Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


38. Chapter 37

Chapter 37


Harry's POV


    “Harry,” Monica yelled as I stood in the middle of the street. I don't know why I was still standing there. I guess I hoped that the limo would turn around and that Nicollette would come back so I could explain to her.

    “Harry,” Monica said again.

    “What?!” I yelled back my voice coming out more aggressive than what I intended.

    “You need to come inside it's cold out here. I'm sure she will be fine. She was always so dramatic back home. She'll get over it.” She said.

    “Shut up Monica,” I said, “look I didn't really get a chance to tell what I felt about your little scene back there, but I can tell you now. I hate you. I don't love you anymore. I did once, but you broke my heart and I don't think I can ever go through that again. I'm in love with Nico and now all I want is to get her back because what I have with her is real unlike what we had. You left me broken and I guess I can thank you for that because if it weren't for you I would have never found out what love really is. Nicollette. She shows me what it is and I have to go find her before it's too late.”

    Monica stood there motionless staring back at me, “I...I'm sorry.”

    “I forgive you,” I said walking passed her and back into the house.

    When I walked in Nico's dad was apologizing to everyone and letting the guest know that they could have some cake on their way out. I walked passed everyone looking for my coat every where so that I could get my phone and try and call her. I know she would probably ignore the call but I wanted her to know I wasn't giving up on her.

    “What happen with Nicky, mate?” Liam asked as I looked through all the coats trying to find mine.

    “Monica kissed me and she saw,” I said not fully concentrating on Liam.

    “Harry! Why would you,” he began.

    “I know Liam,” I said before he began to lecture me, “It was a mistake. Right now you can either help me find Nicollette or you can waste my time and lecture me.”

    I could see him roll his eyes even though he was standing behind me.

    “Fine,” he said, “I'll go tell the boys to go out and drive around to see if we could find her anywhere.”

    He walked away and I kept looking for my coat. I really wished that I wouldn't had put my cell in my coat because there was so many coats here and most of them pretty much looked the same. After what felt like a thousand coats later I finally found my coat and pulled out my cell phone only to find that the battery was dead. I groaned with anger filling my body and threw my phone across the room. I was acting like a complete idiot. I walked over to my phone and picked it up to charge it.

    Nico's dad came up to me and handed me his phone, “Here. I am not sure what happened between you two, but you need to fix it. Take my phone and find her. I called the limo guy he said that he stopped at the gas station close to the park, but that she wasn't in the limo any more when he came back.”

    “I know where she is,” I said taking his phone and heading out to go and find her.

    I hadn't noticed how late it was. It was nearly 3am and she was out there alone. I had to find her and make things right.

    I parked close to the park and began to walk the area where she found me getting beat up by kyle and his guys. I looked through the area but didn't see any trace of her. I began to walk through the whole park thinking that maybe she would walk through a different area of the park.

    I felt like I had been walking for hours and I probably walked through the same place more than once. I was sure that she was not in the park but I so badly wanted to find her. Maybe if I walked through one more time then i'll find her. The sun was beginning to come up and she was still no where to be found. This was strange she couldn't just disappear like this. She had to be somewhere.

    An unfamiliar ringtone began to ring and I realized I had Nico's dad's phone.

    I took it out and answered, “Hello.”

    “Harry,” it was Nico's stepmother, “You better head over here. Some guy called your phone saying he has Nicollette. Her father is freaking out.”

    “What? I'm on my way.” I said and hurried to my car.


    Nico's POV


    I was tied down to a chair and the rope was burning against my wrists. The fact that I kept moving my hands trying to break free wasn't helping either. Kyle had two guys standing inside what looked like a basement. One of them kept staring at me and smiling his creepy smile and it was making me uncomfortable. He was an overweight man covered in tattoos. He looked as if he hadn't shaved or showered in days.

    “Stop moving around,” the creepy guy said sternly.

    “please let me go,” I pleaded.

    He laughed and walked towards me. My heart was racing with fear, but I was trying my best not to show him that I was afraid. I couldn't let him break me. He placed his dirty sauage fingers against my cheek then traced my lips with his index finger. I held my breath trying to sustain myself from breaking.

    He leaned down placing his lips right below my ear and whispered, “If I let you go it’ll be so that I can have you all to myself.”

    I could feel his hot dirty breath against my ear and I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I took in a deep breathe and my lungs were immediately filled with his musky stench. My stomach was turning and I couldn't hold it in any longer. Vomit escaped and landed all over his shirt and shoes. He backed away in disgust and I held my head low letting the tears fall.

    “You stupid bitch,” he screamed slapping me across the face with his enormous hand.

    My cheek was stung from the blow and the tears kept flowing out. My breathing was uncontrollable and I think I was going to throw up again.     

    He grabbed onto my face squeezing it with his big hands and forced me to look up at him.

    Spitting in my face he yelled, “You're going to pay for this you little bitch. This was my favorite shirt.”

    He aggressively let go of my face throwing my head to the side causing my neck to crack. The other guy just kept laughing and staring at us as if this was some kind of game for them. The big creepy guy left the room giving the other guy instructions to keep an eye on me while he cleaned himself up.

I continued to cry and hope that this would be over

soon.  Should have never walk at the park on my own. What was I thinking? Unfortunately when it comes to Harry I never think.

“You really pissed off my friend,” the skinny guard


I looked up at him only to realize that my vision was

blurry. It was probably because of all of the tears. The guard kept talking to me, but his voice was slowly diminishing. The pounding of my heart grew louder and I began to look around but the room kept spinning. I realized that my blurry vision wasn't because of the tears, but because of weak I was beginning to feel.

“hey,” I heard the guard in the distance, “are you

alright girl?”

    But I felt my eyes closing and the sound of his voice slowly faded into silence.


Harry’s POV

When I arrived at Nico’s home, her father began to

attack me with millions of questions. I ignored him a and went straight to grab my phone and lock myself up in Nico’s room. If Kyle had Nicollette, then I had to talk to him as soon as possible and I couldn't have her father distract me. I checked my phone and sure enough there was some missed calls from Kyle. I dialed his number and waited with anticipation for him to answer.

    “Well hello there, mate.” His annoying voice filled my ears and cringed.

    “Where is she?” I immediately asked.

    He roared into laughter, “Oh Harry. Always straight to the point. You’re adorable little girlfriend is fine. She is very well taken care of. She is quite an attractive girl. I’m thinking of just keeping her to myself.”

    “Don’t you dare touch her,” I snarled.

    “listen,” he said, “i have something you want and you have something i want. What do you say? Should we make a trade?”

    “All this for your stupid list on that USB?” I asked angrily. I was a lot more angry that my actions are what got Nicollette in this mess.

    “That list has important names, Harry. There are important people on there that owe me money. It’s all just business, Harry. Nothing personal.”

    “You made it personal when you took her. Ill give you your dam USB just tell me where she is.” I said.

    “A place you once called home, Harry. You know how we are don’t worry she is with family,” i could imagine him smirking his stupid little smirk.

    “I’ll take it to you right now.”

    “You have one hour before i make your little girlfriend mine,” he laughed and hung up the call.

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