One Direction Imagines (closed for requests)

I'm so sorry guys, but I don't accept any more imagines because I feel like writting a fanfiction, so I don't have the time to write them anymore, I'm so sorry to anyone that requested, but they would be so bad because I don't have any more ispiration for them :( I'm so so so so so sorry but yeah... hope you enjoy the one's I actually wrote :D


13. Dirty Harry imagine for Aidymarie (he thinks you cheated)

Why won’t this tears stop falling already? I asked myself the 10th time today. The day started so perfectly, I was woken up with someone lips on mine, I already knew who was the owner of the lips. My beautiful, stunning, wonderful, funny, caring, loving boyfriend Harry, had a habit of waking me up with a kiss. I smiled as I felt his lips on mine and opened my eyes slowly. I saw him on his side looking at me with those loving eyes. I smiled happily and whispered

"Good morning", he smiled and showed off his dimples.

"Good morning, love" he whispered back. His morning voice always made me shiver, it was just so seductive and raspy and wonderful. I really liked hearing his voice in the morning. Yeah, he went to tour and back, so that’s why I cherished these type of mornings. He was having a short break from the tour so the first thing that he did was jump into a plane and come here, to see me.

I felt so blessed and so loved. I never felt like that before. He was definitely special, and he didn’t even have to say to me that he loved me, because I already knew he did. Yeah, he would say “I love you" from time to time, but he always showed it, with the little things that he does.

But everything was falling apart just hours later. He went to the shop while I cleaned up the house, and made our bed and did the usual cleaning. Just as I finished I heard the front door open and slam.

“Aidymarie!" I heard Harry shout, That surprised me, he never shouted my name that way. 

"In the living room!" I said and placed the cloth on the table as he stormed into the living room. He had a mad look on his face, was pissed, you could clearly see that. I hated when he was mad, and plus he was mad at ME. I looked at him as he practically threw the shopping bags on the couch, only some type of newspaper remained in his hands.

"Babe, what’s wrong?" I asked carefully as I walked towards him, he backed away a step with the same angry look on his face.

"Don’t you “babe" me!" he said and showed me the cover of the newspaper. It took me a couple of seconds to see why he was angry. I was on the cover, with some guy, I don’t even know. I looked up at him and said

"That’s photoshop Harry" he sighed frustrated and shook his head

"I knew this would happen, I knew you would cheat on me while I was away, I knew it! This always happens with every girl that I date! They just find a better guy and screw him and then when I get home they act all “good" and they act like they still love me! I have no idea why I believed you were different!" I listed to him carefully and I wanted to touch his cheek but he backed away one more step

"I’m not like other girls that you dated Harry! Stop comparing me to them all the time! Like when you compared me to that Taylor Swift ,and how she dressed a certain way. I’m not her! Get that in your head! I love you Harry! More than you even know, that’s why it hurts me to see you like this, thinking I was over you" he sighed again frustrated and said

"Don’t you dare fucking lie to me that you “love" me! Don’t you dare! I actually loved you! I actually jumped into the plane quickly without even thinking about anyone else, you were on my mind! I wanted to see my lovely little girlfriend, I wanted to hold you again and kiss you and love you. You don’t think I had an opportunity to cheat on you? I had! So many girls were throwing themselves at me but I didn’t want to lose this thing that we had" I was shocked that he actually didn’t believe me. I felt tears forming in my eyes.

"I love you idiot! More than anything! That’s photoshop and if you don’t believe me than you should go. I never stopped thinking about you while you were away. Not even for a second, I counted the days until you’re back in my arms. I love you Harry, I love you so much. I would never cheat on you, but if you think so then we should break up" I said, surprising myself with the last sentence, I saw his eyes widen and he bit his lip before saying

"Yeah, I think we should. I don’t wanna feel hurt anymore, I-I went through enough. M-My heart can’t take it anymore"  He started crying by the end of the sentence and he rushed out of the house before I could even think to stop him. And he was gone. I cried for what it seems like ages in my bedroom. As I wiped the tears away, new one’s came. Maybe a shower can make me feel better.

I slowly walked to the bathroom and got undressed before slipping into the shower. The hot water ran down my face and my whole body. I sighed as I felt more tears coming from my eyes. Suddenly without warning, someone pulled back the curtains and then I saw Harry, with his eyes all red and puffy, he was crying. I looked at him confused as he entered the shower with his clothes on.

"I-I thought you left, and I-I-I was so scared" he said whimpering before he wrapped his arms around me and pulling me close. I wrapped my arms around him and was about to speak up but he pulled away and placed a finger in front of my lips

"Don’t talk" he said simply before he kissed my lips slowly and gently. The kiss became more intense by the second, as he pulled away I again wanted to say something, I wanted to apologize and say I love him one last time but he placed his lips on my again.

"Don’t talk" he whispered against them before traveling from my lips to my cheek and then to my jaw and finally my neck, I placed my hands loosely around his waist, I tugged on his shirt a bit before he pulled away and ripped it off and throwing it out of the shower. The water was now running down us both, I tugged down his jeans before he helped me rip them off, along with his underpants. I came closer to him kissing his neck now as he massaged my breasts lovingly. I left a couple of love bites along his neck. He pushed me away slightly and I thought he changed his mind but he pushed me against the wall before coming really close to me, he placed both of his hands on either sides of me before looking into my eyes and placing the tip of his dick at my entrance. He slowly came inside of me and slowly came in and out, I grabbed a hold of hair and he picked up his pace slowly, his eyes never leaving mine, I felt some intimate with him now.

I forgot about the fight even, the only thing that cared was us right now, no one else, nothing else. The water was falling over us but we didn’t even care. He passionately kissed my neck and pumped in and out, I moaned his name a couple of times, he did the same with my name.

"I love when you moan my name Aidymarie" he whispered seductively. 

"Harry, I-I’m close" I whimpered and he picked up the pace, he was going faster but it was still really passionate and lovely. We both came over the edge and he removed himself from me before kissing my lips sweetly.

"I’m sorry" he said simply and bit his lip, like he was waiting for me to push him away.

"Harry, I’m sorry too. But I honestly love you, I know I don’t really show that enough but…" he cut me off

"You do Aidymarie! That’s the thing. You always show it, by the little things that you do. The way you smile when I see you, the way you jumped into my arms in the airport, the way you kiss me, make me breakfast without even complaining, the way you never get mad at me when I don’t have time for you, the way you say my name when you sleep, they way yo…." I cut him off by kissing his lips softly. I just couldn’t control myself, those words that came out of his mouth were so beautiful. I pulled away and smiled at him lovingly, he smiled back and said

"I promise to trust you next time when I see something like that, like you trust me when you hear all that rude stuff about me and when you hear I cheated on you with some model, also I promise to never compare you to Taylor or anyone else" I smiled wider

"I trust you, and it’s about time you started trusting me" I said and tiptoed leaning my forehead against his.

"I love you" he said simply and that made my heart skip a beat. I blushed slightly, I don’t know why but it felt like the first time he ever said that

"I love you too" I said honestly. The rest of the day was filled with beautiful memories with Harry, we went to dinner, bowling, a movie, he wanted to make me forget about how we fought, and to tell you the truth he succeeded.

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