyes while that guy was standing next to him, glaring at him. I saw those sparks again and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I just had this strong connection towards him

"I-I-I.." Harry stuttered

"You don't even know how to talk nerd" that guy said and soon a group of people started surrounding them. I stepped right into the circle just as the guy threw a punch at Harry. Harry fell back and the guy was about to kick him when I pushed him away

"You're a fucking asshole you know that right? Why don't you crawl into your fucking cave you caveman!" he was too strong so he moved just a little bit. He glared at me

"What did you say little girl?" yes I was short but he was an asshole

"You should really go to an ear doctor! You moron. Why don't you ever pick on someone your own size. You guys always go for the guys that YOU KNOW won't fight back. You always do that. And when you bit the crap out of people you feel victorious and brave. You're nothing but a fucking coward" I said and at the last part came closer to him and then I saw him get more and more angry and then I saw his arm rose up to punch me but he was stopped. With a fist in his face. My eyes widened as I saw Harry do that! He punched him straight into his face and that guy just fell on the floor and shouted

"Fuck" he had his hand on his face and some blood. I can't believe Harry probably broke his nose!  I looked at Harry and he looked back. I heard some gasps and I didn't even notice I gasped too.

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?" I heard someone shout. Probably a teacher. I felt Harry's fingers wrap around my wrist and he pushed me through the crowd running and everyone did that too. We ran somewhere and I didn't even know where. But I knew I was safe with Harry. 

We stopped in front of this room and Harry looked under some plant and took out a key and unlocked the door and pushed me in. He locked the door again and pushed me against the wall. I was surprised and he saw that

"You shouldn't have done that! He could have hurt you!" he shouted and I covered his mouth with my hand trying to silence him, someone could hear him. He had anger in his eyes. Lots of anger.

"He didn't. I'm fine because of you. Thank you" I whispered. His green emerald eyes never leaving mine. I don't know why but this side of Harry really turned me on. He nodded and slowly reached up and grabbed my hand pulling it away from his mouth, he pinned that arm on the door, next to my face and smiled lightly

"No problem" he whispered intertwining our fingers on that hand. He looked down at my lip biting his lip and then up at my eyes, like asking for permission. I smiled slightly biting my lip while looking at his eyes

"Why didn't you defend yourself in the first place?" I asked while my eyes slowly traveled to his eyes. He was staring at me with his eyes. I had so many butterflies in my stomach it was unbelievable.

"I didn't knew I had it in me. And then he wanted to punch you. The only girl that actually cared about me and something snapped" he whispered tearing his gaze from my eyes to my lips. He slightly leaned in coming closer. His eyes were fixated on my lips and then when he was really close he looked up at my eyes. Just like he thought I would push him away or something. I didn't even breathe. I just couldn't and then he closed the space between us and kissed me. First it was a really sweet kiss and then it got all heated up. Thank god! Because I couldn't take the sexual frustration anymore! I kissed him back and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. He was actually a really good kisser. I wonder if I'm his first?

"Harry... I-I want you" I whispered completely under my breath. Our lips brushed against eachother as he spoke

"I want you. B-But.. it's my first time and I-I don't even know your name" he giggled at the last part and so did I. I pushed him slightly away and extended my arm

"I'm Margarida" I said and he giggled shaking my hand

"I'm Harry" he was about to pull away his hand when I pulled him towards me slamming my lips against his while my hands slipped under his vest pulling it up. He knew what I wanted so he slightly pulled away, pulling the vest over his head. I scanned him as he did that. He looked hot without a vest! I grabbed his tie and loosened it up a little bit and unbuttoned his shirt a little bit. OMG WHAT HAVE I CREATED!

I gasped and he noticed that as he looked down at me, he blushed and asked

"I know i'm not the hottest guy" he whispered. Did he seriously thought I didn't like what I saw? I smiled and whispered

"Look at me" and so he did I grabbed his face between my hands and said

"You're absolutely hot Harry. SO so so hot! You should see yourself right now, in that unbuttoned shirt and with that tie hanging loosely around your neck. Just seeing you makes me wet" he giggled and I said

"Don't you dare take off that shirt, it makes me so horny Harry" he nodded and he asked

"S-S-Should I t-take off your shir-rt?" I giggled at how kind he was and nervous. This wasn't my first time, but it's not like I slept with a lot of people. Actually Harry was my second.

"Only if you want to" I said removing my hands from his face and placing them on his belt. He gulped and looked down at me. I could see his pants started to get a little tight and I smirked at that and he whispered

"I-I want to take off your shirt Margarida" I nodded and pulled away my hands, so that they weren't a distraction. He placed his hands on the hem of my t-shirt and he pulled it up a slight bit, looking into my eyes. Seeing if it was still okay to take it off. I nodded and he took it completely off. He took a deep breath as he saw my upper body. I was wearing my favorite black, lace bra and I was slim. I just wasn't like other girls. I didn't want every guy to know I had boobs and that I had a flat stomach, only some guys deserved to see this. Like Harry.

I unhooked my bra and  grabbed his hands that were now next to his body. I placed them on my breasts and said

"Massage them" and so he did. He gave me so much pleasure with his simple touch. I grabbed his belt again and undid his pants and let them slide to his ankle. I saw that huge bulge in his underpants. He was so horny, just like me. I placed my hand on his bulge slowly and heard a groan from his mouth as I did. I palmed him through his underpants and he whispered as he massaged my breasts

"Margarida, I-I won't last long i-if you continue to do t-t-t-that" I giggled and quickly took off his underpants sliding them down to his ankles. HE WAS HUGE! Honestly he was! My last boyfriend was half his size! His erection hit my stomach slightly and he bit his lip removing his hands. I grabbed the button of my pants and undid them quickly and let them slide down and then Harry whispered

"I-I wanna take your underpants o-off" I nodded and he grabbed the hem of my underpants and pulled it down, painfully slow. 

"Margarida, I-I think I'll be really b-b-bad at this. Y-you have to tell me what to d-d-do" he said seriously and I nodded and pulled him closer to me.

"Because we don't have a condom I want you to pull away as soon as you know you'll cum. I want you to come close and place your throbbing dick at my entrance, okay?" I dirty talked and he nodded, coming even closer and he did what I said. 

"I-I have a condom. My mum gave it to me, just in case, I never thought I would actually use it" he said as he pulled out a condom from his pool of clothes at his feet. I grabbed the condom, ripping the foil and placing the condom on his dick slowly and he groaned again

"Now, I want you to slam into me and fuck me like there's not tomorrow. I think you should know how to do that" he nodded and asked

"Will it hurt you?"  I smiled at his concern 

"Don't worry about me, I just want you to fuck me, here and now" and so he did. At first he was really really slow and then, I don't know what happened but he became this animal, he started pumping in and out of me in a unreal speed and soon we both moaned eachothers name and came undone. 

I was totally out of breath, he was sooo good at this! So so so good at this! My last boyfriend NEVER fucked me like that. I flattened my hair and put on my clothes and so did he. I didn't mind him wearing the vest but he asked me before he even put it on

"Should I put it on?"

"Yes, I want to be the only girl to see you without it, okay?" I asked and moved closer to him. He nodded happily and put it on as he slid his glasses more up his nose. Well it surprised me they didn't fell when he fucked the hell out of me.

He looked down at me leaning in and placing his fingers under my chin supporting my head as he kissed my lips gently. No one really reported Harry fighting that guy and even those who did were made fun of. I mean why the fuck would the school nerd get into a fight. And the answer is "for the right girl".

Sorrrryyy for the long wait. I did my best to make it long and good. I don't know if I succeeded but I hope you like it ;) I tried my best xx


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