One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


15. Dirty Harry imagine for Chloe (he pleases you at diner with his parents)

I looked at myself in the mirror when I saw Harry enter the door from behind me, he slowly walked to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and lowered himself so that his head was now on my shoulder, he was looking at the mirror too.

"You’re beautiful" he whispered in my ear. I got some goosebumps and I smiled at him via mirror. I grabbed the airplane charm on my necklace and smiled widely.

"You like the gift that I gave you?" he asked with a whisper.

"Of course I do Harold" I said sweetly and he surprised me with kissing me on the sweet spot on my neck, he exactly knew where it was. I moaned silently and pulled away, he giggled as I faced him

"Nope" I said simply.

"You sure? We have 10 more minutes until my parents come" he said with a smirk. I nodded and playfully rolled my eyes at him. He smiled and grabbed my hand pulling me near him.

"Do that again I dare you" he said as he looked down at me with a smirk. I rolled my eyes again and he bit his lip before kissing me passionately. I smiled slightly into the kiss before sliding my hand down his chest to the bulge that was forming in his pants. I palmed him through his black pants and earned a throaty moan from him, I picked up the pace and he pulled away from my lips and attacked my neck, sucking and licking it. I knew that he was close when he started moaning my name more often, so I decided to tease him a bit. When I felt he was just about to come I removed my hand from his pants and he looked at me and said

"What the fuck Chloe?" he asked and I giggled as I heard the door bell ring.

"We have guests Harry" I said simply and started walking to the door

"Well one minute at the door wouldn’t kill them" he whispered and sighed.

"I’ll stay here until I…….cool down" he said and I turned around smirking at him and walked out. I removed my hairband and let my hair fall on my shoulders, hiding the love bites I knew I had. As I opened the door Anne pulled me in for a tight hug, I giggled and hugged her back. I gave a small hug to Joe as they entered the house. 

"Where’s Harry, love?" Anne asked with a sweet smile as we entered the living room. I was just about to answer when Harry placed an arm around my waits

"I’m here, let’s go eat!" he shouted and smirked down at me. When we were in front of the restaurant he leaned down and whispered: “This isn’t over". I knew exactly what he meant by that. I smiled up at him and saw Anne smiling at us 

"I love you too" I said and kissed his cheek sweetly. We sat at a table at the far end and just when I was getting into a deep conversation with Anne about the upcoming wedding I felt a hand creep under my dress. I shot a glare at Harry and tried to continue the conversation. He rubbed the inside of my thighs and smirked as he kept the conversation with Joe going. I bit my lip as he rubbed me outside my panties. Anne looked at me sweetly and asked as she pulled out her phone

"Which dress suits me better love?". Just as she handed me the phone I felt Harry’s hand enter my panties and rub my core slowly. I bit my lip really hard, trying to hold in the intense moan. I flipped through a couple of images but I couldn’t even concentrate. I mean would you if you had Harry’s hand in your panties rubbing your clit? I tried my hardest to make a decision that was accurate but then I felt Harry’s finger slowly enter my vagina. I grabbed onto his thigh squeezing it, trying to make him stop, but he pumped in and out slowly.

"So what do you think love?" she asked, I could see the confusion in her eyes.

"I-I l-like this one" I tried my hardest to say that, but it came out as a stutter.

"Since when did you started stuttering?" Joe asked and I squeezed Harry’s thigh even more as he picked up the pace. How will I fucking answer? Since your son slipped his hand into my panties?

"I-I don’t k-k-know" I answered and looked at Harry. He was really enjoying himself, he had the biggest smirk on his face and acted all cool and stuff. And I probably came off as weirder than I really am. Anne just nodded and looked at the picture

"Actually I like this dress the most too, thank you Chloe darling" she said and placed her phone in her purse again. Harry picked up the pace even more, I bit my lip and held onto Harry’s thigh, really close to the edge. Anne and Joe started talking about the wedding, but then Harry removed his hand quickly just as I was gonna cum. I looked at him and he leaned in whispering

"Revenge" I sighed and looked at Anne and Joe smiling as they talked about their wedding day, I tried to cool down and then I said

"I have to go to the ladies room" I got up slowly and whispered in Harry’s ear

"If you want to continue what we started come meet me in 10 minutes, and pretend like you want check up on me". When I pulled away he smiled sweetly and said

"I love you too" and nodded. I smiled and walked into the ladies room, I walked into the toilet stall and waited for Harry not so patiently. After what it seems like a decade I heard a whisper

"Chloe?" I giggled and opened the door to the stall and pulled him in. I immediately kissed him passionately and he kissed me back instantly. I puled away for some air and he started kissing my neck and tugging my dress up. 

"I see you really want me babe" he whispered as he touched my core slowly. I nodded and tried to unzip his pants but he caught my hand and whispered

"Not until you say it" I looked at him as I whispered

"I want you to fuck me right here right now" he bit his lip and released my hand. I unzipped it quickly and he said

"Jump" I did as he said and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed me against the wall as I pulled his pants down slightly and his underpants at the same time.

"We have to be quiet and quick" he whispered near my ear and nibbled on my earlobe gently. I placed my hand under his tshirt and on his back. Without warning he slammed into me and started coming in and out rather quickly. I placed a hand over my mouth as he picked up the pace.

"Do you like it like this? Do you like when I fuck you like this?" he asked seductively as he kept slamming. I nodded and he whispered

"You’re so tight babe"

"Fuck… Harry… faster" I whispered practically out of breath. He did what I said and soon I heard him whisper

"Babe, I’m so so close" I nodded and scratched his back as I felt me coming over the edge. Quiet moans escaped our lips as we came. He placed me back on the ground and zipped his pants back up as I tugged my dress down.

"That was amazing babe" he whispered

"So amazing Harry" I whispered back

"We should do it more often" he whispered and smirked

"Only in your dreams Harold" I whispered and opened the door looking around before exiting the stall and adjusting my dress and hair while looking in the mirror.

"Then I’ll see you in my dream Chloe" he whispered and exited too, he smiled and came over to me and placed his arms around my waist. Harry was always so cuddly after sex it was unbelievable.

"We’ll tell your parents I threw up" I whispered and turned around kissing his lips gently. He kissed back and when he pulled away he kissed the tip of my nose and then my forehead. When we returned to the table I acted like I didn’t feel good.

"Sorry mum, dad, she was throwing up" Harry lied and placed an arm around my waist

"Oh Chloe, daring, Harry bring her home and take care of her, so that’s why you looked like you were burning love" Anne said, I nodded trying to hold in the smirk

"I’ll take care of her mum" Harry said, and I knew what he was thinking right away, Harry my little perv boyfriend. I hugged Joe and Anne slightly before me and Harry walked out of the restaurant hand in hand.

"Round two?" Harry asked with a huge smile on his face.

"Maybe" I answered with a huge smirk

"I’ll take care of you, don’t you worry" he said with a bigger smirk as we walked into the cab. Let’s just say we had fun on the way to the house and in the house ;)

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